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Travel Virtually to these Top 10 Iconic Landmarks

Missing travel - Well, now you can l laze on your couch and travel virtually to these top 10 iconic landmarks

While we may all be temporarily stuck at home, thanks to the internet, we can tour this big beautiful world from pretty much anywhere with an added advantage of not having to deal with immigration lines and fellow tourists.

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If you are unable to travel at the moment, then at least join us to explore virtually all these top 10 incredible sights.

Top 10 Virtual Travel Experiences

1.Exploring The World’s Beautiful Beaches

I always love to visit beaches and watch the beautiful waves calling out to me. we can lay out on the white sands of our favorite beaches again, we can imagine we’re there through 360-degree virtual tours.

Float in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives and Mauritius or admire the mountain ranges surrounding James bond Island in Phuket.

Each beach offers spectacular views that may just make you forget you’re not actually physically there soaking up the sun. Now, these virtual tours are perfect for when there’s no physical vacation in sight.

Exploring The World's Beautiful Beaches virtually

2.Treasuring The Monuments

The home to the Catholic faith and priceless artworks, Vatican City is full of treasures and breathtaking beauty. The city’s museum department, which showcases such incredible and storied pieces, offers up free virtual tours of the museum for you to explore from the comfort of your home.

Treasuring The Monuments at Vatican City virtually

Editorial note: Remember to safeguard yourself when browsing online. Just like you would protect yourself in the real world, there are dangers that you need to guard against online too. Consider a free VPN to protect your identity, credit cards and browsing history.

3.Get close to our favourite animals

The San Diego Zoo might be temporarily closed to the public during the corona virus pandemic, but you can still visit virtually. The California wildlife park has ramped up their e-learning offerings for fans and families to stay engaged during the COVID -19 outbreak.

Visit the San Diego Zoo virtually
Visit a zoo virtually

The most-visited zoo in America, the San Diego Zoo Covers 4 million annual visitors on its luscious grounds spreading across 99 acres. The zoo is famously well known for its live streams of its splendid animals, including gorillas, Pandas, and koalas .

4.Hiking The Great Wall Of China

One of the greatest success in human engineering and most important pieces of architecture to this day, the sheer scale of the Great Wall of China alone is enough to strike admiration.

Hike The Great Wall Of China virtually
Hike The Great Wall Of China virtually

While the wall stretches almost 14,000 miles, only parts of the wall are walkable as much of the rest are in various states of disrepair. While you may not be able to visit these parts, why not consider visiting the incredible Great Wall of China monument virtually.

5.Virtual Tours through Art Museums

Paris is magnificent and has thousands of travel wishlists. Some come for the fashion, some come for the pastries and the Parisian Joie de vivre.Yet there are some things at the top of visitor lists that are almost as iconic as the beautiful French city itself.

Virtual Tours through Art Museums in Paris
Virtual Tours through Art Museums in Paris

The Louvre Museum tells so many stories from the irreplaceable artwork to the building itself. you’ll feel as though you are as close to touching history as humanly possible. The title for the most visited museum in the world goes to the Louvre.While it is now closed, their Louvre virtual tours remain open.

If you love travel and art too, why not check out this Travel Through Art during COVID19 piece.

6.Explore National Parks virtually

It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, Yosemite National Park brims with never-ending Natural scenery. One of the most popular spots in the park is Glacier Point, due to its easy accessibility, expansive views, and the iconic parks.

Explore National Parks like Yellowstone virtually
Explore National Parks like Yellowstone virtually

There are majestic falls, cliffs, and lakes sprawled throughout the spectacular park.Great news: the park has a majestic outdoor virtual tour that comes complete with sound! Well-known for its geysers (of which are 60% of the world’s geyser population).

7.Virtual Reality of our Earth

The most complete resource for traveling in virtual reality is Google’s Amazing Google Earth. While most of the world is now in lockdown or in strict isolation measures, Google Earth is still up and running.

Virtual Reality of our planet Earth
Virtual Reality of our Earth

While we might not be able to fly to Hong Kong to see the Disneyland or India to see the Spectacular Taj Mahal at the moment, we can do it from the comfort of our home using Google Earth’s virtual reality capabilities. It’s free, safe, and perfect for you to start planning your post-COVID-19 trips.

8. Exploring Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most visited natural wonders in North America, but usually getting close to them involves paddling through a sea of tourists wearing bright green and red ponchos and that’s after you’ve crossed the tourist cramped streets to actually reach there.

Exploring Niagara Falls virtually
Upclose to the Niagara Falls virtually

A digital experience means you skip the crowds and it is guarantees you get the best views, whether you’re gazing at them from a cruise ship,

9.Climbing Mount Everest

Climbing mount Everest is not for the faint heart and Getting up close and personal with the world’s tallest mountain generally involves a lifetime of training, and that’s before you factor about getting there.

Climbing Mount Everest virtually
Climbing Mount Everest

This tour, courtesy of Discovery, will take you on the journey of helicopter rescue pilots through Mount Everest, making for the most low-stakes way to take the dangerous trek imaginable.

10.Exploring Grand Canyon

While the Grand Canyon VR Experience may not show you the actual natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, it’s easy to acknowledge the fully digitally established world in this program. It functions like a game – a kayak ride along a river in a fully digitally deconstructed environment.

Exploring Grand Canyon virtually
Exploring Grand Canyon virtually

You can control the speed as you move through the game, and choose between day and night modes, giving you tons of unique experiences as you twist and turn through the waterway amidst rock formations and water features.

So I hope you had a great experience travelling to all these incredible spots.

Which is your favourite?



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