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15 Reasons Bangkok is the Perfect Bachelorette Getaway & Party Place

Tired of the usual staycations and high teas? Whisk your bridesmaid taskforce over to Bangkok Thailand for a bachelorette getaway and party of a lifetime!

Are you in that crazy season of weddings and bridesmaids?

Other than the occasional painful reminder of yet another one getting hitched, celebrating a new chapter in your good friends’ lives is something to be treasured, and can be loads of fun!

Looking to do something a bit different from the usual staycation and high tea?

Here’s a few reasons why you should take it offshore to BANGKOK, THE place to have your bachelorette getaway and party.

Where are the best places in Thailand for Bachelorette Parties? Our entourage of 6 girls went to Bangkok Thailand over the course of 4 days, a nice recommended trip duration to cover a good mix between:

  • Eating
  • Partying
  • Relaxing
  • Indulging
  • Bonding
getting all comfortable in thai airways
We had a lovely and comfortable flight via Thai Airways. The thai style fish we had was surprisingly really tasty for  in-flight food 🙂
plenty of leg room at the exit row seat
plenty of leg room at the exit row seat

2 out of 6 of us flew over there on a later flight via Thai Airways, Thailand’s very own international airline. There’s something soothing about the whole experience on Thai Airways, from the purple colour soft blanket to the gentle service of the Thai cabin crew, which made the whole journey very enjoyable. We arrived at BKK feeling quite refreshed.

After grabbing our bags, we left Suvarnabhumi Airport and headed over to W Bangkok to reunite with the rest of the girl gang.

Checked into W Bangkok, perfect destination for all girls getaways | Bachelorette in Bangkok
Checked into W Bangkok, the perfect hotel for all girls getaways!  | Best Bachelorette Destinations in Asia

W Bangkok was at a really great location near Bang Rak and Si Lom area, 10 minutes walking distance to the nearest mrt/ BTS. We did the check-in and the girls utterly loved their rooms. The best bit was that we had the top suite at W Bangkok for 1 night to partyy..:D Stay tune for more about it.

So now that we were finally all settled in, here’s a list of Must-Do Activities for that perfect Bachelorette in Bangkok party:

15 Reasons Bangkok is the Perfect Bachelorette Getaway and Party

Read my Bangkok article offline and create a self-guided walking tour with GPS included to visit the attractions featured. You just need to click here to view it.

1. Hit the Pool

Ever wondered where to party in Bangkok without too much crowd and booze. Have a pool party at W Bangkok stunning designer pool. We had the whole pool to ourselves to play ball and go crazy before the other guests started arriving…
This place is usually packed with their own full moon parties and events, but we had it all to ourselves for a few hours, and was going crazy with photos, videos and endless retakes.

Checking out the pool at W Bangkok, but got distracted by tons of photo taking | Hen night bangkok bachelorette party
Checking out the pool at W Bangkok, but got distracted by tons of photo taking | Hen night bangkok bachelorette party

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2. Amazing Surprise Room Setup and Decorations for Bride

Decoration of the W Bangkok room for the bride to be - Bangkok is the Perfect Bachelorette Getaway and Party Place
The gorgeous decoration of the W Bangkok Room for the Bride-to-be, she was sooo happy

During our absence, we ordered the balloons and alphabet letters from an external decoration/ craft company and got them to doll up the room with the help of the W Bangkok staff. We were amazed by the decoration and every one of us utterly loved the final outcome. Too pretty for words!

Going crazy with props and balloons before the party | Hen night bangkok bachelorette party
Going crazy with props and balloons before the party begins! | Hen night bangkok bachelorette party

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BRIDE Letters | Bachelorette in Thailand
BRIDE Letters


  • Lebua At State Tower
    For an awesomely beautiful hotel rooftop bar to chill with your girlfriends. Enjoy some great music and breeze as well.
  • Millennium Hilton Bangkok
    Luxury Hotel with a personal butler if you need, Hilton never disappoints!
  • Chillax Resort
    Near Khao San road, this is the perfect hotel for you to head home after a night out partying. Also, they have a nice infinity pool!
  • The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok
    For awesome plush pillows and beds for that crazy all-nighter with friends. Crash into dreamland when its all over and get all the rest you need.
  • Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok
    Super fancy super posh just the way we like it. Girls just need to be pampered at times!
  • Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel
    Food and Drinks with a crazy view of Bangkok Skyline with your girlfriends as great company, too beautiful location to resist.

