kinney lake hiking trail in rockies canada

About Rizal – Systems Analyst & Viking in a previous life

Name: Mohamad Rizal
Title: Systems Analyst, Viking (in my previous life)


cycling around lake wanaka nz during my 2nd trip to nz
  • Armchair pilot (with an ad-hoc flight simulator setup at home)
  • Medieval history
  • Astronomy
  • Quantum physics (minus the mind-numbing mathematics)
  • Sharing travel tips and experiences on many places in Europe, Australia & New Zealand

Qualifications/ Education

Bachelor in Computer Science, University of Wollongong

Highlights/ Achievements

  • Completed my pilgrimage to the major Nordic countries
  • Witnessed the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights in its full glory
  • Campervanning in Middle Earth (NZ), and driving in the land of Ice and Fire (Iceland)
kinney lake hiking trail in rockies canada

Quote of Yours

When I fly, there are only 3 things I want to know: Will the plane take off? When it’s up in the air, will it stay in the air? And when it’s coming down, is it coming down where they said it would come down?

My Background

Rizal is an IT professional by day, and a dreamer by night. He enjoys conversing about travels and investments and is more than happy to share his experiences. As someone who grew up reading “The Famous Five” novels by Enid Blyton, he has a soft spot for the English countryside, quaint villages & cobblestone streets. Ironically, he is fascinated by Viking history, notorious for pillaging the English coastal villages and monasteries. He absolutely adores the Blackadder TV series. When he yearns for travel but cannot, e.g., due to work commitments, he would load up his flight simulator and virtually visit other countries in the Western hemisphere.

hamnoy village in lofoten, norway

Education/ Expertise

Rizal received his Computer Science degree during the peak of the Great Financial Crisis. He spent most of his career designing and developing IT systems that manage and automate port operations in one of the busiest shipping ports in the world.

Hobbies and Passions

Road trip to destinations like Austria, day hikes, adrenaline activities, aviation, appreciating Riesling wine, Viking history, growing my passive income, trying to understand the concepts of quantum physics & the universe (that escalated quickly)

st ives beach in cornwall uk

What’s your Favourite Country and City/ Why?

Wanaka in New Zealand.

Many places around the world have beautiful sceneries, but few can match the vibes of this beautiful town in Middle Earth. Being here just makes you feel blissful, and cycling around the lake is a must-do. 

vatnajokull glacier iceland spot some familiar faces

If there is 1 piece of advice you can give to travellers, what would it be?

Airlines that are reputable and have good safety records are of utmost importance – do not skimp on them.

somewhere in lapland sweden