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Let your Travel Itinerary be your Tour Guide and GPS

We all love travelling, but with it comes an immense amount of prior planning.

The Woes of Travel Planning

Even after you arrive in the dream city of choice and are ready to embark on your day of activities you set out to do (yes, an ambitious long list!), you still need to do more research such as searching out the best sequence to conquer it, how to get there from one location to another using Google Maps or GPS.

Of coz in between, worrying about whether you have enough data on your phone, enough signal in the area you are in and balancing rowdy kids and an eye for pickpockets. It sounds like a great way to enjoy a relaxing holiday!

Make your Self Planned Free and Easy Tours Easier

Well, here’s where it gets easier. What if you are now presented with the option of discovering a great itinerary/ guide of the best sights in the city, and then have it all mapped out on your phone already in advance ( offline!) so that you can get around to them seamlessly and safely without having to plan it yourself?

Travel Article + GPS Benefits

That’s the beauty of a GPS Guided Article, or also known as a Travel Article App. It has GPS coordinates embedded within the travel article when you download it and a clear map of the route the author described in his/her article. The best thing about it is you can access it anytime without the need of internet or 3G network, which can be a real pain.

Benefits of Downloading the GPS Guided Version

– The full itinerary and guide is available Offline anytime you need it
– Maps out for you how to get about the foreign city without having to constantly manually search it yourself

Explore the city with some shortcuts

Check out some of the best Europe and Southeast Asia articles I have that are now featured in the GPSMyCity Website and App. Click the below links to access and download the Travel Article App.



And the list goes on with 1,000 over city guides available…


Special Giveaway:

So currently, the travel itineraries/ guides and articles featured are completely FREE to download in the app. However, the full version of the GPS-Guided Articles aren’t. However, here’s where you have a little perk:

Get FREE UPGRADES to 2 Full Versions of the GPS Guided Articles listed above. Limited time only!


Normal Rates and Charges

  • US$20 Annual Subscription: Access to 6,500 over city guides
  • Approximately US$2 for an upgrade for every specific guide

How to Get the Travel Articles

STEP 1: Click on a link for an article shared above (there will be a prompt to download the FREE GPSmyCity App to get access)

STEP 2: After the app download is complete, you will be directed to the article by me.

STEP 3: You can choose upgrade to get the GPS-guided version. Alternatively, you have access to the free version which will not have GPS and it cannot be saved to your phone for offline usage.

FOR APP USERS: After launching GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see which articles are available.

I hope this was useful for you. Go ahead and enjoy!

Download the GPSmyCity app for Apple here and for Android here.


NOTE: If you upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles, I will get a few cents commission for it, which helps fund this travel site so that I can keep writing great content for you guys…
Greatly appreciated!

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