How Many Countries You Can Visit with Your Passport

If you’re a traveler who is always on the road, then you know the importance of paperwork and documentation while you’re planning a new trip. We know, it could be a real struggle to collect all the necessary documents and visas needed for the trip, but you can’t avoid it. Depending on the country you’re visiting, you will encounter different processes of getting in the country.

Also, your passport has a considerable role in getting you to the country. Did you know that passport has the strength that can facilitate a complete documentation acquiring process? There is a passport ranking system that shows some countries you can visit without a visa if you’re a holder of a specific passport. It’s interesting to know as you can potentially save a lot of time on documentation acquiring.

How to Check the Strength of Your Passport

You must know that we aren’t all the same when it comes to passport and passport strength. While citizens of some countries have the struggle to travel to most famous places in the world, other citizens won’t have a problem to travel in not too popular locations. Passports have their strengths depending on the number of countries holders can visit without acquiring documentation and visa.

There are many ways to check how many countries you can visit with your passport, but the most efficient way to do it is by checking Passport Index website. The site is very intuitive and easy to use so that you could check the status and strength of your passport in the minutes. Before you plan to visit any country, it’s advisable to check the power of your passport, so you’ll know what documentation you need to acquire.

What Can You Check on Passport Index

As we already mentioned, the site is straightforward to use and everyone can navigate through it pretty fast. We advise you that you always check if you need a visa or what form of visa is needed for a certain country. That way, you can spare a lot of your precious time. The site features an interactive world map that shows the passport strength around the world. You can easily navigate to your country to get the idea of how it’s standing when compared with the rest of the world.


Another interesting thing on the site is the exploration page that will show you all the passports in their database. We don’t know about you, but we were fascinated to check how the passports from different countries around the world look like. Each time you click on any passport photo, you’ll get the statistics that will show you how the particular passport stands in the world regarding different metrics. The rank page will show you the actual ranks of the passports regarding the total visa-free score.

You should navigate your passport there and then you’ll be able to see how many countries you can visit without getting a visa. You will be amazed at the number definitely! Once you click on the passport, you will get the list that shows all the countries you can visit and which documents you need to have before entering. 

There is one fantastic feature too that won’t help you so much but will definitely feed your curiosity. It’s called comparison and as the name suggests, you can compare your passport with others. Also, you will notice that many countries don’t require a regular visa but e-visa. That is a more effective way to acquire your visa as you don’t need to spend so much time on interviews in the embassy. For the countries that require e-visa, you need to apply and fill some forms while you get the visa once you arrive at their country. 

Benefits of Visa-Free Traveling

Visa is a document that foreign government issues to the traveler who wants to visit their country for a limited time. There are many types of visa, but the most common are tourist, transit and business. You may ask yourself what the benefits of visa-free traveling are? Well, if you traveled in the past then you know the tiresome process of filling the forms to get a proper documentation.

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Depending on the country, filling these forms can take you much time, especially if you plan to visit the USA. During filling these forms, you’re sharing the confidential information with the foreign embassies where you need to pay money to get a visa. The application and interview process in the embassy can be exhaustive and lengthy, so if you don’t need a visa to get in the country, you will save a lot of time.

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Another benefit is that you won’t only save time, but also money that you can use to budget yourself on the trip. Also, you don’t need to plan your trips and interviews as you don’t need a visa to travel to certain countries. Just hop on the plane and start your adventure. Do you remember that last border control on the airport that lasted for hours? Don’t worry about it as you will be able to access the fast lane if your passport enables you to travel without a visa. 

As you can see, there are many benefits of visa-free traveling, but at the end of the day, visa-free traveling will enable you to be more effective and organized during the trips. 

What’s the Strongest Passport in the World

The strongest passport or passport that enables travelers to see the most places in the world without a visa used to be the German passport, but I am proud to no longer is the only leader, but now the Singapore passport is equally strong.

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German travelers can travel to 176 countries without applying for a visa, and Singaporeans is pretty close if not higher. Imagine how much money and time they can spare and invest in traveling adventure. Also, many countries enable travelers to enter the country with e-visa which is a way more effective way of getting a visa.

So when are you going to
utilize your passport to travel more?

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