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13 Spectacular Campervan Park Holiday Destinations

Discover the best campervan parks around the world to make that perfect motorhome road trip with your loved ones. The dream RV holiday adventure awaits!

We’ve all heard great travel stories of friends doing epic campervan road trips in different parts of the world. If you are green with envy and are looking to make your 1st camper van trip/ discover a new place to attempt it, look no further, here is a compilation of the best caravan/ motorhome road trip holiday destinations from 13 incredible travel bloggers with plenty of experience on the road and tips on RV friendly destinations. Every destination will leave you awe struck and yearning for that next RV trip with your loved ones. Get ready to go on an epic trip with us!

Spectacular Campervan Park Holiday Destinations
Loving our RV Camping in Death Valley USA

Ring Road, East Iceland

Location: Tjaldstæði, Reydarfjördur in Iceland
Contributed by: Alexander, Destinavo

Campervaning Spot at Ring Road in Tjaldstæði, Reydarfjördur in Iceland

Reydarfjördur is one of the most charming Little Fjord Towns in East Iceland. Not many Tourists venture out here as it’s quite far away from Reykjavik, the ice cave tours, and the Golden Circle where most tourists go.

However, those who make the Ring Road journey around Iceland by Campervan should definitely make a stop here in Reydarfjördur.

There’s not much going on in the Town, but it’s surroundings are magnificent with Mountains and water. For some reason it seems less windy here as well, and you will often see reflections of the Mountains in the water.

The camping is open year round but there is only service between 1 May and 15 October. At the camping ground/ park in Reydarfjördur you can enjoy WC, hot and cold water, electricity as well as shower and disposal of waste. If you’re staying for 1-2 days you can also do some washing and dry your clothes.

There are also nearby restaurants in the town where you can get some food from a supermarket about 1 kilometer from the Camping ground.

The Albanian Riviera Albania

Location: Albania
Contributed by Rohan of Travels of a Bookpacker

Free camping Durres-min at Albanian Riviera Albania
Free camping Durres-min at Albanian Riviera Albania

The Albanian Riviera is the ultimate campervan destination. With a long coastal road taking you past spectacular views down to secluded bays and stopping in quaint little towns along the way. Wild camping is easy and legal but there are also plenty of well-equipped campgrounds just a stone’s throw from some of the world’s most incredible beaches.

Some of the most popular areas are Saranda in the South and Himare Beach but there are plenty of quieter spots which offer pebble beaches leading to crystal clear waters. If you’re sick of camping meals you can dine on affordable fresh seafood with views of the ocean.

The coastlines spans around 250km so can easily be driven in a couple of days or you can relax and add a few weeks to your Albania itinerary. There are plenty of other places to see around Albania but the coast is not to be missed and makes for an unforgettable caravan road trip.

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The South Coast

Location: Brighton, UK
Contributed by: Danni Lawson (Live in 10 countries)

Camping at the The South Coast in Brighton UK | Motorhome Holidays

Got the van/ caravan and got an instinct for roaming? You need to drive England’s South Coast. It’s a character-filled shoreline with pretty villages, a few vibrant towns and lots of sweeping white cliffs (including those famous ones in Dover, home of the blue birds).
You can start in London and head south east towards the Kent coastline and then just make your way along the seaside, stopping wherever you please. It’s about 2 hours from London to Kent and then 10 hours’ driving along the coastline – but that could turn into several days if you make all the stops you’ve planned.

Don’t miss a break in LGBT friendly Brighton’s eclectic centre, roam the South Downs or a dip on the beaches of Bournemouth and Weymouth. Bear in mind traffic can go quite slow through these seaside towns (such as Worthing) and bring your dog, lots of beaches here are dog-friendly. There are plenty of excellent campground/ campsites along the route, but you can also stop for free in many places – such as a pub car park if you eat inside.

