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5 Adventurous Activities to Embark in Los Angeles LA

If you ever have a chance to visit the iconic City of Angels, believe us there are literally hundreds of activities to do there for the young and old.

The city is very diverse in culture and you will experience many mix cultures and ethnicities around the world there. It’s amazing how different blocks in the city offers so many unique variations compared to the neighbouring block.

While Los Angeles is the most known for famous Hollywood sign or Walk of Fame, there are also stunning beaches, a variety of traditional cuisine, great nightlife and surprise surprise..many adventurous activities you can participate in. Many travelers avoid Los Angeles as the prices are pretty high there, but believe us; you can have an amazing experience even if you’re on a tight budget.  

Looking to visit USA after the pandemic? Sharing some interesting adventurous and fun activities you can do and take part in the sunny summer LA City…

#1 Climb Mount San Antonio

Real adventurers enjoy rugged outdoor activities and what could be a better activity than reaching the highest peak in Los Angeles. The height of the tallest peak is 3,044 meters which makes this trek not so easy to complete. The interesting thing about trekking to the peak is that the mountain isn’t covered with the trees, so you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the city and Catalina Island if you’re lucky and the day is still bright and clear sky.

Climb the highest peak in Los Angeles
Climb the highest peak in Los Angeles

The entire trail is 17 kilometers long in both ways and it’s advised that you don’t go there alone, especially during the summer as the temperatures are pretty high and you can quickly run out of the water. When you’re returning from the peak, we encourage you to check Top of the Notch restaurant to refill your energy with delicious freshly prepared meals representing different cuisines. 

#2 Try Pier Fishing

Los Angeles is popular for its long and robust piers that are located in the western part of the city. The most iconic pier in the city is located in Santa Monica and many people are fishing there. It’s a simple and inexpensive activity that gathers all kind of individuals. If you’re into the fishing, this experience will be very interesting to you as the pier fishing is a bit different than a regular fishing experience.

You will meet many interesting people during pier fishing
You will meet many interesting people during pier fishing

The reason for that is that you’re standing on a dock that is few meters above the sea level, so if you catch the fish it will be a very remarkable experience. The piers are social hubs for people who love to fish, so you can make interesting conversations there and meet amazing people of all ages and backgrounds. They might even invite you home for a barbeque. 

#3 Surf and Explore Malibu Beaches

As you already know, Los Angeles is a trendy destination for surfers and people who want to learn to surf. The most amazing beaches to surf that are not crowded are located near Malibu. One of the best beaches to surf in the city is located just a bit north of Malibu which is called Zuma Beach. Waves there are constant, but not too big which makes it perfect for beginners. Also, you won’t experience crowds there which makes it a much better experience to surf.

Surf and Explore Malibu Beaches
Surf and Explore Malibu Beaches

Another interesting beach is called Surfrider Beach that is located in Malibu. This beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Los Angeles as it was popularized during the 60s among the surfing community. There are many surfers chasing waves there and the beach is attracting professionals as well as beginners.

Malibu beaches are the most iconic surfing beaches in Los Angeles,
Malibu beaches are the most iconic surfing beaches in Los Angeles,

A fan of adventurous activities? Why not check out some of these top rock climbing spots in USA?

#4 Explore Venice Beach

What could be a better introduction to Los Angeles than exploring a never sleeping beach town in the western part of the city? Venice Boardwalk is definitely the place you will see on the way to the beach. You may ask yourself why the simple walk along the boardwalk should be such a big attraction, but you will soon realize.

Venice Beach is an amazing place that is hard to describe in words
Venice Beach is an amazing place that is hard to describe in words

The entire boardwalk is lined with interesting shops, street performers, musicians all along the way. There is also a crowded skate park where you can try to skate with some of the most skilled skaters around the world, though I would not encourage it. If you’re into fitness, then the Muscle Beach gym will probably be the first thing you will notice.

If you avert from Venice Boardwalk, there is a beautiful sandy beach that is usually very crowded with many different groups of people. For travelers who love surfing, the beach is one of the most popular surfing spots in the USA as the waves are constantly suitable for surfing. Venice Beach is simply something amazing that will fulfill your adventurous spirit.

#5 Hike up to Hollywood Sign

For people who love to spend time in nature participating in adventurous activities while taking care of their health, a nice hike up to Hollywood sign is ta great fun family or solo activity. There are dozens of hiking trails you can take and depend where you start; it will take you around 1 hour in one way to reach Hollywood sign. We recommend you to take a trail from Griffith Observatory as this one isn’t that hard to complete, but is offering breathtaking views along the way. Be sure to take enough water with you as Los Angeles can be kind of hot city during the day.

Adventurous hike will reward you with stunning views of the city,
Adventurous hike will reward you with stunning views of the city,

The best time to start your hiking adventure is in the morning hours as the smog in the city isn’t high in the morning. The city is infamous for high-smog levels as the city has one of the worst traffic in the world and the air is pretty polluted. If you go during afternoon hours, you will still have stunning views from the mountain, but you won’t have a clear view of the city. On your come back from Hollywood sign, stay at Griffith Observatory and enjoy fantastic views of the city. 

So hope you have found some cool and fun ideas and activity suggestion to try in LA with your family and friends. What are you waiting for? Pay this sparkling all year round summer city a visit and embark on a week full of adventure, sun and sea.

What activities did you try in Los Angeles that has fulfilled your adventurous spirit?

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