How Can I Stay Healthy While Traveling during COVID19

If you enjoy spending time away from home, you may not want a portion of this to be taken up with feeling unwell. There might be a number of reasons why you get sick or hurt during a trip. By considering the possibilities before jetting off, you might be able to minimize the risk. Even if you do then have a problem, you may still be in a better position to manage your wellbeing and enjoy as much of your travels as possible.

Food Safety and Hygiene

You may be tempted to have more luxurious or heavy foods while traveling than you would if you were cooking at home. This could not only lead to weight gain, but you may feel incredibly uncomfortable. Takeout and street foods can be tempting, yet you might want to try and avoid having too many greasy meals. These might do some damage to your insides, and lead to an upset stomach.

Stay Healthy While Traveling - food safety

Similarly, those that are camping while they travel may find the experience of diarrhea when not staying in accommodation with plumbing to be a rather unpleasant experience. Eating a different variety of those, particularly those that contain essential vitamins and minerals, could help to regulate your stomach, as well as give you the energy you need to be able to properly enjoy your time away.

Water Sanitation and Safety

There is also the possibility that your stomach may not agree with the tap water found at your destination. Some countries may inform you on arrival that their water isn’t safe to drink, meaning you might need to make provisions to be able to remain hydrated. You might want to buy bottled water, and store it in your accommodation, so that you can have a drink. It may also be helpful to use this water when brushing your teeth, just to be safe.

When you know that your destination’s tap water is unsafe, you may be more comfortable choosing a hotel that offers refrigeration in your room, so that you can still enjoy your bottled water as much as possible.

Exercise and Well Being

If you’re used to working out on a regular basis, stopping your exercise routine on holiday isn’t likely to do much harm. However, if you’re traveling for a number of weeks or even months, you might start to notice a difference in your overall health and wellbeing. Make sure you keep your muscles working and take the time to stretch to avoid aches and pains. Lots of hotels have gyms that are free to use, but if you’re staying in an apartment or hostel, you can always invest in a travel-friendly yoga mat to use just about anywhere.

If you are one with a strict diet like vegan or paleo diet, there are some workouts that are designed just for you. Here’s one that is a great workout guide for those on a paleo diet.

Planks, push-ups, and even certain yoga poses can help you get great climber abs.

On the flip side, if you’re someone who rarely exercises, be careful not to tire yourself out on your travels. Without realizing it, you’ll probably be doing a lot more walking and adventuring than you’re used to. Regardless of whether you’re in a city or remote area, make sure you give yourself permission to rest.

Get your Vaccinations

Depending on where you live, your doctor might recommend certain vaccinations before traveling to far-off countries. Other climates have different types of diseases and viruses that you may not have been exposed to before, which can increase your risk of becoming ill while you’re there. It’s a good idea to get any vaccinations a few months before you leave and to refill any prescriptions you might need while you’re at it. The last thing you want is to be trying to get hold of medications when you’re trying to enjoy yourself. So remember to plan ahead and take precautions before going on your trip!


Eye health

Looking after your eyes could be essential for you to be able to enjoy your trip thoroughly. This may especially be the case if you plan on hiring a rental vehicle. Without good eyesight, you might be unfit to drive and compromise your safety. This could, theoretically, leave you stranded. Likewise, spending time on the beach playing in the sand could also be detrimental, especially if you were to scratch your eye’s surface.

You may want to consider some of what All About Vision states about improving and maintaining eye health when on holiday. This can also include spending time out in the sun, which can lead to severe eye damage. Something as simple as wearing sunglasses could make a big difference to your eye health, helping to prevent getting dirt or sand in your eyes, as well as reducing the likelihood of too much UV absorption.

Bring the right clothing

If you’re going to a hot country where you’re at risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, you need to pack clothes that cover your skin while keeping you cool. While bug spray will stave off some pests, there are all kinds of creatures in forests and jungles that might cause you harm when you’re hiking or climbing. Long sleeves and trousers will also protect your skin from scratches and thorns.

Equally, if you’re traveling to a cold destination, you need to bring lots of warm layers if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. However, these layers not only need to trap heat, but they need to be breathable. Clothes that trap sweat against your skin can cause you to shiver and feel cold the longer you’re wearing them.

Invest in health insurance

While health insurance won’t exactly prevent you from getting ill, it can help you to get better more quickly. If you unexpectedly become sick when on holiday, it can be tempting to power through and avoid seeking medical attention until you return home – particularly if you don’t have insurance. But putting off getting the help you need can make you feel uncomfortable and might even cause your condition to worsen. Health insurance will help you to cover any medical costs and will reduce the risk of you having to cut your trip short in order to see your doctor back home.

There can be a lot to plan when you decide to travel, but keeping yourself healthy should always be a priority.

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