9 Interesting Discoveries In Dubai

Rocking climbing in middle east hajar mountains, skiing & extreme sports? Who would have thought Dubai Desert City and UAE has that much to offer!

Dubai, blessed with golden sunshine, silvery beaches and enchanting history attracts tourists from all over the world. The city’s endless array of man made monuments vies with one another for architectural originality and magnificence. The sheer number of museums, beaches, resorts, parks and eateries just blow one’s mind.

From the desert’s timeless tranquility to the old souk’s hustle and bustle to the Bollywood magnificence of the Rajmahal Theatre Dubai, Dubai invites, entices and romances us all. Here are 9 interesting places in Dubai – all conceptually unique and simply marvelous! Whether you only have 1 day to spare in Dubai or a full week, don’t miss out some of these best recommendations!

9 Intriguing Places in Dubai

1. The Hajar Mountains

The 10,000 feet Hajar Mountains are a definite must-visit during your trip. The beautiful, ancient, towering limestone crags have the most exciting natural rock formations. Each one is a photo opp. If you want, you can climb the various foot routes up higher peaks such as Jebel Might. There’s plenty of bouldering and rock climbing to be had as well. You can even go deep-water soloing (climbing cliffs above the sea) around Dibba on the east coast.

Hajar Mountains dubai | 9 Intriguing Places in Dubai and All of Middle East

If you’re not a climber, enjoy some challenging hiking, admiring the old settlements and spectacular views of the plains below. When you get to the upper reaches, you’ll see lovely wadi pools, waterfalls and remote villages set in protected little crags.

Dubai is an enchanting mix of the old and the new – the manmade marvels and the historical uniqueness. The desert beckons the wanderer in all of us with its mystical aura and age-old call of nature. The nightlife is vibrant and filled with endless options. Each monument in Dubai is constructed with an eye to beautify the city’s already glorious skyline. We hope you will enjoy our recommended interesting places, and also discover your own.

Another incredible mountainous region would be Ras Al Khaima which is a great hiking spot for outdoors and adrenaline junkies.

2. The Rajmahal Theatre

The Rajmahal Theatre, part of the Bollywood Parks collection is a magnificently executed building, designed to resemble an Indian royal palace. The grand theater can seat 856 people. The Rajmahal Theater is a notable Dubai landmark that combines the romance of Indian Cinema with new-age technology to bring Bollywood to life in Dubai.

Rajmahal Theatre Dubai | 9 Intriguing Places in Dubai and All of Middle East

The Indian royal palace design creates a luxurious backdrop for the several live Bollywood shows that take place each week. The world’s first Broadway-style Bollywood musical Jaan-e-Jigar will also be performed at the Rajmahal Theater. If you’re on the lookout for the most lavish wedding or corporate event hall in the world, the Rajmahal is just absolutely the ticket.

3. The Palm Jumeirah Island

When innovation meets hard work and money is no object, the results are spellbinding. The manmade Palm Islands are made of sand reclaimed from the sea, concrete and steel.

Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai

The island is shaped like a 16-frond palm tree topped by a crescent. The whole island can be viewed perfectly from outer space. Plus, the island’s construction has added 78 kilometers of beach sands to Dubai’s coastline!

4. Dubai Creek

The natural seawater Dubai Creek that cuts through the city is an ancient harbor for trading vessels. Bur Dubai and Deira are two towns that lie on either side of the creek. Grab an abra (water taxi) and take a romantic ride along the creek.

Traditional abra in Dubai Creek

Explore the souqs of Deira and Bur Dubai for fragrant saffron, gold and nuts. Walk through the old Bastakiya region and admire its Arabian architecture, wind tower houses and old shopping alleys. Don’t miss the historic Al Fahidi Fort museum and Sheik Saaed’s House.

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5. The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a hard to miss sight, either from the ground or the sky. At 828 meters, the world’s tallest tower dominates the Dubai skyline. The building has 57 elevators and 8 escalators. You can see the whole of Dubai, and the ocean, the manmade islands and the red desert dunes from the observation deck on the 124th floor.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

At night, the view from the observation deck takes on magical proportions. The whole of Dubai is laid out like a glowing flower for you to savor. A meal in the Atmosphere hotel on the 122th floor makes you feel like you’re floating along with the clouds themselves! Few countries can bet Dubai in having such a spectacular night light up ( you can even see it from NASA!).

6. The Ancient Dubai Desert

The beautiful, tall red sand dunes of the desert attract both adventurers and romantics.  Sign up for a day or night safari, and you can have unlimited adventures. Dune bugging on a 4×4 SUV is one adventure that’ll have your adrenalin levels up. Then there’s riding a tall camel up and down the shifting sand dunes – a definite high.

Desert Safari Dubai and All of Middle East | Discoveries In Dubai

Sand boarding on ATVs is an adventure that’s for the adrenalin junkie in you. If that’s not enough, ride a hot air balloon over the desert dunes, enjoying the sunlight glimmering on ancient red sands. If you don’t mind the heat, you can even slide down tall dunes, screaming all the way. It’s up to you. You can also sign up for off-road desert adventures to experience the desert more in full.

7. Ski Dubai

Imagine tall ski slopes in the middle of Dubai, which burns at 55 deg. Celsius during summer? Yes – it blows the mind. Ski Dubai is maintained at 0 deg. Celsius during the day and 6 deg. Celsius during the night to give you perfect snowy conditions.

Ski Dubai | Discoveries In Dubai

Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, skating and play with precious little snow penguins. Roll down the Giant Ball run; you’ll need to jump a 10ft. ramp and spiral down tube slides to get to the bottom. Go up in the chairlift and enjoy watching the whole of Ski Dubai while enjoying hot chocolate at minus 4 degrees.

8. Dubai’s Coastline

Dubai’s coastline is ancient and steeped in history and modern magnificence. Go kayaking among the mangroves around the island, watching out for crocodiles hiding under the roots. Kayaking at night amidst the mangroves is a real test of your expertise.

Dubai aerial View _ Dubai and All of Middle East Sights
Dubai aerial View

Take dhow, houseboat or yacht cruises along Dubai’s fabulous coastline. You’ll get to weave in and out of the Palm Islands and the Map Islands, enjoying views of Dubai’s marvelous architecture.  Or, you can just Jet Ski or water ski along the coastline, stopping where you want to!

9. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Imagine Lost City of Atlantis discovered under the sea. What would it be like? Well, for one thing, it would be surrounded by water, with marine creatures of every description swimming around it. The Lost Chambers Aquarium in the Palm Atlantis hotel brings the charm of the lost city to life. Gear yourself for a mind-blowing walk through the glass tunnels of the lost city, coming face to face with sharks, piranhas, stingray, tiny seahorses and giant lobsters in this magnificent underwater world.

Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai and All of Middle East

It’s an immersive experience into a world that’s been lost – its shipwrecks and ruins details in 10 spellbinding underwater chambers.  Join the ‘Behind The Scenes’ Tour to find out how the 65,000 plus marine creatures are maintained. It’s amazingly educational – you’ll get to know how the water filtration systems work, how the fish hospital operates and more.

Concluding the 9 marvelous wonders of Dubai and All of Middle East.

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  1. The Hajar Mountains sounds incredible, and what an amazing landscape when those brown cliffs meet the blue waters! I bet the views from the top must be beautiful.

    • The views from there cannot be explained in words, Dee. That scenery is truly exceptional. Hope you’ll get the chance to explore the area soon!

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