Guest Posts and Contributors

Are you are an avid rock climber or just had a great outdoor adventure that you would like to share with my readers?

If yes, I am looking for you.

Maldivian beach paradise

1. Authentic Stories and Experiences

I am looking for sharings about incredible life-changing encounters you have, whether it is campervanning in South America, glamping in Kenya or rock climbing in Singapore.

If you believe you have something interesting that fellow adventurers like you would love to hear and be inspired, feel free to pitch a story.

Peering into the plane to try to see if everything is still intact. Feels a bit like a sci fi movie scene!

2. Useful Tips and Practical Advice for Climbers

Rock climbing and bouldering is a rather niche but super exciting sport. I have been climbing for almost 7 years now, and always feel that there is still not enough information and articles out there about the best outdoor climbing crags and spots.

If you have some level of interest in climbing and have been doing a lot of outdoor or indoor climbing, you are welcome to share a useful piece about the destination to fellow climbers out there.
Remember, details is not boring, its great. We want to know what signs/ landmarks to look out for, what transport to take and where to stay to meet other climbers.

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3. Off the beaten track destinations or places for adventurers

If you have visited an exotic place that is so unique and mindblowing, share it with all of us here at LydiaScapes.

In this time and age, we all seek unique encounters and memories to reconnect with ourselves, with nature and beyond what we can fathom with a being up there. Wo share your unique destination experience

Kath from Oikos Helping Hand giving me the history of the slums

Basic Rules before contacting

  1. Authentic real stories/ tips written by you only
  2. Have a title in mind
  3. No plagiarism
  4. Your profile as a guest contributor will be shared on the blog
  5. No selling of commercial products or links in the article except if it’s to your personal blog
  6. Guidelines as guest contributor need to be upheld
  7. The more photos, the better to convey the story.

All is good?
Feel free to drop me a note at contact<at>, with the title ‘My Guest Contribution Post for LydiaScapes – Your Title’.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Sunset from the boat Maldives Dream Vacation Travel Story