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Tiny Winding Roads and Magical Coastal Light in Cornwall

Location: Ayr Holiday Park, Ayr Terrace,  Saint Ives, Cornwall England, United Kingdom (UK)
Contributed by: Ania James, The Travelling Twins

Campervan park Ayr Holiday Park in Cornwell England

We were new to campervanning when we took what seemed to be an enormous converted school bus for a week to camper in Devon and Cornwall in the autumn.  This long, tapered peninsular at the southwestern extremity of Great Britain is as far away-from-it-all as you can get in England. The roads become narrower as you go; more hilly, and more winding. Fortunately, our driving skills kept pace with our adventure. The only time the road was physically too narrow, we found an even prettier detour.

Saint Ives was not quite the farthest point on our trip of beautiful drives and walks, ancient castles and cosy evenings around the onboard woodburning stove, but it was a highlight.  The town is famous for its special clear light. Barbara Hepworth lived and worked there for nearly thirty years. There is also a modern Tate Museum overlooking the beach, so very far from London.

The Ayr Holiday Park is set high up on a headland to the west.  It is within short (but steep) walking distance of the beaches and the whole town.  It has friendly staff, a very clean and modern utility and shower block and beautiful views out to the sea and the Cornish hills.

Salton Sea, California

Location: Southern California
Contributed by: Lisa, TheHotFlashPacker

Campervaning at Salton Sea at southern California
Campervaning at Salton Sea at southern California

The Salton Sea in southern California is an incredible place for van camping in the winter.  This surreal lake, the largest lake in California that was accidentally created in the early 1900’s, is located 227 feet below sea level and has great views of the best sunsets and the Chocolate Mountains.  There are also many attractions to keep you busy in the day time such as visiting a nature reserve, viewing junk art, having a banana shake at the International Banana Museum, or sampling dates.   

Restaurants along this route include burger joints, Mexican food, and a Donut shop.  There are several places to camp along the Salton Sea.  For free camping you can stay at the unique Slab City.  For mid-range camping, you can camp at the California State Recreation Area, with toilets and cold showers.  For posh camping, you can stay at Fountain of Youth Spa and have facilities including 2 pools, 4 hot tubs, private tubs, steam room, gym, hiking trails, and loads of activities. 

Campervan New Zealand –
Otago Peninsula

Location: South-east of New Zealand’s South Island
Contributed by Sinead Camplin from Map Made Memories

Campervaning Trips at Otago Peninsula in New Zealand
Campervaning Trips at Otago Peninsula in New Zealand

Camp at the leafy Portobello Tourist Village Park in Portobello in the heart of the Peninsula.

The Otago Peninsula is often overlooked as a tourist destination in favour of more popular South Island locations such as Queenstown and Milford Sound. For this reason, we found the Otago Peninsula peaceful and devoid of tourists when we visited. Drive the winding, hilly peninsula stopping at many scenic viewpoints, deserted beaches and pristine coves along the way. Walk the windswept beaches scanning for wildlife such as penguins, fur seals and sea lions. We had a make a hasty retreat from one beach when an enormous, curious sea lion suddenly came ashore very close to us. Watch the waves for dolphins and if visiting at the right time, whales and don’t forget to bring binoculars for spotting the Royal Albatross at Taiaroa Head.

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Algarve Coast in Portugal

Location: Portugal
Contributed by: Gabi Robledo, Nomads With A Purpose

Campervaning experience at Algarve Coast in Portugal
Campervaning experience at Algarve Coast in Portugal

The Algarve coast, stretching 150 km along the southwest tip of Portugal, is filled with secluded coves, golden sand beaches, and jagged cliffs.  While a coast like this may give the appearance of a resort life, the Algarve is actually filled with dozens of hidden beaches with large dirt parking lots overlooking them, perfect for campers and vans to camp in.  Be warned though, these secluded gems aren’t luxury caravan campgrounds.  They aren’t campgrounds at all in fact.  In order to experience the amazing camp spots the Algarve has to offer, you have to be willing to be self-sufficient and free camp.  Luckily, there is an abundance of Intermarché supermarkets that make dumping, filling, and re-supplying super easy so even the most inexperienced free campers can pull it off. 

