Cez and the trolley trains of Lisbon

Lisbon – Love, Life and Loads of Egg Tarts

Immerse in the bustling city of Lisbon. From the cobbled streets of Alfama, the noisy trams going by to the fado music filling the restaurants at night..

Lisbon, the heartbeat of Portugal, where the hustle keeps going on and on.

This bustling city was the last pit stop of my 27 days Europe road trip. We drove over from Spain, entered Portugal from Aveiro, passing the high waves town of Nazare and ending up in lively Lisbon at night!

Welcome to Lisbon -Land of Life, Love and Eggtarts | Where are the Lisbon beaches?
Welcome to Lisbon -Land of Life, Love and Eggtarts

But that was just the beginning.

Lisbon is a gorgeous city with a certain energy in the air and an incredibly long list of things to do and explore. Maybe its a mix of the Portuguese people’s mannerism, the mad traffic and the smell of eggtarts in the streets that adds up.

The absolutely amazing egg tarts of Portugal
The absolutely amazing egg tarts of Portugal

We checked in to our lovely accommodation Good Morning Hostel right in the central of Lisbon. We fell in love with this place immediately when we got there, and was warmly greeted by the friendly staff. The setting of the hostel is extremely cosy with an open concept, with the furnishing very modern/ trendy and well designed compared to the average hostel.

View of the square from Good Morning Hostel
View of the square from Good Morning Hostel

A little sneak peak of the grounds and common spaces here. It’s almost like a big cosy home given the choice of colours, textures and furnishing of the place.

The hostel had special events every night, and that day we arrived was ‘Free Soup’ Day, which was a lovely surprise, as I love soup, as everyone who knows me well would be aware. So while Cez disppeared off to park the car and hunt for eggtarts, I was having a big hot bowl of soup, all happy and warm before turning in for the night.

Rise and Shine Day 1:

Walking the City of Lisbon and Moreia

Bright and ‘not so early’ the next morning, we had a big hearty breakfast provided by Good Morning Hostel before we went on our walking tour to explore the city of Lisbon. I really love their soft waffles with Nutella and toasties!! Hardly do you find hostels with such a wholesome and tasty breakfast.

After the morning rush ( as usual ), we joined the group for the Wild Walkers free walking tour with bubbly and smiley Sophia as our guide.

Sophia our friendly sweet guide from Wild Walkers
Sofia our friendly sweet guide from Wild Walkers

Short overview teaser video of the walking tour!

Alfama and Laundry?

Before long, we were right in the soul of the city, from trotting up the little curvy and narrow cobbled streets in Moreia , to admiring colourful street art/ tiles, to spotting old ladies leaning out of their windows hanging their laundry and undergarments ( seems to be an astonishing common and popular activity done throughout the day, we literally seeing this sight nonstop throughout the day ).
Try to look up and notice this when you visit.

Cez and the trolley trains of Lisbon | Great Lisbon weather
Cez and the trolley trains of Lisbon

Alfama area also had great look out points to see the city the Tagus River in the distance. Lisbon’s weather is a bit colder and rainy, so while we were there in January and caught in showers + strong winds occasionally, it comes and goes very quickly, so try to be ready with waterproof jackets with hoodies instead of umbrellas, which will fly away!

We learned a thing or two about the Portuguese history, culture and love…

  1. Lisbon is 3,000 years old.
  2. The country was under a very long dictatorship of a man called António de Oliveira Salazar, which ‘coincidentally’ , his seem to ring the same tune to the villain name Salazar Slytherin in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. Coincidence? I think not.
  3. Lisbon in the beginnings, use to be a port filled with sailors and prostitutes

Fado Music Lisbon

  1. Fado Music and Song – the traditional Portuguese music sung by the locals about their everyday love/ sorrows/ griefs and lives.  ( The Portuguese are melancholic romantics and brooders, which according to dear Sophia, makes their men very alluring and hopeless romantics ;). Fado music in Lisbon is usually performed by 2 guitarists playing a 12 strong instrument and singing to tunes, aka pouring their hearts out.
  2. Learnt a new romantic Portuguese word ‘Saudade’ which basically means immense longing and nostalgia.

Missing something? Find it at the Lisbon Flea Market

Our last pit stop was an an empty space near the flea market, where you can find all sorts of interesting items like Portuguese design plates, handmade items, food, and even some Portuguese design tiles ( some stolen! so don’t support them). One thing you should know is that the flea market also has some stalls that sells stolen goods, like phones, watches, hats and anything in the world pick-pocketed in Lisbon. So should you ever get robbed, you know where you can go and look for it.

Lisbon Attractions –  Sights and Scenery

As you can see, Lisbon attractions and sights are located at high and low points in the city, and you can walk around in a full day if you go non-stop. Prepare to have proper walking shoes. There is also a popular street called the Pink Street, where the grounds are painted Pink! How cool is that!

We met a lot of solo travelers in this trip at the tour and at the hostel, and they all love exploring Lisbon on their own. So looks like its another amazing place for those who want to solo travel here.

Pity we didn’t get to visit it as we spend the day hiking at the nearby national park of Arrabida, which is a must-visit for those who have a car and love coastal views and the great outdoors. Lisbon beaches are also all spotted at this part of the island.

Hence concludes the best of Lisbon attractions and all it has to offer. If you ever travel here as a solo traveller, don’t forget to book your night with Good Morning Hostel.

If you would like to find out more about the cuisine and amazing seafood and sweets of the country, keep reading on.

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  1. I’m super happy, Lydia, to see you’ve enjoyed staying at Goodmorning Hostel with Cez. I stayed there 4 years ago together with my mom. It was actually her first time staying at a hostel and she totally loved it. She spoke with the staff each morning, cooked food with me, danced in the evening with other travelers and really liked her cozy room. I’ll never forget how hospitable everyone was to us. Oh, and the waffles were just to die for, right? 🙂

  2. Hi Lydia, Agness, Cez!
    It was amazing to have you here with us in Goodmorning Hostel. Hope you have extra time, next time, to join all of our tours… who knows, we can show a little more of Lisbon vibe!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Warm regards from sunny Lisbon (30º now!)

    • It was our pleasure staying there, Tatiana! I really hope there will be next time because I simply couldn’t get enough of that Lisbon vibe! 🙂

  3. Lydia, we hadn’t been to Lisbon for years, but we visited a few months ago and had a wonderful time. We rented an apartment for a week on the edge of Alfama, and it was the perfect location. Plus, like you, we fell in love with the egg tarts. BTW, you have a very professional and impressive looking blog and it will be fun to have a look through it. All the best. ~James

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