If Bangkok city is too noisy for your hen’s getaway, why not consider Trat or Chiang Khan?

3. Commute, Eat and more Eating Local Thai Food

Food Galore at Bangkok Chatuchak | Where to eat and party in Bangkok
Food Galore at Chatuchak, Bangkok’s most popular weekend market. Visiting Elizabeth’s favourite hunt – a small outdoor noodles shop which sells really tasty chicken stick noodles soup with herbal broth. #Slurp.

Besides the awesome authentic Thai food that everybody must try, over the years, Bangkok has developed tons of new hipster cafes and fusion food restaurants.

cafe hopping and food rampage in bangkok
cafe hopping and food rampage in Bangkok
Stunning interior deco of cafe
Stunning interior decoration of Karmakamet Diner. Great place for brunch and lunch. I had the crab pasta when I was there, but if you can’t take spicy, do forewarn the staff. Opening hrs : 10AM–11:30PM
Japanese food in Bangkok? Where to party in bangkok | Asian Bachelorette Party
Japanese food in Bangkok? Yes indeed, and one of the best I’ve had as well. Isao Japanese Restaurant ( 5 Sukhumvit 31, Klongtoey-nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110)

Bangkok and the whole of Thailand has so much amazing food options to pick from at affordable prices. You can get a mix of local tastes, western bistros, japanese bars and large street markets and stalls, while eating right next to a posh hispter barber!

Night Markets and night life with your girlfriends, Girls Night Out  | Best Bachelorette Destinations in Asia
Night Markets and night life with your girlfriends, Girls Night Out  | Best Bachelorette Destinations in Asia

Visited Khaosan Market at night to enjoy some good food, shopping and live music. Perfect place to hang out for a beer or 2. Bangkok is also one of the most popularly revisited destinations in Asia.

Here’s a list of some of the best markets and shopping areas to visit:

  • Ratchada Night Market
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Talad Rot Fai (Srinakarin)
  • Talad Neon

Looking for a good and fun workout activity with your girlfriends in Bangkok? Why not hit a rock climbing gym?

4. Party in the WOW Private Suite 

What is a hens party without music, wine and going a bit crazy. We had the whole Extreme WOW suite in W Bangkok for a night to enjoy and do whatever we want.

<Beat this!> Spoiling the Market for a Hen Night Bangkok Bachelorette Party

A penthouse like suite like this is really great to host small to medium size gatherings like bachelorette parties, birthdays and post-wedding drinks. Not to mention, the skyscraper view from this suite is jaw-dropping. You can blast your music and have the time of your night with your girlfriends.

There are different ways to make it an incredible evening for your dear bride to be friend. It can be some simple games to test how well you know her husband to be, some daring games to make the bride dance or for everyone to just loosen up and have some fun. If all else fails, just some great music, drinks/ food and screen Bridesmaid the movie on big screen.

Nothing bets having your own projector to watch party MTV Videos! | Partying in Bangkok
Nothing beats having your own projector to watch MTV Videos to dance to. The perfect touch to a bachelorette getaway and party

A bit more the E-WOW Suite we stayed in that makes it such a great hens’s party destination. It has 5 different segments – dining area, living room, tv room, bedroom and my favourite – bathroom with a steam room and Jacuzzi! If this is not sick, I don’t know what is.:D

Overview of the rooms at W Bangkok
Overview of the WOW Suite at W Bangkok

If Bangkok doesn’t interest you, maybe here’s a list of top Bachelorette Holiday Destination in the world

chilling in the bedroom | hen night bangkok bachelorette party
chilling in the bedroom | Hen night Bangkok bachelorette party

5. Get Fit Together at a Rock Climbing Gym in Bangkok

If you are tired of feasting all the time, go check out a rock climbing gym here in Bangkok city. there are so many to pick from, and its a great workout to tone up and really fun in the progress too. It will costs you between US$8-US$19 to climb in one of them

6. Check out the Air Plane Graveyard

Do you know that there is an abandoned air plane graveyard here in Bangkok city?

Yes! It is smack in the city and you need to really be smart in finding it. Note you need to pay a tip/ bribe to enter, but its super cool and you can take photographs. Note though that this is no comfy place for heels and shorts. Its rather abandoned, hence there is a lot of long grass, mosquitoes and sharp edges as you walk about the plane and aircraft. Come prepared with mosquito spray, long pants and a lot of enthusiasm.

