5 Destinations with the Most Beautiful Flowers Fields

Sick of staring at the four walls?

We’re waiting in anticipation for when travel reopens as well! It’s currently spring or summer in many parts of the world right now, and one of the most refreshing destinations we can think of is an endless field of floral delight. 

In view of the limited travel, you can bring the beauty of the destination into your living room with a bouquet of exotic flowers that can encapsulate the essence of a destination, e.g. Lavender for France, Tulips of Holland, etc.

But one thing that we can definitely look forward to is the liveliness of bright, colourful flowers once we can travel again. The best places that we recommend feature huge acres of flowers that you can take your time to stroll around and enjoy the great outdoors (finally!). To recreate such beauty in the comfort of your own home you’d need a lot of space, even more time, and high-quality organic fertiliser. In the meantime, let us take you on a journey around the globe to the most beautiful flower firelds.

1. Bollenstreek region in The Netherlands

One of the most famous scenic flowery landscapes in the world is the Dutch countryside, featured prominently in movies and wedding photos. It is transformed into a sea of rainbow during spring, brightly coloured tulip bulbs most prominently featured in fields by the end of April. 


Nature and flower enthusiasts would have heard of Keukenhof – the park that’s internationally famous as a tulip wonderland, with over 7 million bulbs blooming every year. That’s found within the Bollenstreek (flower-bulb) region located in South Holland province, with various flower fields in the countryside ranging from hyacinth to narcissus and daffodils in addition to the classic tulips. 

While you’re here, stop by the city of Haarlem to enjoy the annual Flower Festival parade (Bloemencorso Bollenstreek) or cycle through the fields of Leiden to enjoy the complete scenery. You can also stroll off the beaten path from Hillegom if you’re feeling adventurous!

Best time to visit: Mid-April to Early May.

Some of the other famous festivities also include King’s Day on 27th April (remember to wear orange!), and if you decide to extend your trip even further to get your blossom fix, do visit the Aalsmeer Flower Festival in June.

2. Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan

For all Japanophiles, there’s an amazing array of destinations to visit in this country. But apart from the famous Sakura (cherry blossom) season, did you know that there is another popular local blossom flowering in the weeks after? This flower is said to symbolize longevity and love, and has deep roots in Japan’s cultural significance, varying from movie portrayals to ancient poems and is even portrayed in Kabuki theatres.

If you’ve guessed it, it’s the wisteria! 


Decorating the canopies of ancient, gnarled branches in parks and shrines, the wisteria is one of the most popular attractions for local and international visitors during the flower-viewing season (locally known as Hanami). Many visitors flock to these flower attractions throughout the country, but amongst the most famous of these would be the Ashikaga Flower Park, which records more than a million visitors per year.

In Ashikaga Flower Park, they feature hundreds of wisteria trees, the oldest of which is at an awe inspiring age of over 150 years old. The dreamy, fairy-tale-like scenery drapes across the senses as you walk across the park, purple-white petals drooping from branches in full bloom. It makes for an unforgettable day-trip experience.

Best time to visit: Mid-April to Mid-May.

The flower-viewing event (Hanami) is celebrated by spending time with friends and family amongst the beautiful scenery during spring. What better way to enjoy the traditional Hanami experience than to stroll or picnic amongst the wisteria trees together?

3. Provence in France


Featured in famous works of artists Monet and Van Gogh, this beautiful flower is the belle of the south of France, blooming in sprigs across lavender fields under the golden sunlight. The region of Provence is well known for these flowery attractions, as they begin to bloom around Mid June onwards.

The flowering season is known to start earlier in warmer, sunnier climates, but other factors such as the altitude and the species of the plants may cause the blooming time to vary across different fields. Naturally, their harvest timing will differ and so, you might want to head to your destination slightly ahead of time to enjoy the blooms in the warming global climate.

You may find yourself trailing through the sea of purple and long for more. Don’t worry, Provence’s summer season is also synonymous with sunflowers. Head towards the locale for the chance to view their gorgeously bright yellow petals during this season too.

Best time to visit: Mid June to End July

4. Bluebonnet Trail in Texas, USA 


Take a scenic drive down Ennis, the designated Official Bluebonnet City of Texas, to enjoy the sprawling view of over 40 miles of bluebonnets carefully marked out along the route by the Ennis Garden Club. Or if you’re a hiking enthusiast, you can also make your way along the same roads with a handy map that will be given to you at the welcome center.

If you’re lost for choice, there are volunteers at stations around the welcome center who’ll be able to explain the map to you and suggest driving routes along the route based on your wants. Don’t forget to take advantage of the photo opportunities along the way, even if they’re spontaneous! There are plenty of designated spots you can pull your car over for a photoshoot amongst the bluebonnets and wildflowers.

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival is also hosted in the city, so head downtown during your trip to enjoy the parties and the music after the chill day out.

Best time to visit: April

5. Doi Mae U-Kho in Thailand


The sunny land full of smiles, Thailand is a popular tourist destination for its neighbouring Southeast Asian neighbours. Apart from its famous night markets and local cuisines like the Massam Curry, Pad Thai or Thai milk tea, there are many more reasons to visit other than the shopping and dining experience.

Starting from November, the Thai hillside in Doi Mae U-Kho blooms an endless sea of bright gold. These Mexican Sunflowers, also known as Bua Tong, were introduced to the region by Christian missionaries and have since been a source of attraction for the country, featured in countless films such as The Lord of the Rings and Beauty and the Beast. The largest Bua Tong field in Thailand is about 16 km2 large, and can be found about 25 kilometers away from Khun Yuam County Office if you travel by highway. 

The wild Mexican Sunflowers are typically yellow to orange in color and are smaller than the usual sunflowers, blooming only during winter. So make your way down during the end of the year for a de-stressing trip amongst the sunflowers and enjoy the local fair held en route to the fields during this time of the year.

Best time to visit: November to December

These gorgeous flower destinations are our top choices across the seasons. It’s a romantic choice for your travel itinerary, and should not be missed out on even when travelling solo

So try experiencing these places at least once in your lifetime to take in some of the best sights of nature, and get inspiration for your next bouquet decoration.

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