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Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

From listicles to podcasts to vertical content, there are so many forms of content that can engage, appeal and draw in your audience. Here's introducing some of them.

When it comes to content creation, there is a huge array to look into. Gone are the days when content is limited to only blog posts or photos. Now, it has diversified into many other alternatives/ formats and dimensions, and it’s good to be aware of which ones to focus on depending on your purpose, needs and intention as an individual or brand.

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

Different Forms of Content – Text

Let’s start with the most basic of content – written text. As much as many would argue that people are having shorter attention span for content as well as for reading long-form text, studies have shown that 93% of online users still start by going to Google to find out information. It can be anything from a quick query to definitions to even in-depth research and information about travel destinations, recipes or medication. Below are some examples of types of content that one could create depending on your business needs and objectives.

Blog Articles

Also known as posts, blog articles are the most common format that can be used to present information to your audience. It can be sharing tips, guides or even personal reviews of a product or service one has experienced. You can see blog content created across multiple industries, from travel to retail to legal and even B2B services.

Work On Your Laptop - Blog Articles


Listicles may not be as popular as in the past, where listicles like ‘Top 50 Places in the World you should visit before you die!’. However, a lot of listicles are evergreen content that are useful all year round or have very high search volume by people around the world. Also, its bitesize content that makes it very easy to share to friends over social media and whatsapp.

Whitepapers or Journals

For brands that focus more on B2B services, whitepapers might be more useful and relevant for your specific target audience who are not the masses and every day user. You may be presenting a medical product or a reflection on climate change, all these are useful to present your brand in a more professional light and as an authority on a topic.


Last but not least, if you are from the F&B or retail line, nothing beats coming up with recipes or useful DIY tips on how to prepare meals. This is a good blend of providing useful content, at the same time showcasing your brand’s offerings indirectly and subtly through the recipes and preparation steps. This also works well for crafts and other DIY home fixes where products like tools, gear or ingredients are useful in helping the user understand better how to use their product.

Cook real, whole, healthy foods - Recipes for content marketing
Recipes as a form of content marketing

Different Forms of Content – Visuals

Moving away from text, the next biggest area is non other than visual content. From rich media to gifs to still images, picture does speak a thousand words.

With the proliferation of visual focused platforms like Instagram, Youtube and TikTok that attracts the younger audience more than the likes of facebook and twitter, its no wonder that brands are working harder to win the attention of their users through engaging, inspiring or thought provoking content.

Here’s a few examples you can start with:

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Video Vertical Content for Mobile
  • Rich Media
  • DIY Videos

Last but not least, the next step is to see which platforms and channel that you can share your content on. There are multiple platforms to pick from, and social media is not the only place that you can share your content.

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