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Lydia Yang Biography

About Lydia Yang

Lydia is a marketing expert with over 8 years of experience in the Travel, FMCG and Retail Industry. Currently, Lydia Yang is an independent consultant and trainer providing digital marketing solutions for a portfolio of clients in Singapore and around the world.

Lydia Yang Trainer, speaker and digital marketing topic expert

Additionally, she is a passionate rock climber and traveller, combining both passions to run her adventure travel site

Lydia strives to inspire and propel people forward and upward in their growth, professionally through marketing masterclasses and speaking at local and international marketing events/ conferences.

Previous Work Experience

Some of her previous corporate experience includes working with top international brands like Marriott International, Sony Electronics, 7-Eleven, Hewlett-Packard and more.

Her roles include assisting top management to improve their brand’s online presence and marketing strategy by optimizing the online customer journey experience. Thanks to this level of exposure in the corporate environment, Lydia’s services and expertise range from content marketing, social media advertising, SEO, influencer marketing to cross-channel campaign management.

On top of that, Lydia frequently engages in public speaking and digital marketing training/workshops, sharing some of her knowledge and expertise with a wide audience locally as well as internationally.

Travel industry Speaker Lydia Yang

In the Pipeline

Lydia Yang is involved in multiple initiatives to promote more robust digital marketing and pursuing one’s passion for travel.

She works closely with various clients to train and execute customized digital marketing strategies base on their business needs. She has also developed and rolled out her own Social Media Online Course specifically crafted for the Travel/ Hotel Industry.

Lastly, Lydia aims to grow LydiaScapes Travel site to inspire greater travel and bring together travellers and travel brands to benefit from more meaningful partnerships and synergies. Till date, Lydia has travelled to almost 60 countries, writing and sharing on what’s critical in pursuing one’s dreams and passions.

Lydia’s Media Exposure and Credentials

Lydia Yang has been invited to speak on the topics of digital marketing and the tourism industry at prestigious international conferences like the Digital Marketing Asia conference, Travel Blogger Exchange (TBEX) Europe edition, Trablin Summit, Himalayan Travel Mart in Nepal and more. Connect with her on LinkedIn.