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Lydia Krol – Campervan and RV Enthusiast

Lydia Krol, has grown her niche and knowledge in the realm of campervaning and RV road trips in the recent years. Her passion for travel, knowledge on RV life, and adventurous spirit have guided her across numerous countries, inspiring many to take the wheel and embark on journeys of their own.

A Journey Begins: Background and Inspiration

Lydia’s love for travel was ignited at a young age. Her natural curiosity and desire to explore the world evolved into a passion for road trips, particularly in campervans and RVs. What started as a hobby transformed into a lifestyle, and Lydia decided to channel her experiences into a platform that could inspire and guide others.

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Education and Knowledge

Lydia Krol is a degree holder of Business administration from National University of Singapore. While Lydia’s learning mostly came from hands-on experience from her 25 over years of travelling, she also sought guidance from experts in the field. Her understanding of the components of RVs (like batteries/ heaters), local camping regulations, winterization, and safety precautions is unparalleled. Lydia’s expertise is not limited to just driving and operating an RV; she also has a deep understanding of planning, budgeting, and optimizing routes for a flawless journey in both summer time and winter travel.

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LydiaScapes: A Platform for Road Trip Lovers

Lydiascapes is not just a website; it’s a hub for those who share Lydia’s passion for living and travelling on the road. From beginner guides to expert tips, the platform offers comprehensive insights into the world of campervaning. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a year-long expedition, Lydia’s carefully curated content provides all the essential information.

Contributions and Community Engagement

Lydia believes in giving back to the community and actively engages with fellow travelers through hr blog, forums, and social media. Her contributions to the RV and campervaning communities have earned her recognition and respect among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Having food on the campervan during winter time
Having food on the campervan during winter time

Future Endeavors and Vision

Lydia continues to explore new territories and share her knowledge with a growing audience. Her vision goes beyond just travel; she aims to promote a lifestyle that encourages self-discovery, environmental consciousness, and community connection.

Countries Lydia has been

.Here’s a glimpse of some countries she have explored:

  1. New Zealand: With its stunning natural beauty, Lydia’s travels in New Zealand offered lessons in manoeuvring through varied terrains and weather conditions.
  2. United States: From the iconic Route 66 to the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, Lydia’s American adventures have honed her skills in long-haul driving and cultural exploration.
  3. Europe: Meandering through countries like France, Germany, and Spain, Lydia’s European expeditions taught her to adapt to different road regulations, languages, and customs.
  4. Canada: Canada’s diverse provinces offered lessons in driving through varying weather conditions and understanding regional driving regulations.
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Environmental Stewardship

Lydia’s travels have instilled in her a strong sense of environmental responsibility. She actively promotes eco-friendly travel practices, emphasizing minimal impact on the natural surroundings. Her green travel tips and sustainable living on the road inspire others to travel responsibly.


Lydia Krol’s passion for campervanning and RV road trips is a testament to her adventurous spirit, knowledge, and dedication. Through her personal journey and the platform she’s built, Lydia inspires and guides countless individuals, showing that the road less traveled can lead to the most enriching destinations. Whether you’re a novice looking for guidance or an expert seeking companionship on the road, Lydia and her husband Cez Krol’s experience is a beacon for all who wish to embark on the unique adventure that is RV travel. Her story is a remarkable example of how a love for the open road can lead to a fulfilling life and a thriving community.