By camping on these cliff-sides you’ll also get to surround yourself with an amazing community of campers from all over the world.  And if free camping sounds too intimidating, there’s always the option to head to the municipal campground in the nearest town. Note: Portugal is fortunately considered a “gray area” on free camping. It isn’t technically legal to camp in these parking lots but it’s not enforced especially during the shoulder season and you’ll find that there are dozens if not hundreds of other campers doing the same.

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The Coromandel Peninsula

Location: New Zealand
Contributed by: Masha Kleshcheva, Fingertip Travels

Scenic Campervaning Road Trip at Coromandel Peninsula
Scenic Campervaning Road Trip at Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula on the North Island of New Zealand stretches into the Pacific Ocean for 85 km of rugged, turquoise beaches and wild, dense bush (forest). A campervan is a perfect way to explore the windy roads with the freedom that this place deserves.

I recommend trying some smoked muscles in Coromandel town and hiking through jungle and sweeping farmland on the Coromandel Coastal Walkway. The highlight, however, is digging yourself a hot tub on the Hot Water Beach, where hot water seeps right out of the sand at low tide.

There’s plenty of free spots to stay the night, just be sure to only stay in designated camp spots and leave no trace. The free accommodations will be very basic, with a toilet and maybe a cold outdoor beach shower. However, there’s no shortage of chargeable caravan/ campervan campgrounds with hot showers, laundry, and kitchens.

The View Campground 

Location: Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona border, USA
Contributed by: Andy Couch from Sleep in the Woods

Camping at The View Campground at Monument Valley in Utah at Arizona border | Motorhome Holidays

The “Mittens” rock formations of Monument Valley are an icon of the American West and have been used as the background for John Wayne movies and advertisements. The park on Navajo land is sometimes an afternoon stopover on the way between the parks in Utah and Arizona, but it is well worth a night. Spending the night means you get the sight of the sun rising between the rocks from your campervan.

The View Campground has a tent section as well as a long gravel strip of parallel parking spots separated by picnic tables for campervans. This means no matter what spot you get, the view of Monument Valley is incredible. The bathrooms are pretty good and the check-in hut even has wifi. Be aware that food options are limited. You likely won’t starve, but planning ahead will do you well. Even the drive to and from Monument Valley is scattered with impressive rocks formations similar to the Mitten ( perfect for rock climbers looking to visit Arizona), but the view from the edge of the park definitely provides that wow factor especially at sunrise and sunset.

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The Vrsic Pass

Location: Soca to Lake Bled, Slovenia
Contributed by: Rachel Rodda from Adventure and Sunshine

Doing the Vrsic Pass from Soca to Lake Bled, Slovenia via campervan | Caravan Parks
Doing the Vrsic Pass from Soca to Lake Bled, Slovenia via campervan

The Vrsic Pass, also known as the Russian Road, is a white knuckle 25 km drive through 50 hairpin bends and rising up over 1600 metres through the Julian Alps.  It is a memorable drive, with stunning views across to the rocky mountain ranges and Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak.

The pass is named after the 10,000 Russian POWs who built the road during WW1. It is narrow and the corners are steep, but the trip is achievable in a large campervan and is a must do drive on any Slovenia road trip itinerary.

The top of the pass is the starting point for a number of short and long hikes and is a good place to take a break.  As you make your way down the other side, stop to admire Mount Triglav and try to find Prednje Okno (front window).

At bend 8 there is a small Russian Orthodox Chapel tucked away, built to commemorate the Russians who died building the road. Finally, as you reach the bottom, stop at Lake Jasna for panoramic mountain views before continuing to Lake Bled.

The Vrsic Pass connects the Soca Valley to Lake Bled, just 70 kms away. Plan to stay at both places to explore the surrounding areas.

In the Soca Valley Kamp Soča Boštjan Komac s.p. is located outside the town of Soca. It is a large, basic campground with powered and unpowered grassy sites and simple amenities. It is the perfect place to stop and enjoy the wilderness and the emerald green water of the Isonzo river.

At Lake Bled, the best positioned campground is Camping Bled, across the road from the lake. It is a large campground with modern amenities (but smallish sites).

