Spectacular Tunisia Attractions- Top Things to Do as a First Timer

Immerse in the best of Tunisia Attractions

The tourism industry accounts for about 8 million visitors into Tunisia annually. There is much to enjoy about this beautiful travel destination in North Africa. However, it is best that you come fully informed about the local’s unique culture and nearly everything you should expect from this beautiful country.

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If you have planned a trip to Tunisia, here are some Tunisia attractions and top list to do before you visit.

Travel to Tunisia: Is it easy?

Well, there have been tumultuous times in the country over the last decade. But since the democratic revolution that happened during the Arab Spring, Tunisia has slowly recovered and started to return to tourism and business as usual. Currently, it’s safe to travel to Tunisia, get around via train, and other means of transport. For further information needed about traveling to Tunisia, you may want to check the country’s official immigration website.

Tunisian people and their culture

Tunisia has extremely vibrant and rich history. About 98 percent of the Tunisia population is Arab-Aber. Indeed, 99 percent of the country’s citizens uphold the Islamic faith and culture. Though it’s true that Tunisia is an Islamic country, most of the locals are secular Muslims. Thus, strict cultural norms regarding the consumption of alcohol and dress codes like those associated with Saudi Arabia don’t apply. It’s easy to travel from city to city and probably interact with the locals. Here are some beneficial tips you should know.

  • Expect a slow pace of handling things. All tasks are done ‘Inshallah’ (as God wills)
  • Dress conservatively
  • Haggling is a common practice in bazaars and markets
  • Eating is done majorly by hand
  • Most people use water and soap in public toilets. Tissue papers are not common
  • During the Holy month of Ramadhan, expect shorter opening hours
  • Take your shoes off when entering your hosts home

Tunisia Things to Do

Tunisia is an exotic and historical travel destination. Travelers have access to a broad range of sights and experiences to appreciate. There are countless places to visit during your trip – from cultural events and landscape to the nation’s history, you have many options in terms of what to see and learn during your trip to Tunisia. Here are the places you may want to visit during your time in Tunisia.

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The Ancient Carthage

Rome is well-known throughout the world for many things. However, most people don’t remember the once-famous Carthage, the capital of the mighty Carthaginian Empire, which occupied the Iberian Peninsula and the shores of North Africa.

The empire was destroyed in 146 BC by Rome, and the ancient site that was once an impressive civilization can be seen even today. Located near the capital of Tunis, the Ancient Carthage boasts of classical architecture. It is a perfect peek into life in one of the history’s mercantile ancient civilizations.

Tunisia’s beautiful beaches

The country is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and features beautiful sunny beaches in Northern Africa. Hammamet, Monastir, Djerba, and other locations offer beautiful, sunny, and white sand beaches. Coupled with the blue ocean background, Tunisia’s beautiful beaches are perfect to relax during your holiday.

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Visit an interesting scene from film history

Perhaps you will be surprised to learn that Tunisia played a significant role in film history. The nation has contributed many pieces of cinema through its film industry. Besides, the nation has provided the scenery for internationally acclaimed films for many decades.

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Classic times from the silver screen for series, including Monty Python, Indians Jones, and Star Wars, were captured in Tunisia. And you can visit some of the top sets used to bring to life some of the scenes on planet Tatooine. Generally, a trip to Tunisia is the perfect moment to journey through North Africa’s past and link to the present.

So, are you travel to Tunisia?

Despite some bumps on the road to democracy, Tunisia has undergone several positive changes. Now more than ever is the right time to schedule a holiday here. And you can do so in your terms. Tunisia emerged from the Arab Spring with a functional democracy, a stable economy, and a booming tourism industry.

Currently, Tunisia is the only Arab country with freedom of expression, and its capital buzzes with people publicly expressing their opinions through political rallies, concerts, film festivals, and art shows. A decade earlier, it would have been impossible to do this.

There are numerous ancient Roman and Punic ruins you can explore, incredible arts & crafts to bargain for, and beaches to enjoy. Besides, it is exciting that Tunis is a city bursting with the somewhat creative energy of a young generation taking full advantage of the country’s newfound freedom of expression. During your trip, you will realize that Tunisia has made important steps towards preserving its heritage and tourist attraction sites across the country.

So hope you enjoyed this overview of the nest of Tunisia attractions and sights, and are keen to explore the list of amazing things to do here in Tunisia some time soon.

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