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9 Must-Eat Local Korean Food in Korea Recommendations

When in Korea, eat like a Korean. Think you know better? Check out the range of best local korean food in Korea and tick them off for your next trip there

No trip is perfect without enjoying some of the best local Korean food in Korea Seoul. If you have no time to immerse in all of South Korea and visit all the foodie states like Jeonju to indulge in their whole area of authentic Korean delights, then you gotta at least try these popular 9 local delicacies in Korea. Between your busy itinerary to see the best of Korea to complete your full travel and dining experience.

9 Best Local Korean Food in Korea Recommendations

So here it begins, introducing some of the more tentalizing dishes I have tried in my trip, some of which can be found in the every day restaurant in Seoul, or some more niche and not so common.

1. Kalbi Beef

Kalbi Sweet Marinated Beef - best local korean food in Korea
Kalbi Sweet Marinated Beef

One of the specialties of Korea, this sweet seasoned grilled beef can be enjoyed at Jinjinbara Restaurant. Reservations for the set course can be made in advance.

2. Samgye-tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) 

Nourishing Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup for a cold day - best local korean food in Korea
Nourishing Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup for a cold day

A nourishing broth with ginseng root stuffed in the centre of the chicken and boiled till tender softness. This korean delicacy be enjoyed at Tosokchon Samgyetang Restaurant.

3. Steamed Oysters with Brown rice and Spicy Tofu Soup

best local korean food in Korea - Steamed Oysters with Purple Short Grain Rice
Steamed Oysters with Purple Short Grain Rice

This tasty meal at Buckchon (549-2792) Restaurant is a perfect dish on a cold day. The homemade tofu is soft as silk, with the brown rice and fresh oysters complimenting it perfectly.

Out of all, this to me is the best local korean food in Korea. But everyone has their favorites.

4. BBQ Barbeque Beef and Pork (Samgyeopsal)

best local korean food in Korea-Tasty Local Korean Barbecue Beef
Tasty Korean Barbecue Beef

Indulge in the premium side of things, with beautiful marble barbecue beef at Hansik Byeok-Je Galbi Restaurant, known to be one of the best-barbecued beef restaurants around. For those who are more adventurous, they have raw beef dishes as well, which are surprisingly tasty.

5. Bimbimbap Hot Stone Rice

And all time favourite dish that many people around the world know about – hot stone bowl rice with veggies rice and meat inside mixed to perfection with a nice korean sauce. You can also order vegetarian versions which I am a fan of on days I am trying to cut down on meat consumption.

Local Korean Stone Pot Bimbimbap

6. Korean Fried Chicken with Beer

Super tasty fried chicken with a lovely Korean speciality sauce, you can choose between a nice sweet sesame sauce or a spicy peppery one which is my favourite!


7. Popular Korean Bingsu Desserts and Sweets

Sweeping Asia by storm, there are tons of cafes selling these sweet treats, catering to both young and old. One really good one I tried is called
Injeomi Bingsu, and it is this strange one below that is made up of mochi, soya bean powder, green bean paste and milk flavoured snow ice/ shaved ice. It doesn’t look very appetizing (it looks kinda like sawdust actually) but it taste superb, especially if you are someone who doesn’t have too intense a sweet tooth. There are also other options like the green tea matcha snow ice, mango or strawberry delights and tons of other sweet options.

Korean dessert Bingsu - Injeomi Bingsu

8. Naengmyeon Cold Noodles Dish

Not my favourite choice given I am someone who loves hot hot soup, but this is a very refreshing cold noodle dish in Korea to enjoy, especially during summer! It has ice cubes inside!

Local Korean Cold Noodles

9. Luxurious Seafood and Cuisine in Korea

For the some other tasty local Korean food in Korea we had enjoyed, check out the below photos on the slow-cooked shellfish soup we had as well as the popular Alaskan king crab.

Hence concludes my food adventures trails and travels in Korea. Do you have a favourite dish that I have missed out? Please let me know!

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This trip was made possible by Korean Tourism Board

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