work and earn decent money travelling

5 Simple Ways to Kickstart Your Travel Blog

Reasons why you should start a travel blog today. Learn some simple steps and guidelines to make your travel blog and travel writing career a reality.

Everyone who goes on a holiday does research online. These days, there is a lot of information online for you to plan a trip on your own without the need to take a tour package or join a group tour. All you need is to be connected with wifi so that you can look up stuff on google, research and book things online.

My work top in our Air BnB when working remotely from Spain
My worktop in our Air BnB when working remotely from Spain

There are plenty of online written content and sources where you can find tips and information about a destination or travel experience. Some of the most known sites are the likes of Wikitravel, Youtube and TripAdvisor.


Sites for Destination overview/ travel alerts

For sites like Wikitravel/ Skift or Lonely Planet, you can get to know useful stuff about current and upcoming travel festivities and events. It’s also a great source for travel alerts and warnings about a country. Tourists can pick up the best variants from the list of top destinations in 2019. 

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Video Search and Visual Tours

Youtube, Instagram and Vimeo are the go-to place for video search on destinations, tips and even pure active travel entertainment. If you are a visual person, then a video can showcase a destination or hotel better than an article.

Reviews Matter

For trustworthy reviews on a hotel, restaurant, tour or even bus company, you can visit the likes of Google Reviews, TripAdvisor,, Skyscanner and the list goes on. It offers an outstanding collection of real reviews about the good travel spots, truthful hotel experiences, restaurants experiences and even flight deals or misses they experienced.

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However, if you start travelling more frequently and start getting hooked to this lifestyle, then perhaps one way to make travelling a sustainable lifestyle is to also contribute useful comprehensive travel content on the web. And one such way to do it is to do travel writing. So where do we start? With a travel blog.

3 Reasons to Start a Travel Blog

It’s a perfect way to store precious memories of a trip

You can’t be sure that you won’t lose your phone, camera, hard disk or even your laptop with all the photos and videos. In the Net, you can store them with a much lower problabilty to lose them.  Moreover, when you write a good post capturing memories of a place, it is always lovely to look back and read them in nostalgia.

We were so happy we got out on the water.

You can help other travellers have a better trip

If during your trip something goes wrong, these are always great tips to include in an article or writeup. In such a way, other people are able to avoid your mistakes. 

You can earn money to fund your travels

It’s not a secret that blogging is a business that can be profitable. Yet, it’s not enough just treat your blog like a diary, talk selfies and ramble your complaints on a trip. A successful travel blog is about high-quality content. 

work and earn decent money travelling

We consulted a team of academic writing experts from Advanced Writers to share some steps on how to kick start your travel writing career and become a pro. If you work hard and persistently, you will actually find ways to earn money to fuel the travel lifestyle

Step #1. Improve Your Writing Skills

If you had an “A” grade for English language or literature, it doesn’t mean that you will be a successful travel writer. Tourism is a specific science, you need a knack for it. So start writing and practising.

Capturing moments all along the way. Sunshine made so many picturesque moments
Capturing moments all along the way. Sunshine made so many picturesque moments

Visiting various travel industry events such as TBEX, Trablin and more are great platforms to learn from other travel writers, journalists or content creators. It will help you to befriend with awesome travelers, bloggers and content creators and broaden your outlook.

It’s very important to read a lot, too. Every successful writer knows for sure that high-quality writing is impossible without reading and learning. 

Step #2. Say No to Cliches words

One of the main rules of awesome writing is unique and authentic content. Share your personal tone of voice, unique memories and encounters. Cliche words such as ‘fun experience’, ‘good tour guide or ‘great day’ isn’t really the most advised choice of words to describe a travel experience etc.

Step #3. Be Honest with Your Readers

Be real with your writers. People read blog content for some good honest feedback, tips of a place, hidden secrets or uncensored real opinion. If you do write a review if an attraction, hotel or restaurant, mention all the good stuff but do not be afraid to point out 1-2 areas of improvement that a traveler who visits it might like to know. If it’s all the good stuff only, it will come across suspicious as well.

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Step #4. Do Not Neglect the SEO Science

You can’t but should take into account the use of good SEO research. Without SEO research, it will limit the potential of your article ranking higher on Google. It’s worth considering doing target-related keyword research before you start your article. The successful travel blogs pay attention to the strategic use of keywords in headings, body copy and meta descriptions. It’s also worth investing in growing your external SEO through link building.

Step #5. Visual Content Does Matter

Take great photos and keep taking and practicing. Great imagery helps to do justice to the destination. I always make it a point to feature landscape images in my articles so that the user experience is better. Portrait shots are great for Pinterest and Instagram, but avoid them for blog articles.

sunset maldives travel blog

Step #6. Keep Writing and Practising

Keep writing, taking photos, writing some more.

Invest in good research and also follow some great writers or bloggers you aspire to be like. This can be a good motivation to keep doing the job well and inspiring more people out there to travel vicariously through you.

Hence concluding some little tips on how to kick off your travel blog and make it count. Even if you don’t do it full time, it’s still something fun to create and leave some good learning points.

Lydia Yang

Lydia Yang

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