Ultimate Guide to a Campervan Holiday with Kids

Traveling with kids is a good idea for an unforgettable vacation, especially if we talk about campervan holidays. But sometimes it can be very difficult to plan your vacation when you go on such a trip with kids for the first time. To organize a wonderful vacation, planning and research is the key to your success and a smoother journey with less stress.

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So, let’s get started with planning. In this ultimate guide, you will discover all the things you need for a great holiday with children. We have also supported our guide with a checklist for planning a campervan holiday so that you will not forget anything.

Ultimate Guide To Planning a Campervan Holiday

Ultimate Guide To Planning a Campervan Holiday

Before you start planning your trip, the first thing to do is decide on a travel destination. Make your choice depending on your child’s age as well as the specifics of the terrain. The size of the campsite is also worth considering. The choice of camp based on the needs and cozy conditions for your kid is the key to a pleasant weekend that will not be a torment for both you and your child. 

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So, take a safe route and choose comfortable campsites, especially if you are going on such a trip with children for the first time. It is also worth considering insurance for both you and your child. For example, you can consider an offer that includes trip insurance cancel for any reason in case your plans change. 

How to Plan Your Campervan Holiday with Kids

The key to a great campervan holiday is not only great weather and mood but proper planning. Below you will find top tips to help you prepare for your holiday and take everything you need with you. 

1. Clothes

How to Plan Your Campervan Holiday with Kids

If the rule of minimalism applies when collecting things for a hike, then when it comes to a campervan holiday with children, this rule is canceled! Children can stain clothes much faster, so keep it in mind. Also, you should choose only those clothes that are made of quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabrics. Here is a rough list of things that will come in handy:

  • socks;
  • underwear;
  • long sleeve shirts;
  • t-shirts;
  • pants;
  • pajamas;
  • waterproof jacket;
  • hiking boots;
  • sandals;
  • rubber boots;
  • swimsuit;
  • hats;
  • sunglasses.

2. Sleep

Many parents face a sleep problem during campervan holidays. And this is not always associated with discomfort, but with emotional stress too. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the child has the proper conditions for sleep. Getting away with just one sleeping bag is not a good idea. 

Consider cushions that are comfortable and compact. You can also turn your attention to children’s inflatable mattresses, which will provide much more comfort and warmth. Here’s a basic list of things you’ll need:

  • sleeping bag;
  • pillow;
  • inflatable mattress;
  • night lamps, torch;
  • favorite soft toy (if your child is used to sleeping with soft toys, then, if possible, take the beloved one with you. This can relieve emotional stress due to changing the place of sleep).

3. Food

During campervan holidays with children, you should pay special attention to the issue of nutrition. Due to the increased activity, children may need more snacks than adults. It is important that the child does not feel hungry during the day so you should take care of a full meal and all the necessary nutrients. 

Canned vegetables, soup, cereal bars, pasta, dried fruit, and fresh fruit are all you need to have with you. Do not forget about water filters or water purification pills. In the absence of access to clean water, these are irreplaceable things.


4. First Aid Kit

It is highly recommended that you visit your pediatrician before you decide to organize campervan holidays. This is an opportunity to eliminate all risks and get advice on what medications to take with you. In such a case as a campervan, it is worth having medications for any occasion in life, from adhesive plaster to pills for colds. Here is a rough list of the necessary medications:

  • personal medicines.
  • insect bite cream.
  • bandages and plasters.
  • antiseptic cream.
  • disinfectants.
  • colds and flu medications;
  • diarrhea medications.
  • small scissors.
  • tweezers.
  • thermometer

5. Personal Hygiene

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Most campsites provide the opportunity to take a shower. So, you have to take the most necessary tools for personal hygiene with you. Here’s what to take on a campervan holiday:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • toilet paper;
  • soap;
  • shampoo;
  • antibacterial wet wipes;
  • hairbrush, hairpins;
  • towels;
  • toilet pot/seat;
  • diapers if your baby is small. It is also recommended to have a baby bath in such a case.

6. Entertainment

When organizing a trip with children, you should pay special attention to such a point as entertainment. Being in nature will not be fun for many children, so you should think about organizing their leisure time. Depending on your child’s interests, select the appropriate things such as a ball, coloring pages, toys, or books.

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If you go on a campervan holiday where there will be an opportunity to swim in the river, don’t forget to take a life jacket and other necessary things for a safe stay by and in the water. It is also worth taking a beach umbrella with you in order to protect your child from the sun’s rays. You can also take a small paddling pool if you are worried about your baby’s safety in the water.

7. Other Things

The last must-have item when collecting things for a campervan holiday is gadgets. Make sure you have all the chargers, a camera, and so on. You can consider such options as solar charging devices. This is a very convenient tool during the trip. Here’s a short list of what you might find useful:

  • chargers for gadgets;
  • camera;
  • batteries ( RV Batteries and for all other devices);
  • candles;
  • pocket knife;
  • laundry detergent;
  • drying rope and clothespins;
  • fans, which is especially important during hot periods;
  • baby seats;
  • blanket for a picnic;
  • sun umbrella
  • Camping chairs


Now you have a basic list of things that will come in handy for your campervan holidays with your kids. Family travel in a van is a great idea, and with the right planning, you will avoid all the worries and give your kids a great time.
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So what are you waiting for, time to get that campervan trip planning for this summer!

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