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Beginner Guide to 5 Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina

See the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from hiking at Martin Brod and Kravica Waterfalls to seafood candlelight dinner by the stunning Mostar bridge.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most commonly misspelt country names in the world (Bosnia and Herzevgovina) is one of the Balkan countries with a very rich history and past. It is located in the Balkan Peninsula and it shares a border with Italy.

Why is Bosnia called Bosnia and Herzegovina

Distinct political and social periods throughout Bosnia’s history became the foundation of its architectural structures. SoIf you wonder why Bosnia has two names, some people believe the famous river in Bosnia is the reason for it being named Herzegovina, because the river is bountiful. This was our 5th country pitstop on our 50 Days 15 Countries Balkans Road Trip, just after we completed Croatia and Slovenia.

Remember it is Herzegovina not Herzevgovina

Capturing the night light splattered along historical buildings | Bosnia and Herzegovina charm
Capturing the night light splattered along historical buildings

Bosnia and Herzegovina charms its tourists with its beautiful, stupendous nature sights by day and night. One of the key take away from this stunning country is the breathtaking waterfalls we visited.

What is Bosnia famous for – Top Sights

1. Spectacular Bosnia Waterfalls to visit

Stunning view of cascading waterfalls | Bosnia Waterfalls
Stunning view of cascading waterfalls

Travelling through this breathtaking European country, you are bound to visit the same old stops that every tourist visits. The museums and buildings are finely kept in shape but shouldn’t there be more to your trip?

Martin Brod Waterfall

A visit to the Martin Brod Waterfall at Una National Park is a lovely little detour after a nice good night rest within the nearby village of Martin Brod.

I'm the Queen of the Waterfalls | Martin Brod Falls
I’m the Queen of the Waterfalls | Martin Brod Falls

This national park is home to this semi-secret cascade of waterfalls. Martin Brod are several waterfalls coming together as one, similar to the history of the Bosnian people.

Martin Brod Town and Village
Martin Brod Town

Water rafting at Strbacki Buk river

In the nearby vicnity, visitors can go on water rafting adventures and canoeing all the Strbacki Buk river. The famous kayaking competition, International Una regatta, is hosted each year in Bosnia with Una National Park as its starting point.

Fruits and Produce in Martin Brod
Fruits and Produce in Martin Brod

Wildlife and nature at Una National Park

Visitors can also admire the flora and fauna of this park and the wildlife such as wolves, bears and fish.    

Trails in Martin Brod
Trails in Martin Brod

Kravica Waterfalls

If you are driving towards the direction of Neum from Mostar city, you must definitely set some time in between to check out the stunning Kravica Waterfall. This waterfall is nestled between the towns of Capljuna and Ljubuski. The Kravica Waterfall is a spectcular waterfall made up of 20 different falls, and is nestled in a lovely area, perfect for picnics with family, friends and your special someone.

Kravica Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall made up of 20 different falls | Bosnia Waterfalls
Witnessing and beholding the Kravica Waterfall

The grottos of the waterfalls are lovely to explore and the feeling of being so up close to the falls is truly spectacular.

Kravica Waterfall landscape and greenery | Bosnia Waterfalls

What to do at Kravica Waterfalls

Summertime allows for activities such as swimming, canoeing, camping and kayaking in this area. Access to this waterfall is usually closed during the winter months because of the cold temperatures and intense flow of water.

Kravica Waterfall stunning views

The picnic area by the falls allows for BBQ’s and family gatherings along the Trebizat River. I would recommend to visit during early to late spring because the landscape explodes with greenery and stunning views.

Gorgeous waterfalls line the background of a pleasant strollv
Gorgeous waterfalls line the background of a pleasant stroll

2. Where to stay near Martin Brod

Deciding to spend the night near the stunning Martin Brod Waterfalls is the best decision we have made. We lodged at The Guesthouse Mlinarev San, which had a waterfall and stream right next to our guesthouse. It was such a joy to spend an evening immersed in Mother Nature’s beautiful mountains and wildlife.

