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Are you all geared up?

As fellow climbers and adventurers, we always need some help and advise on how to take our climbing to the next level. Whether you need some help on how to get your first set of climbing gear, or what reputable equipment you need to prepare for your big outdoor trip?
I will also share personal favourite climbing brands, recommendations of products that is best suited for ladies, indoor/ outdoor climbing and more.

Recommendations for Adventure Gear

Look no further, here’s a little list of my best recommendations.

Lydiascapes rock climbing gear and equipment recommendations

Best Climbing Shoes Reviews

Climbing shoes are important to even start talking about a serious hobby in rock climbing. The right fit, brand and comfort of the climbing shoe for your daily use. If your shoe is too loose, too downheel or tight, these can impede how much more progress you can make climbing, so its important to consider these carefully. Here’s sharing my thoughts on whats best for indoor bouldering, lead climbing or outdoor climbing in Asia.

Read More about the Shoe Brands and Comparisons

Best Climbing Harnesses Review

Climbing harness are not just about a comfortable fit, a lot of it is about look 😉 And of coz safety and price too.
There are many brands out there, colours, little features and fits. But if you ask me I am not as picky with this as compared to shoes and climbing pants. But I still have some favourites of coz.

If you have kids and need a smaller size one, better check from this kiddy range.

Best Hangboard and Fingerboard Reviews

Confined to your home and looking to keep up your climbing regime and strength?
Look into my list of recommended portable hangboards and fingerboards that works best for your homes to strengthen your grip and finger strength. Not to mention it is an extremely good workout as well if you do not have a pull up bar in your home.

Best Belaying Devices Reviews

When it comes to belay devices and quickdraws, all that matters a lot to me is safety and reliability. I was happy with the usually ATC and Carabiner when it comes to gym climbing as it is very smooth to use as long as you know how to belay well and catch a fall when your climber lead climbs.

However, for extra safety and safeguard, there are Assisted Braking Devices (ABD) and Petzl Grigris that are great choices for you, especially when you are climbing in Singapore gyms (regulations to using an ordinary ATC and Carabiner).

Best Climbing Rope Reviews

Rope is really not an everyday purchase, and if you do invest in one, you want the best. I always go for quality/ brand and ‘colour’ 😀 It matters to get a nice beautiful rope colour ok!

Best Climbing Pants Review

Okay, this is actually the one thing that I do think we do not emphasize enough on, We should invest in proper climbing pants when we climb. Stop wearing those semi-transparent yoga pants, running shorts or jeans to climb, its highly critical to get a good fit, breathable and stretchable climbing pants for your indoor and outdoor performance.

Browse Rock Climbing Equipment

Many have asked me for recommendations on what gears/ brands do I use and whats are the best starter kits, popular brands and occasionally, fashionable outdoor gear as well. There are also some safety travel equipment to consider if you are a solo female traveler.

Lydiascapes rock climbing shoes
Lydiascapes rock climbing harnesses
Lydiascapes rock climbing clothing top and pants
Lydiascapes rock climbing rope, belay devices, quickdraws and more

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Browse All Things Outdoors

If you are looking for recommendations beyond rock climbing, browse other outdoors related products for travelling, hiking, camping and more.

Lydiascapes hiking gear

Lydiascapes backpacks


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