Kitesurfing in Florianopolis - The Ultimate Guide to the Sport

Kitesurfing in Florianopolis – The Ultimate Guide to the Sport

Kitesurfing is a trending water sport that is gaining immense popularity in Brazil and around the world. It’s easy to see why kite surfing has become so appealing, with its beautiful beach locations and adrenaline-pumping action. If you are thinking about picking up kitesurfing classes in Brazil for the first time as a beginner, it can be difficult to understand what kite surfing classes actually entail. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help make your decision easier, and share with you the best places to learn it!

Kitesurfing in Florianpolis - The Ultimate Guide to the Sport

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a water sport that uses a large kite to harness wind power and propel across the surface of a large body of water, be it a lake, lagoon or the sea. It’s a great way to soak up some sun, take in beautiful views while flying the kite and get an adrenaline rush making those turns and jumps on the wake at the same time!

What is kitesurfing

What are the benefits of kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing has some great physical and health benefits for those who take up this water activity as a hobby or profession! Kiteboarding or kitesurfing helps improve one’s core stability, balance, muscle strength and flexibility, which are factors that get sharpened as you get accustomed to flying and riding the waves.

Kitesurfing in Daniela Beach Florianpolis
Kitesurfing in Daniela Beach Florianpolis

Maneuvering the kite is the 1st and most critical requirement before you even start riding the waves. To master this, it requires great arm and core coordination while maintaining the right body position once you are in the water and on the board to ride the wake or attempt a jump. There’s no better way to spend your time than doing something active on the beaches in Brazil than to learn kitesurfing! Not to mention the stunning views and exhilarating experience you will have with each ride.

benefits of kitesurfing

Top 4 Best Spots for Kitesurfing in Brazil

There are kite surfing spots all around Brazil, but here we have highlighted our favourite places to kitesurf in the country, and the one we shortlisted to attempt it:

1. Florianopolis

Florianopolis has 2-3 good locations to kite surf – Daniela Beach, Lagoa da Conceição and more. We opted for Daniela Beach given we were living in the north part of Floripa at this super incredoble and safe district called Jurere. Cez and I call it the Beverly Hills of Brazil. There were plenty of incredible nature hikes there by the coast, so it made it a great part of Floripa to live at that is away from the crowded Centro and densely populated parts of the city.

Daniela Beach is a kitesurfing spot
Daniela Beach is a kitesurfing spot

Lagoa da Conceicao

If you are staying more in the middle area of Florianpolis, then Lagoa da Conceicao is the other kitesurfing spot where unlike Daniela which is the open sea, Lagoa is a natural lagoon surrounded by beaches. It has a bit of Bali vibe when we were there, and the houses by the sea were absolutely gorgeous.

Daniela Beach

The kitesurfing school that we did our beginner classes at is Oficina do Kite at Daniela Beach, up north of Florianopolis. This kitesurfing location has beautiful blue waters and white sand which make it lovely to have some private kiteboarding lessons and experiences! Its not crowded like some of the other parts of Florianpolis beaches, so we felt at ease and unrushed.

Sunset kitesurfing in Florianpolis
Sunset kitesurfing in Florianpolis

You can kitesurf every day of the year here, and most days across the year there is decent wind conditions. Having said that, you have to find out from the school about the wind conditions as there are days that there isn’t sufficient wind to learn properly.

Getting ready for kitesurfing at Daniela Beach

2. Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has beaches that stretch for miles and kiting kiteboarding lessons will give you stunning views of Sugarloaf Mountain. Kitesurfing is a great sport to practice because it can be enjoyed all year round as long as there is good wind conditions.

3. Foraleza

Fortaleza boasts amazing water sports including kite surfing classes which take place on Praia do Futuro Beach during low tide. This beach was awarded best spot in South America by Surf Travel Magazine and is well worth checking out if you’re interested in learning how to surf too!

4. Buzios

Búzios has been voted as one of Brazil’s most beautiful cities, so it comes as no surprise that there are amazing kite surfing spots here too. Kitemare Beach in Búzios offers great views while practicing your skills during kite surfing lessons.

What does kite-surfing classes entail?

Kitesurfing lessons in most parts of the world including Brazil are run by professional kitesurf instructors. It is important to choose an experienced instructor who can teach you the basics of kite surfing safely and effectively, from reading the wind direction to maneuvering the kite to getting on the board, so that you have a great first few lessons experience without exhausting yourself and making all the big mistakes.

What does kite-surfing classes entail

Kitesurfing lessons should begin with safety checks on all equipment before venturing onto water, kite surfing is an extreme sport that requires proper equipment and a lot of safety measure, which were taught well at our kitesurfing lesson with Oficina do Kite. We will go further into what equipment are used by kitesurfers.

