Top Thrilling Philippines Adventure Tours and Experiences

Every person who is an adrenaline junkie is always seeking adventures and new exotic places all over the world to experience different outdoor thrills. The Philippines over in South East Asia is one such country that has many beautiful exciting places which such adventures to offer.

Rice padi fields as we near the entrance to the village
Rice padi fields as we near the entrance to the village

Beyond the stunning beaches and clear turquoise waters comparable to the beautiful islands of Maldives, many thrill-seekers visit to try scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking, surfing, spelunking, and other activities. To kick off your adventure spirit, here’s my list of some of these beautiful places in the Philippines to check out for some good old outdoor adventures.

1. Rock Climbing in Atimonan

Located roughly 5 hours away from Manila, Atimonan’s scenic views and quality routes attract many rock climbers from all around Asia and beyond. Many know of rock climbing in Krabi and Long Dong in Taiwan, but the Philippines? Really?

IMG 5695

The majority of the climbing routes are secured and bolted, but there are some traditional ones as well that will attract trad climbers. The routes are mostly face and crack climbs. There is one unique but very sharp mountain ridge that can be very challenging, hence not for beginners, but advance rock climbers who have more technical expertise and good equipment which goes beyond good old stamina to get to the top.

2. Scuba Diving through Ship-Wrecks in Coron Palawan

Scuba diving is a thrilling activity on its own, but going through ships that were wrecked during World War 2 takes it to a whole other level. There are a few sunken vessels that divers explore in those waters.

Check out that wreck.
Check out that wreck.

Swimming through the small pitch-black spaces in those ships in the depths of Coron region is not for the faint-hearted nor beginners, so make sure you have already clocked a lot of dives, have the advance certification or wreck dive certification. The thrill of exploring those wrecks and ships here in Palawan Philippines is something that can’t be properly put into words, and divers and travellers can only experience it best when they go check it out on their own.

Welcome to Coron
Welcome to Coron

Like wreck diving? Why not consider wreck diving in Brunei?

3. Hiking on Mountain Pulag

Hiking and mountain climbing is a strenuous but very rewarding activity because it tests a person’s physical and mental abilities. The peak of Mount Pulag can be challenging to reach because of the harsh cold weather conditions in certain times of the year.

People can choose from three trails that have different difficulty levels. The more accessible routes, Ambangeg and Akiki, are made for first-timers and people who want to experience a more gentle climb and unwilling to take too many risks. The Vizcaya trail, on the other hand, is made for experts and trained mountain climbers and hikers that are more equipped for such challenges and terrain.

Trekking to the top of Mount Pulag and concluding our 4 days hike
Trekking to the top of Mount Pulag and concluding our 4 days hike

4. Sky Walking and Riding the Edge Coaster in Cebu

On the 38th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, there is a ride called the edge coaster. It takes the riders around the edges of the hotel, giving a 360-degree view of the city.

For people seeking more thrill, the hotel also offers sky walking. While strapped to a safety harness on the top of a 126-meter tower, people can walk on the glass of the building and get a breathtaking view of Cebu.

5. Ligiron – Philippine’s Extreme Cart Racing Sport

Ligiron is a cart racing sport the Filipinos invented. They make carts out of bamboo, or other types of hardwood, and ride them downhill without a helmet, crash pads, and sometimes with no brakes. It might seem crazy to some, but the thrill of riding down a mountain at high speed do sound like a blood-pumping adventure to others. Mountainous areas of Bohol, Luzon, or Cebu are famous for this sport. People also visit the island of Negros to try out ligiron.

When trying out these activities in the Philippines, common questions that pop up are the tour agents receptiveness of cash or card payment. Therefore, setting up an online account with a bank or an international company that provides money transferring service before you start on your holidays to the Philippines or some other parts of Asia. When you send money to Philippines online whenever there is a need, the funds will be safe and can be collected from an agent of the company nearby.

banner for philippines twin peaks of mount corderilla 1
Philippines twin peaks of mount corderilla

If you want to do something meaningful and give back to the Philippines community, why not see how you can volunteer to help out distributing food at the slums in the Philippines.

Here concludes some of the best outdoor recreational activities one can participate in on land and down under over in the Philippines.

What have I missed out? Let me know!

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