What to Wear for Bouldering

Whether it is in a hot humid country or a cold destination, it’s important to know what is the best bouldering clothing to wear for rock climbing or bouldering in different seasons, indoors or outdoors

1. Best Bouldering Tops

Much like climbing and bouldering pants, the mobility and breathability of bouldering tops are crucial to any climber trying hard or spending long days on the wall. For this reason, the design of climbing and bouldering tops is the most important aspect when it comes to their usability.

Depending on whether you are looking at tank tops, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve tops, your criteria will likely change.


When looking at tank tops for ladies, many shirts have the option of a built-in bra, which is extremely comfortable and convenient. Men can opt for sleeveless muscle tees if they don’t mind the uneven tan lines.

Mobility with Stretchable Sleeves

For long-sleeve tops, it’s important to find something with stretchy sleeves that allow full mobility. Best if they also have special features that retain your body heat during winter.

2. Bouldering Leggings


Much like bouldering pants, bouldering and climbing leggings should be stretchable and breathable. I know heaps of female climbers who prefer wearing a good-fitting pair of women bouldering leggings over bouldering pants due to this feature. But be careful not to pick pants that are slightly transparent or rip easily.

3. Bouldering Pants


All of the mobility that climbing entails—heel hooks, drop knees, and high steps require pants that stretch, allowing you full range of motion. Some of the climbing brands that make other gear, such as shoes and helmets, make some of the best climbing and bouldering shorts and pants for men and women are. Black Diamond and La Sportiva are both climbing-specific companies that make excellent climbing and bouldering pants that not only gives great functionality, but it also looks good too.

Material Breathability

Finally, you can’t underestimate the importance of breathability when it comes to climbing and bouldering pants. No doubt what to wear for indoor rock climbing when you are not directly under the sun can be less concerning, however, on those hot weather days when you climb outdoors, it’s a different case.
You don’t want to be bogged down by stuffy and uncomfortable climbing and bouldering shorts or pants with the feeling of sweat trickling down your thigh while you commit that big move.

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