Great Vacation Ideas and Romantic Experiences in Florida for Couples

Spending quality time with your significant other is not always as easy as it seems..

Sometimes you just need to block out/ take some much needed time off at work and get away for some relaxation, bonding and fun. Make time to plan to travel to a favourite destination, an exotic outdoor location, or a rich historical region of the world.

Take a dip into the ocean after a good morning yoga workout | Great Vacation Ideas and Romantic Experiences in Florida for Couples
Take a dip into the ocean | Amazing Beach Vacations to Make

Plan in Advance to minimise last-minute panicking

Prior planning is an important part to ensure as little disruptions as possible.

work and earn decent money travelling

Once you have decided on a destination, think about what type of accommodations you need. From guesthouse to romantic AirBnbs to hotels, hostels and more, there is plenty of options to choose from these days. An option that one can consider is to find a spacious timeshare resale and save quite a bit of money from it.

Whether you are travelling somewhere new, or you know you like the area, a timeshare can be an affordable way to return year after year without much worrying. Once you have your timeshare in place, one can always take the next step to plan a romantic dinner for two and find a couple of ways to explore a destination without spending too much.

Since these units come not only with a large living space, bedroom, and bathroom – the kitchen is usually fully equipped, including wine glasses. Get the friendly staff to help you with your shopping to choose steaks/ seafood, vegetables, and a bottle of wine to place in your fridge in advance. Surprise your lover with a romantic meal, candles, and drinks before heading off for a good night’s sleep.

Nothing beats a romantic getaway that leaves sweet memories of your vacation in Florida for the years to come.

Timeshare resort in Orlando, Florida. It has everything you want for a romantic vacation getaway - from lakes, beaches, hot tubs to pools.
Resort in Orlando, Florida. It has everything you want for a romantic vacation getaway – from lakes, beaches, hot tubs to pools.
Working at Banff with a view like that

If you have traveled to an area by the ocean, you can also plan a romantic interlude on the beach. There are plenty of incredible beaches in Florida like Cocoa Beach, Clearwater Beach, West Pam, Islamorda and more.

An hour prior to sunset, pack a picnic basket with wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate, before heading down to the sandy beach Spread a warm fluffy blanket, find the romantic sappy love songs playlist on your phone, and set the mood.

As you watch the sun going down over the water – take time to just enjoy a good conversation and a few laughs. Hopefully, the beach is not crowded, and you can enjoy relaxing, listening to the waves, and spending quality time together. When you are located in a conveniently accessible place, it makes it much easier to return back to your apartment and rest for the night without having to lose out from travelling time.

Something for the Outdoor Lovers

Outdoor enthusiasts might also enjoy travelling to the great outdoors and mountains or staying near a lake where you can enjoy water activities.

Cez and I enjoying the view | Something for the Outdoor Lovers
Cez and I enjoying the view

A day of hiking or biking and seeing the raw nature wonders and sights is fun and will help you and your significant other make great memories to muse and reflect on even after you’re back home.

You might even find a captivating waterfall in one of these spectaular US National Parks where you can take some pictures. One can consider the beautiful parks in Florida Keys which has an immense amount of gorgeous scenery for the avid walker.

A natural hot spring can also be found in some parts of US where you can enjoy the natural goodness and soak your body/ feet. While out in the wilderness, take advantage of some alone time and fantasize about your dream cabin in the woods where you can have the full freedome to do whatever you want with no neighbours in sight ( yes, such cabins actually exists!).

After a day workout and in the sun, you’ll want to make sure you have scheduled a couple’s massage back at the timeshare resort where you can relax your muscles before heading back to your unit.

Great Vacation Ideas and Romantic Experiences in Florida for Couples

No matter where you choose to go on vacation in USA, even if it is as far as Atlanta, you can always find incredible or romantic to do that will both surprise and intrigue your significant other. An affordable timeshare is sometimes better than a hotel room as it comes with excellent amenities like a full kitchen, living area, and spa-like bathroom.

Great Vacation Ideas & Experiences in Florida for Couples

Take advantage of your time away and have a great time relaxing and embracing the surroundings. Don’t forget to also check out the immense list of attractions and things to do in Orlando Florida when you are there. Disneyworld for sure cannot be missed in the agenda!

So, what are some of the best places you have been to that you want to bring your partner to?

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