6 Exotic Hill Stations in Kerala Kera That Will Mesmerize You

Explore the 6 popular hill stations in Kerala Kera, the land of agriculture & stunning scenery all year round. Discover places like Vagamon, Thekkady & more

Kerala, The God’s Own Paradise is truly a charm of the southern part of India and is the perfect place to visit this season if you wish to get rejuvenated amidst picturesque landscapes, relish wonderful Keralite delicacies and pick up fresh spices right from the plantations.

We will be taking you through 6 wonderful hill stations in Kerala Kera which are a must on your bucket list if you are planning to visit there.

6 Exotic Hill Stations in Kerala Kera That Will Mesmerize You

1. Munnar

This splendid hilly town, standing proud at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level, located in the invigorating district of Idukki is an absolute favorite for most of the travelers.

  • Located in Kannan Devan Hills, the Top Station situated at 1700 meters above sea level is the highest point in Munnar. Top Station is blessed with the rare Neelakurinji plants, that blossom once in every 12 years and impart bluish color to the terrain and you must take a glimpse at night and you will feel you have landed somewhere in space.
  • To take a tour around this town, you must take an entire week off to enjoy the serene surroundings. Munnar a quaint little town is a home to many scenic villages and waterfalls and one of them is the Kundala Village and the amazing Kundala Lake is an absolute treat for eyes. Other places that must be on your bucket list is the Mattupetty Dam, The Tea Museum, Chinnakanal and Anayirangal Waterfalls, the mighty Anaimudi peak at the southern area of the Eravikulam National Park, which has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • This rugged town is surrounded by rivers namely – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. As you enter Munnar, you will find large tea cultivations spread across the mountainous terrains and a walk through the tea estates or biking across the sloping roads covered with varieties of plants of cardamom, vines of pepper, other spices and medicinal plants is highly recommended.
  • Ever heard of a Tea Museum? There is one which is a must visit sight in Munnar, the Tata Tea Museum, dedicated to the history of growth of the Tea Industry in the gorgeous town. It showcases photographs and ancient machineries of tea processing and how it all began and rose to this huge sector in Kerala which now exports to various countries.

2. Wayanad

In the north-eastern region of Kerala, lies this beautiful town of Wayanad.
Kerala is synonymous with tranquility and you can get a refreshing experience if Wayanad is on your mind.

  • Adventure lovers will enjoy a trek to the spectacular Meppadi hills and you can capture brilliant photographs of the scenic view. Extremely wondrous picnic spots such as the Chembra peak located near Meppadi town and the Soochippara waterfalls are the most famous places in Wayanad.
  • If you are craving for an experience to watch endless stretches of waves, then you must pack up your bags and head straight to the Kuruva Island in Wayanad. Filled with greenery, this less explored island lies about 17 Kms to the east of Mananthavady. Not many people reside here and you will find rare species of flora and fauna but if you haven’t seen this place before, ensure to go together in a group.
  • Another interesting thing you can do is stay in a tree house and feel like a free bird.
  • There are endless places to visit and do not miss to see the ancient Edakkal caves. The rock wall is carved with human and animal paintings which are an evidence of existence of life since the pre-historic age.

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3. Ponmudi

The Golden Peak, an exhilarating section of the Western Ghats, lies 55.2 Kms to the north-east of the Trivandrum city. Ponmudi is a green hill station and is surrounded by mountain peaks with streams flowing across gorging valleys takes you to your imagination of a town as you must have seen in a painting.

There are so many stunning places to visit here and we will talk more about them:

  • Menmutty falls, located amidst dense forests can be spotted 3 Kms away from the main road of Kallar. These cascading falls look brilliant and trekking can be undertaken with special permission from the forest department.
  • There is also a beautiful and holy temple dedicated to Lord Shree Krishna. The temple area is easily accessible by road and is just 6 Kms from Trivandrum Central bus stand.
  • Wherever you are in Kerala, you must try the food and especially so for the meat eaters, it is delightful.

4. Athirapally

Do not worry if you yearn to see the Niagara Falls and haven’t been able to make it but India does have its contemporary falls, the mighty Athirapally Falls.

  • Pouring from a height of 80 feet, these falls can be spotted near Vazhachal forests in the district of Thrissur.
  • Known for their picturesque beauty, few Bollywood movies have been shot here and is a favorite destination of the talented director, Mr. Mani Ratnam. He has shot his movies Roja, Dil Se, Guru there and the best time to visit is during the monsoons.

5. Vagamon

On the border of Kottayam and Idukki, there is a small and blissful hill station known as Vagamon with presence of pine woods, green valleys, tea gardens, waterfalls etc. Quite popular with the mountaineers, there are plenty of exciting activities you can indulge in, when you are in Vagamon.

  • Long walks across the pine forests, amidst the colorful orchid gardens, hike and bike amidst the aromatic tea and coffee cultivations.
  • Vagamon is also a religious town and every year thousands of Christian pilgrims travel to the holy Kurismala, climbing the peaks with wooden crosses.
  • Summer is the best season to explore this colorful hill station of Kerala.

6. Thekkady

Last but not least, Thekkady here in Kerala is the final spot to recommend you to visit and enjoy the best of Kerala’s sights.

Situated in the district of Idukki and noted for its Periyar National park, is our very own city Thekkady. The lush green Thekkady is around 114 Kms from Madurai Airport in Madurai city and easily accessible by road.

  • Highly visited for its sanctuary, you will find dense forests filled with deciduous trees and you can bathe an elephant if you haven’t done it before. Animals like elephants, bison, deer, sambar, tigers, Nilgiri, langurs etc. are being tamed well here.
  • Thekkady is a paradise for Safari trips and Elephant rides are quite exciting here. Its loved so much that you can go for an hour program where you will not only get to ride on the animal’s back but you can also bathe and click photographs with the friendly creature.
  • A lot of tourists enjoy Bamboo Rafting in the lake and get to spend an entire day with your fellow travelers.
  • Go for a spice shopping spree, ayurvedic garden trips and capture the gorgeous Chellarkovi falls, which are cascading in the northern part of Thekkady.

Kerala offers a serene and rejuvenating travel experience and will leave you smitten by its beauty and you would wish to visit next time again and relive those memories. Take a chance to come by and visit these 6 lovely hill stations in Kerala Kera.

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