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5 Awesome Places in the World to Combine Study and Travel

College years are a great time for self-development and new discoveries. Travelling can actually give students a sense of what they want to do with their lives. Exploring new locations, meeting different people and amazing cultures will be a great way to understand your purpose on Earth.

Best higher education institutions offer many options for those who want to see the world firsthand. In order to make the right decision, it is essential to analyze everything in advance. Take a closer look at five places perfect to combine travel and study.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

The country’s capital, Taipei city, is the island’s largest one, a regional metropolis, and an economic and cultural center. The city is full of all kinds of museums, picturesque gardens, entertainment centers, and temples, so every tourist coming here will find plenty to see and do.

taipei, taiwan
Taipei at night.

There are many foreigners on the island, so crucial information is provided in two languages at once: Chinese – the local language, and English. Travelers and business people from all over the globe continue to come to Taipei to feel the vibrant and lively atmosphere created by its cultural diversity.

Foreign residents, for example, American students, can apply for scholarships and tuition-free top study at national institutions. Alternatively, there is the option to take a language-course. It usually lasts from 3 months to 2 years and gives you the opportunity to get to know the country, its culture, and the welcoming mentality of the locals.

The most popular activity here is probably ecotourism. Taiwan is a paradise for hikers and those who just like to explore the parks or mountain slopes. Facilities for such tourism are well-developed, with tracks, hotels, and campsites to choose from to live in.

2. Europe

Studying in the EU offers a huge choice of schools, institutions, faculties, and specializations. The variety of programs and approaches available here means that you can choose exactly the right course and educational institution for your level of qualification. Today, learners look forward to better academic conditions, the status of the degree, and the practical application of all the knowledge gained, leading to successful work.

Beautiful Amsterdam.

There are many advantages associated with pursuing a degree in the EU, including living in some of the world’s most beautiful cities, being with peers who share the same interests, networking, and participating in dynamic student life. The chance to learn another foreign language presents a number of new opportunities.

It’s not all about learning opportunities. By enrolling in European institutes, you can benefit from quick and easy access to places for students to travel in Europe and all historical sites. You have the convenience of avoiding long and expensive flights and can visit the best destinations for the weekend in the way you like – by car, by train, by plane, and at a very affordable cost. Budapest and Rome thus provide outstanding tours at a price close to $1,400 per 10-day trip. By going there, you can discover delicious regional wines and cuisine at restaurants, as well as a rich cultural heritage.

3. Greenville, California

The scenery in Lassen Volcanic National Park is so extraordinary that tourists often call it out-of-this-world. Located in the northern part of the state, in a sparsely populated and inaccessible area over 2,000 meters above sea level, the nature reserve is a section of the Cascade Mountains chain.

san francisco
You simply can’t miss visiting California.

There are over 100 volcanoes and countless sulfur springs in the park. Desert plains are followed by rocky mountains. This particular park attracts tourists who like nature-based adventures.

4. Miami, Florida

Studying in Miami, where Cuban and American cultures mix, is fascinating. If you enjoy a warm climate and the seaside, Miami is the right place for you. University courses in Miami, one of North America’s largest traveling centers, offer a high quality degree. The top-notch professional services are concentrated here, with the best institutions available to provide world-class skills. They all have excellent science, technology, and laboratory complexes with state-of-the-art equipment and libraries.

The stunning beaches of Miami.

In their free time, learners can easily organize camping and watersports activities, picnics and barbecues, beach volleyball and windsurfing, visiting Miami Oceanarium, or strolling through the parks near Villa Vizcaya. During academic years here, they can explore various attractions and get to know the city’s culture. At weekends, university groups often take trips to Orlando’s famous theme parks. This makes the whole process genuinely enjoyable.

5. Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles or Dutch Caribbean

Bonaire is a Caribbean island located 80 km north of the Venezuelan coast. It is part of the Dutch Caribbean Islands. The main advantages are the untouched nature and the unique underwater habitat, which turns Bonaire into an ideal tourist destination for taking water sports.

Throughout its history, the standard of schooling in Bonaire has been very high compared to the surrounding countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Bonaire has a Dutch educational system, with both private and public schools, colleges, universities, and medical schools. All of these institutions attract large numbers of international students.

There are some extraordinary accommodations on the island called cabañas. This is a combination of a budget home and a water sports center, where holidaymakers can stay overnight and rent all the equipment they need.

Wrapping Up

We are very fortunate to have the flexibility to combine study online and tourism at the same time. Thanks to this combination, youngsters develop not only professional competencies but also soft skills. New cultures, awesome scenery, and vivid impressions – that’s what such studies bring. Make your college years unforgettable in many ways in the 5 countries mentioned above! All you have to do is get out of your comfort zone.

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Marissa Melbourn is a tourism department representative who also works as a writer for PapersOwl. Her academic research was concerned with the most interesting world destinations based on a variety of factors: education accessibility, accommodation prices, tourist attractions availability. Marissa is an author of a travel blog where she writes about interesting places worth visiting.

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