Note: Please respect the residents living there and not make things difficult for them

7. Visit the Beach Destinations nearby Bangkok

If you get enough of Bangkok city and streets, escape the city to the nearby beachy spots like Hua Hin and Pattaya. They are less crowded than Phuket and Krabi, but still allows for some great sun and sea life.

Just be ready with some powerful sunscreen and big nice shady hats, coz you don’t want to turn up all red and lobstery with uneven tan lines on the wedding day. The bride’s greatest nightmare!

8. Visit Khao San Road..maybe?

Everyone is talking about Khao San Road and all the action there. If you are up for crowds and a huge watergun party during SongKran ( Thailand’s New Year), then this is the place for you. Immense amount of bars, street food, resturants, music, clubs and endless entertainment all night long!

If you come during Song Kran ( Thailand New Year), come prepared with your water guns, waterproof pouches and extra set of clothes, coz this entire road (and all of Bangkok and Thailand in fact), will not let you stay dry.

9. Book a Private Limo Ride

How cool will it be to have a nice private limousine ride with all your girlfriends all around Bangkok city. Well, this is possible if you book in advance.

There are a few operators around the city where you can call ahead and advise them the period you need it for and if you have specific destinations in mind. These limousine rental companies sometimes even come with extra add on services and drinks/ food onboard or special stops along the way to carry on your party.

Just make sure that you book a reliable one with good reviews, example: that is safe and you can feel at ease throughout the night ( or morning).

10. Indulge in Spa and Wellness Treats

Ladies always love a little spa treatment and pampering. Not everyone can survive an entire day idling in the wellness facility, but a nice 1 hour massage or head massage is sure you make you feel relaxed and get ride of all the stressful burdens you left behind.

I have ever tried an awesome one with rose petals in the bath and a coconut scrub. There are really lavish ones that come with full 4 hour treatments ( hair/ face/ nails and all), and extra facilities like jacuzzi, steam room, aromatherapy, tea and more.

Just make sure you check out the prices you pay before you sign on something that you are unaware of.

11. Watch a Muay Thai Fight

This is probably going to be something that seems a bit..too manly!

But no, it can be really fun if you have girlfriends who love to witness a good fighting match, and would like to see some great action happening. The fighters can be male category or female category, but given it is a girls trip, I recommend it might be a bit more fun to go for the boys matches.

Who knows, you might just get a flying kiss from a budding World champion Muay Thai Fighter ( and yes, Thailand has one of the best fighters in the world)

Before going on your next travel adventure, consider booking Affordable Travel Insurance from US$14 onwards for a peace of mind! 🙂

12. Go for a Private Muay Thai Class

If you really loved Muay Thai after checking out the match, then you need to sign on for your own private Muay Thai Class!
Put on those fitness gear and baggy shirt and shorts and get a great workout with your own private Muay Thai Class. It could be great fun and definitely an awesome workout!

13. Go for a Private Thai cooking class

If you start getting hooked to classes and thai food, why not go for a cooking class and learn how to make some of the best thai cuisines you tasted. My all time favourites are Green curry, tom yam goong, pad thai, papaya salad, beef noodles, mango sticky rice and more!

14. Shopping Galore

If you are a shopaholic, then this place is great to pick up a lot of stuff at great prices. From branded goods to cheap dresses and elephant pants, you can find anything you want base on your budget/ needs with a bit of research.
If you are going to do some serious shopping in the night markets, you can try to bargain to up to 30-50% discount at times, but do not cross the line if not you might get yelled at by the shop owners.

Here are some shopping centres and malls to consider if you need some recommendations:

  • Eveandboy
  • Terminal 21
  • Platinum Mall
  • Big C Supercenter
  • Siam Square
  • Union Mall

15. Sightseeing and Floating Markets

Spend some time visiting some of these incredible sights in Bangkok. You can check out Kanchanaburi for a day trip, visit Asiatique Sky Ferris Wheel or a nice morning Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. I missed the market the last round and hope to visit it next time!

Hence conclude my Bachelorette Thailand post about why Bangkok in Thailand is a great the Bachelorette Getaway and Party destination. Are you ready to pack your swimwear, dresses and pay Bangkok a visit?

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Top Bachelorette Getaway Destinations in the World

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