Top 4 Best Travel Insurance for Extreme Sports Lovers

Climbing/diving and mountaineering, alongside a lot of other extreme sports, is a great pastime to embark on if you want to challenge yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some of these sports are also a great deal of fun and adrenaline-pumping. However, with all the medical risks and injury dangers that come with pursuing such hobbies, the best way to have ease of mind is to get good travel insurance that covers for extreme sports.

This article gives you the four recommended travel insurance for extreme sports lovers like rock climbers, divers, mountaineers, and more, as we compare them with extreme sports travel insurance that will give you good coverage during your trip.

1. Atlas International

Atlas International is a travel insurance company for international travelers who want to access a doctor in any hospital in the span of 5 to 364 days of your initial plan. The company will provide you with an insurance card to direct the bill from your medical consultation to Atlas International. You will also receive an option to extend your initial plan through their online website, where you can file for the application or through a call.

This type of insurance is suitable for climbers or extreme sports lovers who have a history of injury or require regular check-ups on injuries. Atlas International is also great for adventure seekers who want to get insurance for a short period, but do not wish to commit to the typical long-term insurance.

climbing in the mountains
Stay safe and secure when climbing and hiking in the mountains.

Along with its accessible online application, here are other benefits they offer for their medical insurance:

  • Emergency eye exam and room service
  • Urgent care
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • COVID-19 care
  • Medical evacuation

You can get a maximum of $50,000 to $2,000,000 of medical and insurance care from Atlas International when it comes to cost. You can also acquire maximum deductibles of less than $5,000.

2. Safetywing

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable travel insurance, this has all the coverage you need for just $1 per day. Out of all types of travelers, adventure seekers and climbers are among those that need travel insurance for their expeditions. You never know when you could potentially get into an accident, so insurance like Safetywing can give you the security you need. 

Nothing feels better than climbing in the beautiful mountains scenery.

Safetywing also works as a subscription model, so it renews every 30 days until you take the initiative to cancel. This insurance covers both medical and travel mishaps, which are possible occurrences when you regularly travel. Any unexpected illnesses and injuries are also covered, including hospital expenses, prescription drugs, and doctor fees. One of the best aspects of Safetywing is that it protects you in all parts of the world except North Korea, Iran, and Cuba. Most importantly, it covers several adventure sports, including rock and ice climbing. 

3. Global Rescue

Global Rescue offers five general services for all types of travelers who avail themselves of their memberships: emergency assistance all year round, field rescue anywhere you are, even on Mount Everest, evacuation and advisories, destination reports, and real-time event alerts. They have over 1 million members, including prominent NASA and National Geographic names.

First, they assure members that Global Rescue will come to them regardless of their location if they cannot go to a hospital or need immediate help. However, if the member has already gone to a hospital or wants a referral, Global Rescue can guide them to their partner medical centers such as Elite Medical Group and Parts HeathCare, Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, or the Harvard Medical School affiliate. These centers are certified to give excellent medical service and assistance to their members 24/7.

Second, Global Rescue offers membership assistance through calls. They offer care consultations with doctors through their mobile app, instead of re-directing them to call centers. Third, they provide destination reports of 215 recorded countries to travelers, as well as updates on the health and safety measures to consider before traveling to the country. 

climbing in the beautiful mountains
Feels like you’re on top of the world.

Lastly, Global Rescue has a convenient application for GPS tracking and massage anywhere. You only have to install the application before travel and fill out the needed information to track your loved one. Another bonus they offer is referrals to legal representations if you encounter an accident that needs legal interventions in over 160 countries. 

This company’s insurance offers travel security for single or family members for one or more trips lasting one week, two weeks, and a month. Their insurance is great for climbers who go to no-signal areas, as other people can still track their GPS whereabouts in case of emergency through their application. Since they also offer emergency rescue anywhere, you don’t have to worry about getting lost somewhere unsafe because you can contact them anytime.

4. Diplomat America

Diplomat America insurance specializes in medical and evacuation coverages to the USA, and part of their medical coverage involves:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment benefits.
  • Emergency medical repatriation and evacuation.
  • Multilingual assistance service for their travel coverage. 
climbing no equippment
The view is truly magnificent!

If you’re a non-US resident traveling to America, this insurance is an option for you. Whether you’re a student, first-time traveler, businessman, or religious traveler, any unforeseen injury and accidents will be taken care of by this insurance as long as it is on American soil. This will be crucial for travel climbers who want to challenge risky mountains and hills, as medical bills may cost more in the US than in your country of origin. So, if you’re planning your next adventure in America, make sure to check out their policies to save you all the hassle of pre-travel.

Remember, health is wealth, and living a healthy lifestyle while you’re traveling is important. But as much as you love investing in your body to make yourself healthier and more fit, you should also take as much—or even more—an investment on your insurance for the sports you love. In one quick snap, all of your skills and equipment can disappear because of an unexpected or unforeseen accident, but you would not need to worry about the expenses and all the hassle if you have suitable extreme sports travel insurance. 

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