Kite surfing lessons should begin with safety checks on all equipment

How long do kitesurf classes last?

The length of kiting kite surf lessons will depend on what you want to get out of it. If you’re looking for more intensive instruction with professional instructors, learning the basics from kite flying on the land to slowly transiting to water followed by on the board, it can be over a period of 7-10 lessons.

How long do kitesurf classes last

Private kiting kite surfing lessons will be the best option as you get the instructor guiding you personally and following you on the speed boat to correct your technical aspects. Private kitesurfing classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders here at Florianpolis with Oficina Do Kite with the experience instructor Gustavo, so you can learn at your own pace and get the attention and support.

whatsapp image 2021 09 27 at 3.04.10 am
whatsapp image 2021 09 27 at 3.04.10 am (1)

Where can I find kite surf schools?

There’s no shortage of kitesurf instructors around Brazil who offer lessons to suit all levels of experience. If you want professional training with experienced kitesurfing guides then it is possible to book private kiting classes through some reputable schools that specialise in this area such as Oficina do Kite. For more casual learners, there are plenty of group activities on offer too where it is done at a more leisurely pace.

Group shot with the team of kitesurfers here in Daniela Beach Floripa
Group shot with the team of kitesurfers here in Daniela Beach Floripa

What kitesurfing equipment do I need?

Before you kitesurf in Brazil, it is important to check out the kiting kite surfing lessons are using up-to-date equipment that has been serviced regularly and thoroughly checked before every lesson. For your own safety this means having a proper wetsuit with neoprene booties for warmth and protection from rocks or other sharp objects underfoot when on land! Make sure you have adequate water shoes too if you’re planning on exploring shallow areas by foot where there may be corals below the surface of the water.

What kitesurfing equipment

Kitesurfing harness is also required to keep the kite in control while you are learning how to kitesurf. All kiting kite surfing school lessons will supply this equipment, but it’s important that you check for any damage or wear on your kit before heading out onto water. Below are just a couple of other things you would need for kitesurfing:

  • The Kite
  • The Bar
  • A Waist or Seat harness
  • Safety Leash
  • A Big Kitesurfing Board aka A Door Board
  • A Helmet ( Recommended)
  • Water Shoes
  • Wetsuit especially for winter time
Kitesurfing school in Florianpolis Oficina do Kite - OFK
Kitesurfing school in Florianpolis Oficina do Kite – OFK

What do I need to bring?

Beginner kiteboarding lessons usually comes with all basic equipment provided so no extra items are needed. Make sure you pack your swimming gear as well as sun cream and hat, you can get severely burned if you come unprepared.

Do not forget your camera too – kitesurfing at Daniela beach gives stunning views of that would make amazing photos or videos to share on social media.

Trying out kitesurfing for the 1st time here in Florianpolis Brazil
Trying out kitesurfing for the 1st time here in Florianpolis Brazil

Selfie with all our kitesurfing equipment here in Daniela beach
Selfie with all our kitesurfing equipment here in Daniela beach

How much does kite surfing cost?

Kitesurfing classes are available in Brazil at a range of prices starting from US$60 per lesson, but its much cheaper when you get it as a package. As with any classes purchase it is important to check the quality of what you’re buying before making your decision to kited lessons or not! It’s always best to find out more information about the companies that offer kiting activities and ask questions if anything doesn’t seem quite right when booking through them.

Breakdown of Fees

  • Basic course over a period of 10 hours – BRL320/ hour paid after each class. Equivalent to US$58/ hour
  • Basic course package of 10 hours BRL250/ hour if paid in full.
  • Intermediate and advanced course, BRL350 / hour
  • 1 off Single lesson is BRL450/ hour, inclusive of school equipment.
  • Intructor/ school watching at BRL100/ hour, use of own equipment, rescue tips included.
  • Rental of equipment, Day use BRL50
  • Kitsurfers with their own equipment, but require support for veiling, compressor, shower, rescue.
  • Individual rescue mission BRL100 if the boat is in the water
  • Individual rescue mission BRL250 if boat has to be set up in the water.
  • Mandatory for those who are having lessons
How much does kite surfing cost?

So what are you waiting for? Come to Brazil today and learn how to kitesurf with us here with Oficina Do Kite (OFK) at Daniela Beach by booking your spot in kite surfing classes now!
Check out their Facebook Page for more details or speak to Gustavo over Whatsapp at +55 48 8842-2646.

Oficina Do Kite (OFK) Kitesurfing School
Facebook Page

Group shot with the team of kitesurfers here in Daniela Beach Floripa
Group shot with the team of kitesurfers here in Daniela Beach Floripa

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