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Things to Do in Tibet in Autumn – Nyingchi

Nyingchi, located in eastern Tibet, is the lowest region and area of Tibet. There are rolling mountains, vast forests, running rivers, and magnificent glaciers, etc. The place is honored as “the Switzerland of Tibet”.

Though Tibet is a beautiful destination to visit all year around, Autumn in Nyingchi is more romantic than spring. Every October, Nyingchi becomes an extremely gorgeous array of colours. Reds, yellows, greens, and purples interweave together, showing you a picturesque landscape.

If you plan to check out Tibet during Autumn season and are looking out for a multi-day Tibet tour, start searching from Nyingchi.

So you must be asking..what and why Nyingchi. Well, here’s some reasons why Nyingchi in autumn is one of Tibet best places to visit and discover. Check out these natural spots and sights.

1. Namcha Barwa Peak

Namcha Barwa peak is the highest mountain in Nyingchi at 7,782 meters above sea level. It is hard to get a clear panorama of Namcha Barwa peak, because its huge triangular peaks are covered with snow all year round, and are shrouded in mist and cloud. But even that cannot deter those who wanted to see it majestic beauty.

Namcha Barwa Peak

Autumn is the prime time for tourists to visit the Nancha Barwa Peak. At this time, the rainy season in the canyon has just ended and the dry season has begun. Everything is dry and crisp with fresh mountainous air. The most beautiful time is at dawn in the morning, as the sun slowly rises, the golden glow covers the Nancha Barwa Peak, its beauty will take your breath away. So its not just Everest that people check out in Tibet, there is so much more mountains to immerse in.

2. Lulang Forest

Lulang Forest, located in Lulang Town, is a typical plateau mountain meadow. The place is full of thick spruces, pine trees, and well-paved meadow. From wandering streams to dotted villages, Lulang Forest is just as beautiful as its name, which will make you enjoy yourself as much as to forget to leave.

This magic is carried to the extreme in autumn. Walking on the meadows of Lulang Forest, you will see the golden foliage swaying in the wind with the docile cattle and sheep eating grass. The whole scene looks like a Huge oil painting.

The town of Lulang, not far from here, is also worth visiting. In there, you can experience horse-riding, archery, eat air-dried meat, drink butter tea, and even pick some exotic fresh vegetables growing in the wild.

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3. Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, located at Motuo, a small county in Nyingchi, has a depth of 6,009 meters and is the largest and most beautiful Grand Canyon in the world. It is not only the symbol of Nyingchi but also the most magnificent one one can ever witness. Go straight along with the high-speed train from Mi Lin Airport and you can even spot it from a distance.

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Going through the flower season and rainy season, before the arrival of winter, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon put on its autumn coat. The autumn of Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon like a colorful picture that painting by nature. The green and yellow trees combine with snow-capped mountains and blue sky.

4. Basum Tso Lake

Basum Tso Lake, also known as Cuogao Lake, is the largest lake located in eastern Tibet. This lake is located in the Gongbo’gyamda County. The lake occupies a floor area of about 26 square kilometers, with soaring mountain peaks and primitive forest surrounded. Camping by the lake is a good choice to enjoy its mirror reflection in front of your eyes when you wake up from your cosy tent. In addition, if you are interested, you can take a boat ride to Tashi Island in the center of the lake.

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