Cez belaying Lydia in Solius while I ascend my first rock climbing route

Dating a Non-Climber – Benefits and Disadvantages

Is it wise to date a non-climber who doesn't enjoy your passion for climbing. Here's some pros and cons as to why finding a climbing partner can be a good or bad thing.

When looking for a potential partner, we often seek out someone with similar interests and passions as ours; and rock climbers are no exception.

If anything, rock climbers are especially prone to looking for other fellow climbers to date, given that the sport is so time-consuming and partner-focused. However, what happens if you meet someone really awesome who doesn’t climb? What do you do?

Cez belaying Lydia in Solius while I ascend my first rock climbing route

Well, before we start discussing that possibility, lets first address some great benefits of dating a climber.

1. Pros of Dating a Rock Climber

There are plenty of benefits to dating a rock climber. Being with a rock climber whether a beginner or advance climber means you can enjoy thee sport together and explore a whole range of gyms.

Even if you know you don’t like to do outdoor free climbing as much, you can still go with your significant other to the crag and spend time in nature. Most climbing areas are very beautiful, tranquil and tend to have great remote hiking trails nearby.

Macedonia rock climbing Skopje | Lydia and Cez

Key Characteristics of a Climber

Let’s look at the general characteristics and personality of a person who climbers. Generally, climbers tend to be quite self-disciplined and determined people, due to the nature of the sport requiring high commitment and focus.

Hence, self-discipline and determination in life are definitely good qualities and traits to have in a partner. Climbers are also intrinsically self motivated and prioritise their physical health and being in shape, and this is certainly a positive aspect of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Picking your beginner set of rock climbing gear for indoor and outdoors | Lydia Yang Rock Climber

Why You Should Date Another Climber


Dating another climber has a plethora of benefits. To begin, you will always have someone to climb with and belay you while you top rope or lead climb, which is important given that rock climbing is such a partner dependent sport. Whether you like to boulder, sport, or trad climb, dating another climber ensures that you will always have a spotter or belayer.

Additionally, dating a climber is a great way to meet other climbing buddies and climbing couples. You can be introduced to their friends and vice versa, expanding your network of climbing friends even more and exchanging tips and travel stories.

The U.S. has endless quality bouldering.

Now, lets look at the other spectrum of why you should not date or get together with a climber.

2. Why You Shouldn’t Date a fellow climber – Cons

Though dating a climber has its benefits, it also certainly has its downsides.

As a climber, dating another climber can be a bad idea for a number of reasons. First off, you might find yourselves getting too competitive or comparing yourselves to each other, something that can take a toll on a relationship. It can be quite an ego bruiser if your partner is a way better climber than you, and that could affect your morale and self-esteem, sometimes more so for men.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea for each individual in a couple to have some personal space to have their own hobbies they can enjoy themselves or with their friends.

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However, if you are both climbers, you might end up spending an excessive amount of time together, something that may hinder your independence in the relationship.

Benefits of dating a non-climber

Hence, it may seem like dating a non-climber isn’t too bad an option, as you can learn to understand and accomodate different interests and passions. Sometimes being with someone who has a slightly different set of skills and abilities can challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and learn to enjoy some of these activities you would otherwise not do.

For example, you may love to climb but your partner prefers to swim or build things. You guys can both give and take to experience each other’s interest.

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I know of many climbing couples who one of the two does not climb, but yet they respect each other’s differences and do not try to force the other into the sport. And that works perfectly fine with them.

Lastly, sometimes climbers can become too caught up in their world of jargons and ideas, and they fail to see that there is much more other things to appreciate like music, dance or even cooking. A partner who has a slightly different interest than climbing would give you a step into this other world, and them in yours.

Trying out traditional music instruments at the music school in Chiang Khan

3. If You Aren’t a Climber

If you’re not a climber, you may be annoyed by how much your significant other spends rock climbing. Climbing is a very time consuming sport, as it demands many hours for training and outdoor trips. Therefore, you may not spend as much time with your boyfriend or girlfriend as you would like.

