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59 Countries Till Date

From multi pitch climbing in the Canadian Rockies to hiking in Huangshan to sleeping in an igloo in Slovakia, experience for yourself some of these best adventures of your lifetime.


What is the meaning behind Lydiascapes?

The name ‘Lydia-scapes‘ is inspired by Lydia’s love for going on escapades into incredible outdoor destinations with spectacular landscapes.


About the founder Lydia Yang

The girl who ditched her high heels for hiking boots. In 2016, she gave up her corporate world of big international companies and a glamorous luxury hotel job with all its perks to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle.

It was a conscientious choice to give up the steady paycheck and opt for a life where she can pursue the initiatives she am passionate about (still in the area of my area of expertise – digital marketing!), talk about the things that I am interested and most importantly, have the freedom to work remotely from wherever I want to fulfil my love for travel

Lydia Yang founder of Lydiascapes Travel | Singapore Female Adventure Travel Blog
Lydia Yang

Storyteller/ Climber/ Founder

Top Rock Climbing Destinations

Seeking for a new place in Asia to try outdoor rock climbing? Here’s the compiled list of Asia’s best climbing destinations – The Top 21!

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