Can you go bouldering alone

Bouldering, unlike lead climbing or top rope, is one form of rock climbing that you can go alone yet make friends along the way.

Bouldering can bond people and help you make friends along the way. Unlike running or swimming or even gym-ing, rock climbing is a sport that has shared experiences and bonding moments. Unlike in a gym where it gets creepy when someone looks at you while you hail those weights, climbing is a sport where you can go there on your own to boulder, yet end up talking to strangers and sharing climbing tips and techniques with each other.

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Stella rock climbing at ABC Gym

Why so? Bouldering involves a burst of movement followed by a period to rest. In that process, boulderers end up watching each other attempt different routes or even the same routes. By observing and learning from each other or other climber’s attempts, you see how to improve your own body positioning on the wall, footwork and shifting of centre of balance to achieve a better climb. So, picking up climbing ‘gives you a license’ to look at other people work at a route, and they don’t judge you for it..unless you start to look leering and pervy.

However, one last note, climbing is actually a great date place, so make sure you dress up nicely in your climbing outfits, you never know if you meet your soul mate here.

Bouldering keeps you fit and active

This is no joking matter, it is true.

People who climb more over time seem to fight the ageing process better. Perhaps coz you are always excited to push your body, or smile more from taking a big fall or reaching the top, climbing is a great stress reliever, body toner and mental health booster. Just a few hours of intensive climbing and you already feel so satisfied that you are working those lazy muscles and feeling fitter by the moment. However, never get too complacent as climbing needs constant practise and regularity. If you climb profusely for a few weeks and stop for a month after, you will find that your body loses its muscle memory and you would have to retrain from scratch again to get back to the climbing grade you use to be able to attain much more easily.

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