This could certainly cause problems in the relationship, such as jealousy, especially if your boyfriend or girlfriend spends the majority of their time with their climbing friends. It also may be annoying to hang out with your partner’s climbing friends, as it can be very difficult to understand all of the climbing-specific jargon that they use.

4. Climbing and Relationships – How It Compliments

Climbing can be a great compliment to a strong relationship. To begin, it’s a great way to get to know a potential partner, as you will automatically have something in common.

It is also a great activity to do with a partner, as it can help to build trust and confidence in your significant other. Finally, it is a great way to travel together, as if you are both climbers, climbing trips and expeditions will be quite an easy vacation to agree on.

5. Having Rock Climbing Boyfriend or Girlfriend – Should You Be Concerned?

Some people get worried when dating a climber because of the fear that their partner’s passion for climbing will occupy too much of their time. While it’s true that rock climbers like to spend a lot of their time at the crag or gym, you have no reason to really worry.

In fact, it can be a very positive thing for each half of a couple to have their own hobbies, as it gives you independence and your own group of friends. Additionally, if you are dating a climber but you don’t climb, it gives you the opportunity to try a new sport and get out of your comfort zone. There’s nothing that climbers love more than sharing their passion for the sport!

6. Why Rock Climbing Is a Good Couple Exercise

Rock climbing is an excellent exercise for a couple, given that it is so conducive to pairs. If you’re bouldering, you will need a spotter, and if you are sport or trad climbing, a belayer.

Also, climbing is something that you can do with someone who doesn’t have the same level as you, as each person can select their own route or boulder to try with the other person there to support them. It is a great way to stay fit and active with a partner, regardless of whether or not you have the same skill levels.

7. Rock Climbing Couples

Rock climbing couples are very common, as many couples end up meeting each other when rock climbing.

Benefits to Being a Rock Climbing Couple

Being a rock climbing couple certainly has its upsides, as you will always have someone to go rock climbing with and belay or spot you. It is also a great trust-building activity in a relationship, along with an activity that promotes healthy communication. If you can climb well together, communicating about problems in your relationship will be much easier.

Additionally, it is great to be in a climbing couple because you will be able to cheer each other on. You can motivate your partner on their project and vice versa, meaning that you will always have someone there to lift your spirits.

When it comes to investing in new climbing gear or climbing clothing, you can also share the cost for climbing gear and other outdoor equipment like crash pads and slacklines.

Lastly, what is the best way to document your best climbs and views would be to have a partner to shoot some great photos for you. Just like an ‘Instagram boyfriend’, a climbing partner is someone close enough who you can ask to frequently take awesome climbing pictures when you’re at the crag.

Its a wrap of a day of climbing in Siurana

Potential Downsides for Rock Climbing Couples

However, you should be wary of a few things as a rock climbing couple as well. You will likely spend a lot of time rock climbing with your partner, so it is important to find your own hobbies or at least some of your own climbing partners in order to avoid losing your your independence.

On that note, splitting up could mean losing your sole climbing partner on top of your romantic partner, something that can make a breakup even more painful.

8. Rock Climbing Holidays As a Couple

One of the best things about dating a rock climber if you also climb is the fact that you can always agree on the vacation that you want to take. Rock climbing holidays are the perfect trip for an outdoorsy couple, especially when you go to a destination where you can combine climbing with some sort of other activity.

Rock climbing holidays as a couple are especially great when sport or traditional climbing, given that they are disciplines that are conducive to climbing in pairs. Combine your climbing trip with a beautiful beach or mountain getaway for some romantic and adventurous holidays.

Furthermore, rock climbing trips can sometimes be intimidating, especially when they involve large and risky expeditions. Having a partner that you trust can ease your mind on your adventures, and there’s no better person to share a portaledge with on a big wall than your boyfriend or girlfriend.

As you can see, dating a climber has both its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it can be a great idea both for climbers and non-climbers alike as long as you can learn to understand each other’s needs and personal space.

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