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Best Pull Up Handles

What is the Best Pull Up Handles in 2024? Here's a list of the Top 8 handles for pull up bar based on our experiences and expertise.

Pull up handles are an excellent training device to develop your upper body strength – a vital element to success in your climbing ability. If you are struggling on those technical overhangs, or simply want to up your home-training game, it could be time to invest in a set of pull up handles.

There are numerous options available on the market, and while there is no such thing as the perfect pair of pull up handles, there should be a set out there for you. From rotating pull up handles to doorway and bar pull up handles, with varying types out there to select from, this is a helpful climber’s guide to help you find the best pull up handles for you as a climber or boulderer.

Best Pull Up Handles

What are the Best Pull Up Handles?

Below you’ll find the list of the top 8 Best Pull Up Handles. We compiled this list from pull up bar handles we have used, asked others about, and researched further to give you the best possible roundup. With many years of experience with handles for pull up bar you can be assured that this article will give you what you’re looking for.

We also wrote a buying guide and answered some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the end of this article.

1. CrossGrips Pull Up Bar Handles

CrossGrips Pull Up Bar Handles
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 5.11 pounds (2.32 kg)
Material: Alloy steel
Portability: Yes
Size: 10 x 7 inches

These small and portable devices can turn nearly any door frame into a training area without modifying your interior. They can also be used for floor training exercises such as dips and sit-ups. Very vestaile and users have had good experience working out and training their ars, shoulders and core on it.


  • Multi-use – can be used for exercises besides pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Quick to install – can be put up in under 15 seconds
  • No screws needed
  • Comfortable grips


  • Only fits door frames of a certain size

2. PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings

PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Material: Wood
Portability: Yes
Size: 9.61 x 9.49 x 2.44 inches

Gymnastic rings are a staple piece of equipment in any climbing gym workout area. A huge amount of different exercises are possible to train your upper body and core, simply by adjusting the length of the bands they are attached to.


  • Come with wide, adjustable straps to facilitate a variety of exercises
  • Wide, comfortable and hand-friendly grips
  • Pairs nicely with non-slip hand tape
  • Round shape for added comfort


  • Not suitable for standard pull-ups, more for muscle ups

3. Allbingo Ultra Heavy Duty Handles

Allbingo Ultra Heavy Duty Handles
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Material: Rubber
Portability: Yes
Size: 6.6 x 5.3 x 1 inches

These handles can be attached to a variety of different things, such as a high surface for the use in pull-ups, longer, supportive bands to complete suspended ring style exercises, and cable machines.


  • A versatile design that can be used in a multitude of different exercises
  • Super strong and heavy-duty construction
  • Padded grips make it comfortable on the hands
  • Strong nylon build


  • Requires something to be attached to

4. Escape Climbing Power Piston

Escape Climbing Power Piston
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.9 pounds (0.41 kg)
Material: wood
Portability: Yes
Size: 10 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches

The Escape Climbing Wooden Pistons are another pull up handle that specifically targets climbers. By reducing the friction on the grip itself, using wood is a quick way to improve your hand strength, which is particularly helpful when climbing on smoother surfaces.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to carry around and attach to different machines,
  • Wooden design specifically targets grip strength by reducing friction
  • Handcrafted and very affordable


  • Carabiners not included and will have to be provided by the user

5. ACBEE Pull Up Assistance Resistance Bands Handles

ACBEE Pull Up Assistance Resistance Bands Handles
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 1.63 pounds (0.74 kg)
Material: Rubber, metal
Portability: Yes
Size: ‎7.44 x 7.08 x 2.16 inches

Any climbers workout routine should include some work on the antagonist muscles. These handles pair perfectly with resistance bands with an anti-slip design and comfortable grip. These are excellent for bicep and shoulder training and brilliant for exercises such as rows and dead-lifts.


  • Anti-slip materials
  • Designed to work alongside resistance bands for training of antagonist muscles,
  • Strong, heavy-duty design
  • Protect your hands during band workouts


  • Serve as an add-on and cannot serve as a pull up handle on its own

6. Fitteroy Premium Heavy Duty Exercise Handles

Fitteroy Premium Heavy Duty Exercise Handles
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.53 pounds (0.24 kg)
Material: ABS plastic
Portability: Yes
Size: 9.5 x 5.5 inches

Comparable to the Allbingo Handles, the Fitteroy Handles are industrial strength grips that can attach to different exercise machines for a diverse range of exercises.