Guesthouse Mlinarev San Guesthouse with a view of the waterfall and river

Relaxing Guesthouse to Stay in Martin Brod

The peaceful sounds of the waterfall make this guesthouse lodge the perfect place to relax and regain strength from your day’s adventures.

Best hotel to stay with a waterfall view at Martin Brod

IMG 7753
IMG 7750

This guesthouse or bed and breakfast has free parking, wifi and a stunning view from the room terrace.

Martin Brod Town and Village
Martin Brod Town

Most other hotels or bed & breakfast spots are located 20 miles away from Martin Brod, which is a real drag.

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3. Key Cities and Sights to Uncover in Bosnia


Many might ask, is Sarajevo safe for tourists at this current moment.

Well, yes it is, and this city is absolutely beautiful. While nature was absolutely captivating, but adding a stop to a historical spot is essential The most visited city in Bosnia is the capital, Sarajevo. While this city may be the largest, it can be jam packed tourists all hours of the day.

Leisure stroll through the streets of Bosnia in Mosta
Leisure stroll through the streets of Bosnia

Mostar Town

I found that Mostar Town is another great place to get to know the real Bosnia. Sarajevo may be the capital but Mostar is rich with culture. The richest part of the city can be found at the Old Bridge. This bridge is considered a heritage site by UNESCO. The Old Town Street is a great place for people to visit open markets, buy local and fresh food and immerse yourself in the Bosnian culture.

Pretty Old Bridge at Sunset in Mostar Town

The local railway, bus stations and international airport made it easy for me to get around. Many Catholics who visit Mostar make the effort to visit Medjugorje to pay respect to Our Lady of Medjugorje. 

Nighttime open markets, perfect for souvenir shopping
Nighttime open markets, perfect for souvenir shopping

It is no surprise that Bosnia has been at the centre of many wars. Some of these wars were for religious reasons and others for political stances. One thing that can be agreed upon is that these wats destroyed many lives, the culture and cities in Bosnia. One of the main divisions that have caused centuries of wars is the religious differences. The country is split into three religions: Orthodox (Serbians), Catholic (Croats) and Muslim (Bosnians). 

Once a part of the Yugoslavia powerhouse

After the division of Yugoslavia, each of these religious groups wanted to embrace their culture in their own country. Due to this increased fight to lead and control, different religious wars have torn this country apart.

Sparkling lights fill the Bosnian night sky
Sparkling lights fill the Bosnian night sky

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina safe

Throughout history, Bosnia was ruled by the Ottomans, Austro-Hungarian, socialists and federalists. After the most recent 2014 riots, the fighting among the people of Bosnia has stopped and now the country is restoring itself and becoming peaceful again.

There is no longer any danger for tourists to visit. In fact, it is the best time to visit as you can still see the raw remnants of the bullet hole on the buildings and the graffiti left behind during the period of unrest.

Is Bosnia cheap to visit

Bosnia turned out to be quite a decently priced place to visit. When we were in Mostar, we had one of the most beautiful and romantic dinners ever by the Mostar bridge, watching the sunset and having a great seafood meal spending less than US$40 for 2 of us.

One of the most touristy parts of the city, cafes and shops by the bridge
Dining at one of the most beautiful and touristy parts of the city for a treat | Cafes and shops by the bridge

This country has fought a great deal of battles and bled through many wars, but most of its rugged natural beauty of nature and waterfalls is intact. The hidden grottos of Kravica Waterfalls and the peacefulness of the Una River is just some of the hidden gems that few know of apart from the cities of Sarajevo and Mostar.

Peaceful stay while fully immersed in nature
Peaceful stay while fully immersed in nature

Well, stop the guessing game of your next vacation and make a stop during your Balkan Countries road trip through the astonishing country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Taking the summer sun while on a boat ride along a river in Bosnia
Taking the summer sun while on a boat ride along a river in Bosnia

Waterfall lover or history buff?

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina
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