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Water Rafting, Paragliding to Zip Lining Action in Nepal

When we think of going on an adventure in Nepal, we often think about summiting Mount Everest or embarking on a 14 day trek to the Everest base camp (EBC). But do you know? Other than the magnificent Himalayan mountains, there is a range of Nepal adventures to embark on.

Flying above villages in Pokhara
Wheee!! Flying above villages!

Nepal Adventures and Outdoor Activities

From white water rafting to bungee jumping to paragliding with the Himalayas in the background. We were pumping with non-stop adrenaline in this part of our trip! With courtesy from Himalayan Travel Mart (HTM2019) and Highground Adventures, we got to try a few of these great activities for ourselves!

White water rafting, to bungee jumping to paragliding with Himalayas
Office of Highground Adventures, where we waited for our pick-ups.

World Class White Water Rafting Pokhara

White water rafting in Pokhara is one of the most sought after activity. We saw multiple shops along the main street offering trips to various river rapids. With exceptional views and natural rivers of various difficulty level, I can see the appeal and draw for people with different rafting experience.

World Class White Water Rafting Pokhara

During a conversation with the guides, we found out there were 6 classes of difficulty for any river. While Class 1 consists of fast-moving water, with little to no obstacles, class 6 was described as  ‘impossible to run’. I guess this is not the category for a beginner like me, or anyone really!

Luckily for us, Trisuli River is a Class 1- basically an easy cruise with 3-4 rapids. We all drew a breath of relief!

White Water Rafting at Trishuli River

We left our belongings in the van and met our instructor, Kumar from Adventure River Trails. After a brief introduction, some basic instructions and commands, and we were off into the river!

White Water Rafting atTrishuli River
The helpers carrying the deflated raft and pump down to the river. The steps were incredibly steep and narrow!
Water rafting in Pokhara
One last pic before we were shoved into the water! It was highly recommended for us to leave our digital equipment in the waterproof bag with the instructor.

The Rafting Experience

The 2 hours ride was cathartic for a city dweller like me. For the most part, the scenery was absolutely breathe taking! On the calmer stretches of the river, the group would fell into a long silence, as a state of tranquillity washed over us.

We got very excited after experiencing our first rapids! It lasted only for 20 seconds but it definitely got our adrenaline pumping. We even passed by a stretch where the Nepali army was practicing shooting. They paused, as we automatically sped up on paddling!

Rafting Experience - Rafting in Nepal Price
Happy faces all around when it was over!

Our white water rafting experience ended in Mugling- a popular place for domestic tourists. It is where they take the cable car up to the Manakamana Temple. It is believed that the Goddess of the temple grant wishes to all the pilgrimage that made the journey to worship her. We did not have enough time on this trip, but it sounded like an interesting place to see!

white water rafting experience ended in Mugling- a popular place for domestic tourists
Lots of domestic tourists here in Mugling!

Rafting in Nepal Price (s)

The damage for international tourists, the price for a 1-day white water rafting in Nepal on Trishuli River (Class 1), is estimated to be between USD 20-40. When you are negotiating with the company, take note that the cost should at least cover the following,

  • Transport from accommodation to the rafting start point
  • Basic equipment – life vests, helmets, paddle, dry bag for cameras, first aid kit
  • An experienced instructor/ river guide
  • River permit

The World’s Tallest, Longest, Steepest Zip Line

At the office of Highground Adventures in Pokhara, I had to choose between the zip flyer and bungy jumping. As soon as I found out that the zipline was the tallest, longest and the steepest in the world, I signed up right away!

World’s Tallest, Longest, Steepest Zip Line
The entrance doesn’t look very impressive, almost like a junkyard as the renovation is on going. But past this, the view on the platform was spectacular!
We couldn't see the end of the zipline at all. Not just because it was too far, but the initial drop was ridiculously steep!

We couldn’t see the end of the zipline at all. Not just because it was too far, but the initial drop was ridiculously steep!

At 1.8m long, with a 2000 feet vertical drop, the entire ride was over in 2 minutes; but it took us 1.5hours to get up there on a van. Nonetheless, it was still worth the effort for me!

Price for Ziplining in Pokhara Nepal
Nervously waiting for my turn! They were counting down for the pair up there!

However, I like to emphasis that the roads in Nepal are undergoing a massive makeover. It was definitely not the most comfortable ride. The people in Nepal also drive very casually. Even on a narrow road that was close to the edge, our drivers did not seem to have slowed down! So be warned!

Ziplining in Pokhara Price

The cost for zip lining is at a standard price of 4500rupees (USD40). Naturally, if you have a big group of interested participants, it is easier to get a group discount.

Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Pokhara
This was what we saw on our way up in the van. It made us even more excited!

We had a morning with free time for ourselves, and we have heard good things about paragliding in Nepal. The selling point was definitely a front-row view of Himalayas! My buddy from Germany and I decided to experience it for ourselves. We were recommended to go with Frontiers Paragliding.

Paragliding in Pokhara Price (s)

After some Q&As, and a little bit of haggling (yes this is allowed in Nepal), we agreed at USD100 for the 45min ride. The regular price for paragliding in Pokhara is usually between USD100-150.

The lower price range is for a 30 minutes ride while the higher range is for a 45 minutes ride. The package usually comes with pictures and videos. If you visit during the monsoon season, between mid- June to early September, you can generally expect further discounts to make up for the cloudy skies!

What to Expect – The Way Up

Paragliding in Pokhara Price
Porters were waiting by the carpark to help with the carrying

I was surprised we took the same road up as the zip line, even though the place for take-off was not as high. As we approached the top, we were welcomed with a sky filled with eager paragliders, it was a beautiful sight!

Paragliding in Pokhara Price
I held my breath when we first reached!
Paragliding in Pokhara Price
This person was walking towards the edge, he was only a few steps away from the cliff!
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..and taking wefies in between!

The Gilding Experience

This was my first time at paragliding, it was hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of walking off the cliff! I met my pilot, Anil Gurung who also practices Aerobatic paragliding. How did I find out? Definitely not because I ok-ed without a beat when Anil asked if I wanted to try ‘something crazy’.

Himalayan Adventure Activities | From Rafting, Paragilding to Skydiving in Nepal
first time at paragliding in Pokhara - Nepal Adventures

I was not sure what to expect, but that thought did not last very long. Our glide started to sway sharply from side to side! It was exactly like the last few seconds on a pirate ship at a funfair. Without notice, we were suddenly upside down! I did not realise immediately, but I was staring at the ground. Anil told me, we were ‘tumbling’- basically making loops in the sky!

paragliding in Pokhara price
My buddy landing safely with her pilot
paragliding in Pokhara price nepal
Back on ground! I could barely stay seated for this pic. Adrenaline was pumping furiously through my veins from the aerobatic stunts!

Tips and Recommendations

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the activities Pokhara has to offer and I was glad I tried them here. The scenery was beautiful, it was very affordable and the local instructors are friendly and helpful. Hence, you can see how while Nepal is famous for incredible multi day hiking trails, there is also heaps of other exciting adventurous things to embark on.

My only advice when you are here for adventure activities in Pokhara, ALWAYS make sure to organise the activities in the morning. Pokhara rains a lot in the afternoons and we found out it was a year-round condition, monsoon seasons or not. Example, the zip line suspended operation when it started to drizzle.

Although it is a safety precaution I appreciate, but it is a real bummer if you have to end up waiting like we did!

Himalayan adventure activities
Himalayan Adventure Activities | From Rafting, Paragilding to Skydiving in Nepal

Which of these outdoor activities would you like to try the most in Nepal?

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