Passover Celebration in 2023

Welcome to an upcoming leap year! Because of the leap year, Passover 2022 will be occurring in the middle of April. From Friday April 15th until Friday April 22nd the Jewish observers will celebrate this auspicious holiday.

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That means the time to book your passover holiday is getting short. If you plan to travel this year you need to make sure and get those reservations and flight plans locked in before the end of February. It is even better for you if you lock the plans for travel and hotel accommodations in before the end of January.

Where to spend the Holiday

One thing that is on the minds of many Jewish observers is where to spend the Passover Holiday. This is a leap year, and the holiday comes a little later in spring than usual so it is fair to say that a greater number of people are going to want to travel during this Passover because of the timing of the event.

Where will the majority of people go this year?

Families with Children and Older Adult Members

Families are more likely to attend Passover programs that are located in places where the children can be entertained. That means that Florida and California in the United States will be hot spots because of the Disney attractions that are in those states. There are also several amazing waterparks, zoos, aquariums and places like SeaWorld and Legoland that are all on the bucket lists of children.

Some families will prefer to stay at home rather than travel with small children or with older adults. This can be understood. It can be hard for older adults with medical conditions to travel, and even when they do not have medical restraints the older members of the family may not have the stamina for travel and being on the go for such an extended period of time.

Some families book resorts that offer suites of rooms that have living rooms and bedrooms in them. In these suites, the older members of the family can relax like they would at home. The older adults can also stay in at night with the young children and let the moms and dads have opportunities to catch a show or have a romantic dinner.

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Couples and Singles

Without a doubt, couples that plan to travel for Passover 2022 outnumber the family groups with small children and older adults. Couples have the freedom to travel around without the worry of who will watch the children, and hence will be looking for more adventurous and exotic locations than the family units will be.

Couples will likely book Passover Programs in places like Cancun, Mexico, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Greece. France, and Spain. Couples are normally looking for bright sunshine, fabulous weather, sandy beaches and romantic places they can stay.

Couples may want more activity-based holidays filled with water activities like canoes or kayaks, and hiking in scenic areas they may never get to experience again. Look for a greater number of couples to be choosing to visit places like Dubai and Morocco instead of the typical tourist areas.

One-of-a-kind experiences like sandboarding in Dubai and riding on camels across the seas of sand are going to be more attractive to couples than to families. Couples are also going to look for more local shops and venues where they can experience the country they are visiting in more realistic ways. They want to see and taste the way that the normal person from an area lives rather than just be romanced by big establishments.

Hotel Stays vs At Home Celebrations

There are many people who are going to be chomping at the bits to get out of their houses and hometowns so they can see something new and different. There are also going to be people who would rather stay at home and embrace the holiday with more traditional services and celebrations.


People who want to stay in hotels are for the most part going to want the most luxurious and fun-filled vacation they can have. They are going to want to be outside more, and they are going to want to do more than lounge around a hotel swimming pool.

People that choose to stay at home in 2022 are going to want to throw more lavish family celebrations that bring the family units closer together after the last two years of separation. The home celebrations are going to be rich in religious meaning and people are going to be looking to teach their children the history and story of Passover and what it means to their family.

Staying at home will also allow the families to attend their local religious prayer services and have their seder meals at home rather than in the company of 100 or more total strangers. Other reasons why people may choose home celebrations include:

  • New babies in the family can be hard to travel with
  • Some people lost their jobs or financial security during the pandemic and want to rebuild their savings
  • Some people are still concerned about the pandemic and the possibility of exposure to Covid-19
  • With the holiday falling later in the year there may be more spring break college students traveling at this time and hotel accommodations may be harder to find

Passover Programs held at resorts and hotels around the world are going to be some of the most popular travel destinations, with Florida as one of the most popular destinations in the US. These programs offer food that is Passover kosher, they offer entertainment, they offer in-house Rabbis, private seders, lunches to go, and specialized activities for the children and teens.

Passover programs take care of all of the religious aspects and requirements of the Passover holiday excursion, and they put the people in places they can have fun, and let the stresses of the prior year be shaken off.

Final Thoughts

Where you decide to spend Passover 2022 will be based on your current family situation and obligations. If you do decide to travel, booking a week long participation in a Passover program will let you relax in style and never once be concerned about the food you eat or where you are staying.

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