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Hi, I’m Lydia Yang. I have ran Lydiascapes for over 6 years, been to 58 over countries and worked with 20 over international travel brands.
Perhaps there’s something I can help you with too!

Lydia Yang Singapore Adventure Travel Blogger

Join us as we journey to discover places, share travel tips to you out there with the same aching desire to explore & venture forth.

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The Meaning behind the name ”Lydiascapes”
Lydiascapes is about bringing you on escapades into the world of spectacular landscapes and untrodden paths.


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What brands has LydiaScapes partnered with in the past?

Some brands LydiaScapes partnered with are Thailand Tourism Board, Turkish Airlines and St Regis Bali Resort.

How established is LydiaScapes Travel Site?

Lydiascapes.com was started since 2014 and has been growing since then, focusing on adventure and outdoor travel.

How old is LydiaScapes Travel Site?

5 years old till date.