mode of transportation - Cycling around the village

Seeing Seoul from different mode of transportation

Discover beautiful Seoul via bicycle, foot and boat. Beyond shopping/ eating, find out how to enjoy this vibrant Korean city via different type of transport

Like a lotus flower emerging from muddy waters, Seoul had been back on track with a beautiful recovery following the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) scare many years ago.  A bustling city filled with activities for every season, the tail end of summer came with a list of new and exciting activities that is easily accessible via public transport like buses, trains and cabs. But for that added twist, you can experience it via a few slightly less conventional mode of transportation around Seoul!

Let’s get the gears moving…

Seoul Mode of Transport 1: WHEELS

Pedi Cab ride around the village - mode of transport bicycle
Pedi Cab ride around the village

1. Bicycle around in a Pedicab

A truly relaxing way to cover the pretty Samcheongdong Street would be to be ferried around in Seoul’s very own ARTEE Rickshaw ride. These pedicabs bring you around the little streets very efficiently, while the friendly guides are constantly full of stories about the rich culture and history behind each building.

mode of transportation - Group photo in front of Art museum
Group photo on our pedicabs in front of Art museum in Seoul

Take a lovely stroll through Bukchon Hanok Village while taking in the delicate architecture of traditional Korean houses. The light brown wooden doors complement the grey brick walls and delicate green plants so very well. This well preserved traditional village is made up of multiple alleys and ‘hanok’, known as Korean traditional house, to create a quaint 600-years old cultural feel.

45 minutes on board the Artee would cost approximately KRW45,000 (S$55). Find out how to book your very own http://rideartee.comartee mode of transportation.

Seoul Mode of Transport 2: BOAT

1. Cruise along the Han River with Pang Pang Performance and Bread Making Experience

mode of transport - group shot with pang pang crew

Fancy a nice relaxing cruise down the famous Han River, with the cold wind blowing through your hair? Sign up for a Pang Pang Cruise to enjoy the entertaining local Korean’s comedy dance and act brought to you by a group of talented young local artists. You can also bring home a piece of your own homemade red bean bun specially made on board the cruise ship just before the show. The Pang Show and bread-baking experience is inspired by the 2010 Korean Drama Hit called King of Baking, where the sudden craze for bread baking in Korea started.

Enjoy the full experience of the baking, cruising and performance at approximately KRW48,000 (S$58).

Pang pang show on the boat
Pang pang show on the boat

We were completely amused and entertained throughout the show, and the even invited us up on stage to take some photos at the end with the cast!

2. Tubster boat ride at Some Sevit

Get away from the crowded shopping streets and escape to the waterfront of Seoul’s new Some Sevit. A series of three floating platforms forms an astonishingly beautiful spectacle at night when they are lit up all at once.

Tubster Ride at Night - mode of transport water boat
Tubster Ride at Night
Floating Island at Some Sevit
Floating Island at Some Sevit

The tubster ride is a popular mode of transport to end off the night after a heavy dinner at the cluster of restaurants at Some Sevit. You can enjoy a lavish buffet dinner at Chavit Cuisine situated on the 2nd floor, which has a tantalizing spread of fresh seafood, Western, Indian and local Korean delights. It will definitely have something for every palette.

After the meal, proceed down to the river front where the little boats are docked. Each boat come with little self-operated engine that brings you and your friends around for a leisurely tour of the compound.   Each boat which can hold up to 4-6 people costs KRW30,000 (S$36) per hour. For more information, visit   

SEOUL Mode of Transport 3: BY FOOT

Walking through namsan park - Mode of Transport foot
Walking through namsan park

1. Day Hike up to Namsan Park to N Seoul Tower

Put on your walking shoes and get moving. A trek around Namsan Park – one of the most treasured nature parks in Seoul, can be completed comfortably between 40 – 50 minutes for all ages. Do not be surprised though, to see an ‘ajumma (a Korean word for middle age woman) overtaking you with her little dog. Once you reached the top, be rewarded by the beautiful view of N Seoul tower, amidst fences of love locks. Highly recommended to visit the park during the autumn season, where the trees will be flushed with hues of red, orange and yellow, or in winter, where the entire place is coated in white blanket of snow.

The 89m N Seoul Tower
The 89m N Seoul Tower
Walking through namsan park in summer
Walking through Namsan park in summer

The weather was incredible and breezy when we visited in August though it is too early for the autumn leaves foliage. I would strongly recommend you to squeeze in a little hike to this viewpoint between the shopping and feastings in Seoul. Spend some time capturing some of the instagram spots at the top at N Tower. Come near sunset would be the best golden hour!

Fences of love locks at namsan
Fences of love locks at Namsan      

Need some suggestions where to stay in Seoul? Check out this Seoul guide by a local!

2. Moonlight Walking Tour at Changdeokgung Palace

An evening walk you should not miss would be the Moonlight Walk of the spectacular Changdeokgung Palace.  This exclusive access into the grounds at night is only available during the full moon season, with tickets on a first-come, first served basis. 

Moonligh Tour of Changdeokgung Palace
Moonligh Tour of Changdeokgung Palace

We were really excited to embark on it and there was apprehension in the air as we awaited our turn  to explore. Expect a visually impressive display as lights bounce off each tile and carving, bringing to life the fine intricate architectural details within the palace. Bookings can be made from and tickets costs KRW30,000 (S$36) each.

Moonligh Tour of Changdeokgung Palace - mode of travel
Moonligh Tour of Changdeokgung Palace  

The structures we witness were so beautiful against the moonlight, and I couldn’t help clicking away at the camera. Had to keep close to the group if not the signal of the commentary of our guide will be broken.

Moonligh Tour of Changdeokgung Palace - mode of transport
Moonlight Tour of Changdeokgung Palace

So the next time you come to Seoul, do opt for these fun modes of transportation (foot, boat, and bicycle) to experience the beauty of this Seoul city in a less conventional mode. Whether it is in spring, summer, autum or winter, this destination has something to offer you.

Cities to explore Beyond Seoul

  • Jeju Island – Known for its beautiful coastal views, seafood and wildlife, this place is best visited in Spring-Summer and enjoyed via a road trip.
  • Busan – Made even famous by the movie ‘Train to Busan’, this city in Korea is a big city with 3.5million people staying there. Its also the busiest industrial city in Korea and is located very near the Japan islands like Honshu and Kyushu.
  • Incheon – the 17th Asian Games was held here in 2014, and it gave this city a lot more buzz since then. Things to see there include Jayu Freedom Park and Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village.
  • Gyeongju – A popular place if you are a history and culture fan. You can check out the top attractions here like Bulguksa Temple or Anapji Pond.

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Steamed Oysters with Purple Short Grain Rice
Steamed Oysters with Purple Short Grain Rice

What is your favourite part of Seoul that I didn’t mention about?

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