Yellowstone National Park

Location: Grant Village Campground / Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming / USA3 Contributed by: Sara of Our Kind of Crazy

Campervaning with a view at Yellowstone National Park | Caravan Park
Campervaning with a view at Yellowstone National Park

Camping in Yellowstone is something that should be on every camper van family’s bucket list.  There are several campgrounds throughout the National Park, and they are all first come, first served, unless you have a reservation. Grant Village Campground is right on Yellowstone Lake, so there’s lots of fun water play to be had.

Of course Yellowstone is known for everything in the park, so you probably won’t want to stay at the campground for too long. There is a little town with a hotel and some restaurants right nearby, and it has easy access to showers and laundry.  There is so much to see in Yellowstone including lots of wildlife; bears, elk, and bison to name of few of the most exciting. Take a drive around, you never know what you may run into!

Adelaide to Uluru road trip

Location: South Australia and the Northern Territory, Australia
Emma Walmsley of Small footprints Big adventures

Sunrise behind Uluru at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - Adelaide to Uluru road trip on a campervan | Holiday Park
Sunrise behind Uluru at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

This stretch of road from Australia’s south to the center of the country is an iconic trip that really showcases the history and resilience of outback residents. Uluru is right in the middle of Australia and the terrain is a flat desert. There are many small towns to stop at along the way from Adelaide to Uluru, breaking up the 17-hour’s driving time into manageable and enjoyable stretches.
The largest town about halfway through the drive is Coober Pedy, which is a fascinating place settled for opal mining. It is also unique as most residents live underground to avoid the harsh desert summers. If you’re only stopping at one place it is the best place to stop, with several campgrounds and a free camping area. Do note that water is very precious at Coober Pedy, as it is pumped from a bore a long way away. You have to pay a small fee for showers and drinking water at your accommodation or in the centre of town.
We also loved stopping at Lake Hart, and the towns of Woomera, Crystal Brook and Port Augusta. But the highlight is of course Uluru, which is a magnificent place to visit and Ayers Rock campground is a very high-quality place to camp. We spent ten days at Uluru and still could’ve explored more. There is so much to see and do, and such amazing sights and workshops to learn from, that it is well taking some time to really take it all in; especially as it takes so long from pretty much everywhere to get there!  

Tidal River Campsite

Location: in the Wilsons Promontory National Park, Australia
Contributed by Michela Fantinel of the Rocky Travel Blog

Tidal River Campground Wilsons Promontory

If you are looking for a camping adventure in a spectacular place in Australia, the Tidal River Campground in the Wilsons Promontory National is the place. This is a very pristine region in the southernmost peninsula of Australia, 200 km southeast of Melbourne. The campsite is only 300 meters walk from Normann Bay Tidal River, a secluded bay, surrounded by dense vegetation which stretches along the Tidal river, and merges with the calm water of the ocean. Rock formations, boulders and wetlands along the river banks make it for a wealth of birdlife and native animals. So families of wandering wombats, and storms of crimson rosella birds will be your stalking neighbours during your stay!

The reason why this place is so glamorous is because of the beautiful coastal landscape and its hiking trails that are so varied and different. This campsite offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all pockets. From basic campgrounds to powered camping sites, to glamping tents, to basic cabins with common showers, to lodges and modern luxury cabins fully equipped, this place has got something for everyone. However, it’s not easy to get a spot in this popular campervan park/ campsite of Australia, especially during the summertime. I recommend booking your space here at least 3-4 months before, and if you intend to plan a trip to Wilsons Promontory during the main holidays, you probably need to book 6-12 months ahead. Road trips via a car is great too, but campervanning beats the experience hands down.

Sunset in Adelaide at the Campervan Park

Sunset in Uluru, Credited to Emma from Small Footprints, Big Adventures

I hope you enjoyed these 13 best camper van driving destinations around the world recommended by the best travellers, be it couples, families or solo travellers.

If you are new to campervaning and do not know where to start, you can always start off researching about the types of campervan sizes that best suit your needs. Following which, you can always rent a campervan or check out different reputable companies that have campervans for sale in New Zealand, USA or other parts of the world.

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top 13 caravan and motorhome park holiday destinations

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