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10 Tips for Students Who Want to Travel While Studying Remotely

Due to the pandemic, lots of everyday work and processes have to switch to an online mode, and education is no exception. Surely, the world will never be the same again, but yet as a student, it might be a great opportunity to embark on study and travel again. Now is the time to fulfill your dreams by studying and visiting places that you have long wanted to see. Of course, combining travel with studying remotely comes with some difficulties. But luckily, one can navigate them by following the simple yet effective tips. So, read on and consider these recommendations in practice!

Go On A Short Trip as a Taster

While traveling combined with study may some glamorous and appealing, but it’s likely that being away from home for a long period of time when you are not prepared mentally and emotionally can be a dangerous thing. Thus, if you have never traveled abroad before, it’s better to test out with a short nearby trip, say, for 2 weeks to a month. Go to a neighboring city, explore and throw in some studying time there, and then come back to reflect and examine it. If all is well, you can hit the road. However, if you are suffering from anxiety or loneliness, then best to reflect more on why it’s the case, then work on some practical steps to improve your situation. Postpone the trip until you are more ready. 

travel for a period and discover if youre able to study whil abroad

Get Prepared

It’s always good to make preparations for upcoming deadlines, assignments or important submissions. Getting some additional help by outsourcing some of your research or work can prove to be effective. Platforms like EssayPro come with freelance writers who can assist students in their thesis/ reports and critical assignments when they lack sufficient time to do comprehensive research. With a reliable assistant on your side, you can manage it better: be it writing about a historical artifact, finishing a journal, or simply recharging your batteries while they help you get things moving.

Сhoose The Right Cities

As for the best places for studying remotely, there are plenty to choose from, though you would see certain destinations getting special ratings from digital nomads, gig workers, and freelancers. Traditionally, the most popular locations are Lisbon, Bali, Mexico, Columbia, Vietnam and Thailand. The most important things for student travelers are good Wi-Fi, affordable and conducive housing, excellent infrastructure and safety, especially if you are going somewhere on your own. 

Rent Conducive Accommodation

The choice of housing should be one of your top priorities. There should be a pleasant and comfortable home setup or common workplace, excellent internet, and enough space not to feel cramped. It can be your own small studio, shared apartment or even a co-working and living quarters, choose what works for you. Remember, your main task is to get the basic school commitments and headlines met before you mingle or explore the city. Therefore, you need to create a conducive environment that is most appealing for your study.

look for a suitable accomodation for your studying needs

Of course, if you like variety, better spend your days in different places. For example, one day, you study in a coffee shop, the next in a library, the third in a co-working space, and the rest – at home.

Make Sure You Don’t Feel Lonely

Even those who experience social fatigue can start missing their friends in a week or more. No matter how much you love peace, all human beings are social creatures. So, be sure to look for new connections: you can meet amazing people in a cafe, art gallery, gym, or even through common interest groups and apps like MeetUp. The main thing is to be open and confident, and like-minded people will be attracted to you.

Don’t Rush

You have probably heard a lot about tours where travelers have half a day to visit one city. But we have to admit that sometimes, even three or four days in Paris is not enough to really soak in the culture and sights. Furthermore, huge continents like South America require way more buffer time, planning, and contingency plans to juggle your studies and travels. Therefore, give yourself a certain amount of time to stay in one place. 

Given that you will be devoting hours to studying, consider staying in one location for at least a month. Then, you will be able to visit all the cool places, feel the local atmosphere and fully experience all the delights of remote study.

Find The Balance

Having set off to conquer new horizons, you need to be prepared that the new experience will be totally different from what you were used to. A change of scenery can give you an imaginary sense of freedom, and you can get lost in the stream of deadlines.

take stock of your time and surroundings to plan your next step in your studies

Actually, this tip has a lot to do with an ability to say “no.” Be it time-consuming factors or tempting offers, always keep your priorities in mind. If you suddenly receive an invitation to a party or a date, make sure that all your homework will be handed in on time.

Master Time Management 

The biggest challenge you will face is finding a golden mean between quality rest and productive study. Therefore, it is recommended to make to-do lists for a day, week, and month. Write down everything you deal with on a regular basis: homework, shopping, museums to visit as well as your expenses. As experts say, it is always easier for the brain to process information when it is transferred to an external source.

Keep Safety In Mind

Perhaps the main point, along with the right planning and taking care of your mental health, is safety. Your equipment and valuables, money, data, and passwords – this is the list of things you must always control. Be sure to think over the budget in advance, as some money should be set aside for emergencies.

Make backups of all the necessary documents and save your passwords. It’s surely much more difficult to recover lost credit cards while traveling, and the same goes for equipment and files.

Let Technology Help You

There is a high chance that you will need to attend online lectures when being in crowded places like an airport, train station, or cafe. Therefore, buy a pair of quality headphones: you will need them more often than you think, mostly because of their noise-blocking feature.

find a conducive environment to focus on your assignments before the deadline

You will also need power banks and international adapters with plugs for the UK, Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, etc.

Always Check Time Zones

Whatever country you are in, remember about the change of time zones and the transition to winter and summer time. You definitely don’t want to miss a deadline, a consultation with a teacher, or a video call with classmates. There are plenty of useful apps to navigate time zones, so download one of them in advance.

To Wrap It Up

And finally, the last tip for you is the right playlist! Given that music has a huge impact on our mood and productivity, collect songs that inspire you. Why not create special playlists for studying, walking around the city, exercising, and shopping? No matter whether you want to focus or relax, music is a friend you can certainly rely on at any time! 

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