  • Extremely comfortable for cable workouts, with thick padded grips,
  • Wide enough to accommodate all hand sizes
  • Can be attached to resistance bands, cable crossover and smith machines
  • Lightweight for easy transport


  • Not a standalone piece of exercise equipment – must be attached to other gym equipment

7. Tikaton Resistance Bands Handles

Tikaton Resistance Bands Handles
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 2.84 pounds (1.29 kg)
Material: Nylon, rubber
Portability: Yes
Size: ‎11.38 x 3.74 x 2.91 inches

With the Tikaton Resistance bands comes an entire home gym. This set comes complete with a pull-up bar, and adjustable D ring, a handle with straps on either side leading to a single point, creating the rough shape of the capital letter D pull-up handles.


  • Greater range of exercises than any of the other products on this list
  • D-Ring handles are removable
  • Can be used on a variety of other gym equipment
  • Lightweight and easily compactable


  • Requires screwing onto a stable surface
  • Focus on quantity, not quality

8. KYLIN SPORT Cable Machine Attachments

KYLIN SPORT Cable Machine Attachments
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.73 pounds (0.33 kg)
Material: Nylon, ABS rubber, steel
Portability: Yes
Size: 8 inches

The Kylin Sport cable is a budget-friendly D-Ring pull-up handle which is capable of everything the other D-Ring pull-up handles, albeit at a small cost to your comfort. These are not as comfortable as the well-padded Tikatons or Fittaroys, however, if you are unsure if pull-up handles are for you, these are a great place to start.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used on a multitude of equipment
  • Durable build


  • Less comfort on fingers compared to other models


Based on all of our experience with handles for pull up bar, we found that CrossGrips Pull Up Bar Handles is the best pull up bar handle available today.

Our Premium Option is PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings with all the best features and high-quality materials, but that’s only if you have more money to spend.

However, if you are on a slightly tighter budget, you can also consider the Allbingo Ultra Heavy Duty Handles as an affordable alternative.

Our other reviews you may find useful in your research:

What You Should Know Before Buying pull up bar handles

Most Important Features to Look out for

When it comes to key features for a pull up handle, it depends largely on how you want to use it. Most of these pull up handles are portable and versatile enough to use on its own or as an add on to a pull up bar or gym equipment. However, if you are looking for handles specific to climbing, consider ball-shaped or wooden handles to maximise the efficiency of your training.

Lastly, it is worth noting what equipment you already have at home, or at least have access to, and how you will be able to use each of the products. If you have only a door frame, perhaps the CrossGrips are the best. If you want to be able to use them in your local gym, something like the Kylins are easy to carry anywhere and attach to almost everything.

Important Precautions to take note of

It is always worth reading the safety ratings online and comparing the max weight each part of the product can hold against the weight you will be subjecting it to.Also, depending on your living arrangements and interior structures in your home, be aware of screwing any equipment into your walls as this can cause problems with landlords, or subject you to dangerous situations should you screw into a cable above one of your doors or anywhere else in the house.

Basic Setup and Usage

Different types of handles have a different set up depending how they are utilized. If it is for home usage, it could well be the case that a basic pull up bar should already be installed in place to provide you something to attach your pull up handles to. For some others, it might involve some assembling and screwing items together to get it set up. Always refer to the manual provided with the equipment you purchase to ensure that you set up the equipment safely and efficiently.

Questions and Answers About pull up bar handles

Is pull up handles better than pull up bars?

Pull-up handles are more versatile than a standard pull-up bar. It can be used for a larger range of training exercises, but are often dependent on a pre-existing installed pull-up bar. Both pull up handles and pull up bars can be used to train similar muscles such as lads, trecepts, biceps, back muscles and more.

Is pull up handles good for strength training?

Pull-up handles are best used for training upper body strength. It focuses on the forearms, your biceps, your shoulders and can also be adapted to help you train your core.

How to drill pull up handles?

Not all pull-up handles need drilling, and it depends on how you are using them as to whether you need to drill anything at all. Many can simply be attached to a pull-up bar for the most basic use. If you don’t have a pull-up bar, it is likely that most pull up bar handles can be attached to a wall through a supporting beam, but please refer to the instructions with your specific handles to ensure that the installation is safe and secure.

How can you work on your grip with pull up handles?

The best way to improve your grip with pull-up handles (especially for climbing related exercise) is to use something like the wooden cylinders by Escape, as there is less friction on the handles than a comfort grip or climbing hold, meaning you have to hold it stronger to complete the exercise.

Why getting rotating pull up handles help in overall fitness?

Rotating pull-up bars help with balance distribution and coordination, depending on how they are used. Rotating grips activate more muscles and help to increase strength and definition throughout your entire arm.

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