7 Steps to A Fuss-free Vacation With a 3 Generation Family

It is always a good idea to plan ahead when traveling with a 3 generational family. From my experience having done a few inter-generational trips, you can follow these tips for a stress-free vacation.

3 Generation Family Vacation Ideas
3 Generation Family Vacation Ideas

3 Generation Family Vacation Ideas

Step 1: Plan ahead and be flexible

Being flexible means accomodating different needs and making changes to the grand plan as you go along during the trip.

Even after planning the itinerary, things can happen that throw you off course. In such a time, remember that it is spontaneity that makes the trip special. So pack your best travel suitcases and get rolling!

Step 2: Decide on a budget

Once you have confirmed all the parties’ available dates and a destination that everyone will be happy with, it is time to decide on a budget.

Depending on the location you are going to, it may be quite a big ticket item. Go to travel portals like TripAdvisor to check on reviews and get updates on the latest sights available.

To help you to stick to your budget, prepaid credit cards can help you save on conversion rates while traveling, such as TransferWise, YouTrip and Revolut.

These Prepaid credit cards allow you to save on dynamic conversion fees when you travel. Reducing the amount of cash you need to bring with you is safer, especially if you are on a trip for a longer time.

Step 3: Book the flights

It is a good time to travel when others are not. Also, some places have low season and peak season so pick the low season if your schedule permits.

Some airlines have specials for early birds who plan their travel ahead of time so the earlier you book, the better the fares may be.

For miles redemption, aim to redeem up to about a year in advance. Of course, provided you have all the traveling parties’ availability confirmed in time.

Since you are traveling with extended family, you might even find some airlines that offer group rates for bulk bookings. Feel free to take time to do your research before committing.

Step 4: Start researching on the destination

There are many online travel resources out there to build an ideal itinerary. Some even give recommendations based on the number of days you have for each city.

When planning what to do on your trip, remember to take into consideration the needs of the 3 generations.

Take it slow and try not to pack it all in. For example, allow some free time in your itinerary to amble around. You might like to include some down time for your child to nap.

In my case, my parents (or perhaps they may be your in-laws) like to chill while enjoying the view and having a drink. They rested while we continued to explore.

Drink 2 1593361083

Looking for a fuss free holiday? Why not consider doing it via Campervaning?

Step 5: Book accommodation

Once you have confirmed the itinerary, you can check back with all your travel parties for validation and continue with hotel bookings. Accommodation is a big expense so it’s good to check around for seasonal promotions.

Some tips to check out for booking your travel accommodation and potentially save some are:

  1. Use Shopback or RebateMango to book your accommodation (applies to flight bookings too)
  2. Use hotel booking portals or go to direct hotel sites to check for promotions or better booking rates
  3. Once you are there, some hotels offer transport to pick you up from the airport so remember to check if they do and you may be pleasantly surprised

For bigger groups such as 3 generation families, you may wish to choose resorts with bigger rooms such as Marriott Vacation Club or Anantara Vacation Club or Airbnb as they tend to have options with adjoining rooms.

Adjoining rooms allow you to have some privacy for your immediate family, while allowing accessibility at other times when you want to have some time together as an extended family.

Multi Generation Family Holiday Ideas

Step 6: Be prepared for the unexpected – and it’s not just the travel insurance

Even though we didn’t need to make any travel claims, (thankfully), it may be a good idea to get travel insurance for your trip so as to cover for the unexpected. It should ideally cover COVID-19.

Some of the websites you can use to compare travel insurance quotes are :

  • World Nomads
  • Safety Wing
  • Remote Health ( COVID19 Friendly)
  • TravelGuard
  • GoBear
  • SingSaver

Aside from travel insurance to prepare for the unexpected like COVID19, having a 3 generational family traveling together may inevitably give rise to different expectations from different parts of the party.

For instance, your child may want to go to the theme park while the older folks may prefer to head to the museum. Have a flexible plan for the group to split up for half a day. Have a savvy traveler in each group so nobody gets lost.

Multi-Generation Family Holiday Ideas

You can then reconnect for dinner at an agreed place that is convenient for all the parties involved. This way, everyone gets to see and do what they want and have a more enjoyable time.

Step 7: Enjoy the togetherness!

Congratulations! You are well on your way to your nice worldwide trip to the other end of the world.

Wherever the destination may be, whether America, Europe or the Antarctic, there is one other nice perk about having your parents or parents-in-laws on the trip.

Enjoy the togetherness
Enjoy the togetherness

If you have young children with you, you can have the added benefit of a “date night” to spend as a couple –having a candlelight dinner, or enjoying a special walk on the beach with peace of mind.

On the other hand, my dad had a chance to take an item off his bucket list when he had a chance to tee off at a golf club in Europe.

Dad Golf Scotland 1
Dad teeing off in Scotland

In conclusion, if you have been thinking about a 3 generation holiday but have put it on the back burner due to procrastination (life happens), don’t.

I will never forget the time my mum said to me,” Girl, thank you for taking me to the Middle East, Europe and America with you on your trips. I would never imagine going there without a group tour and it has been most enjoyable.”

Falls Of Clyde Wildlife Reserve Lanark - Multi Generational Family Trip
We went for a hike at the Falls of Clyde

These words made me realise how much they appreciated it. All the effort and time I spent organising these trips were worthwhile after all.

So I helped it gave you some Multi or 3 Generation Family Vacation Ideas, you will be a near expert in planning the trips and they will be a lot easier to manage.

While you have a wonderful time bonding with your family, whoever you bring on your adventure will be grateful. Be it your parents, parents-in-laws, aunties, uncles, or children, the memories will leave a legacy for the next generation.

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