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6 Reasons to Revisit Australia after COVID

Thinking of revisiting Australia after COVID19? From rock climbing to dazzling cityscapes to snorkeling adventure sports, join us to explore the best of Aussie.

Australia has quite a lot to offer: natural wonders, unique wildlife, stunning beaches, and cosmopolitan cities are just a few things that encourage people to visit this place. Here, the modern world mixes with nature and the old beliefs of native Aboriginals.

Probably, the best part of visiting Australia are the people you meet. However, in this article I’ll focus more on the places. Wherever you go in the country Down Under, you’ll find something that is going to excite you and/or make your heart beat faster. Whether you are an adventure seeker, nature lover, climber, or foodie who loves chilling in the sun: Australia has it all.

Plus spiders, a lot of big spiders.

reasons to visit australia natural wonders

1. The Austrialian Beaches

Without a doubt, Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. And there is a lot to pick from: a coastline that has over 23,000 miles offers great spots for surfers, amateurs of diving, and those who just love to chill on the sand.

Some of the most famous beaches include Hyams Beach, where you can see some of the whitest sand in the world. Whitehaven Beach is just a stone throw from away the Reef, and in Byron Bay, you can catch high waves.

reasons to visit australia surfing waves

2. The Infamous Reefs

Who hasn’t heard of the Great Barrier Reef?

It’s one of the most famous natural wonders on the planet, and for a good reason. Nothing surprising considering it is 1,430 miles long. It can be seen from space and it was all created by the mother nature.

You can snorkel and dive to admire wonderful nature from under the water. The life on the reef is simply stunning. You can spot turtles, various types of fish, whales, and sharks. If you are not a fan of getting your head wet, try seeing the reef from a glass-bottom boat or even from above in a helicopter.

reasons to visit australia the great barrier reef

While the Great Barrier Reef is on the bucket list of many, Australia has more reefs to offer. They are all unique, breathtaking ecosystems, where life blossoms. You can choose, for example, the Ningaloo Reef, which is located 777 miles north of Perth. It’s a perfect spot to see humpback whales, white sharks, manta rays, and various tropical fish.

3. Aboriginal Culture

Only 3% of the population of Australia is Aboriginal. Yet, this identity is preserved and visible in various places around the country. Their reach culture and history have been developing for more than 50,000 years.

In Australia, you can visit many places of worship where Aboriginals celebrate various events. They are strictly connected with nature. Some of the most famous spots that you can admire are Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock, Grampians National Park, Kata Tjuta, Wilpena Pound, Lake Mungo, and more.

reasons to visit australia uluru

Remember that while traveling you should always respect other cultures. While visiting Uluru, enjoy its beauty from above or from the feet of the mountain, but don’t set foot on it. Many tourists try to climb Uluru, but you shouldn’t do that. For some people, it’s a sacred place and it shouldn’t be disrespected. Moreover, climbing can destroy the natural environment of the mountain and can be dangerous.

(If you want to learn more about Aboriginal culture and beliefs, you can reach for “The Songlines” by Bruce Chatwin.)

4. Great Rock Climbing Spots 

If you like rock climbing and would like to transit from gym climbing to the great outdoors, you are going to love Australia for its great outdoor crags. There are quite a few spots to pick from: Dolerite ridges, Granite slabs, coastal trad climbs, red sandstone, and much more.

reasons to visit australia mountains

One of the most famous spots to rock climb in Australia other than the Grampians is Wilpena Pond. You can experience rock climbing there, or choose a challenging 19km hike through the mountain. If you are a beginner ready for an Australian adventure, you should check out the Glass House Mountains. This place has a rich history when it comes to rock climbing. The first climbers reached the top in the 1800s!

5. Stunning Cities

Even though Australia has a very low population density, it has stunning cities in which more than 85% of the whole population lives.

Australian urban centers are scattered between wild terrains, mountains, and the ocean. Yet, they are exceptional cultural centers. One of the most famous ones, and often mistaken with the capital of Australia, is Sydney, which is a cultural center. It is famous for its vibrant nightlife.

Melbourne has truly European vibes and is well known for its rich cuisine scene, as well as extraordinary coffee. Another must-visit city is Adelaide. It is a great place for all people who love nature, as it’s filled with parks, and has superb beaches.

reasons to visit australia melbourne

If you are looking for the city with the best art scene, head to Perth, where you can also taste some great food. Canberra is the capital and has a lot to offer, including world-class museums, parklands, tree-lined avenues, and unique design and architecture.

Get a Visa

Before going to this stunning country, though, you should probably get a visa to Australia before your arrival. Only New Zealand citizens can apply for a visa upon arrival to Australia. If you are a student coming here to study and travel, it will be a slightly different approach.

reasons to visit australia sydney

You can obtain a visa by applying to the Australian Embassy or Consulate nearby, or by using the Australian Department of Home Affairs website.

There are a few visas that can be suitable for travelers. They vary depending on how long you are planning to stay, your passport, and the reason for your visit.

If you’re coming from the US, and the pandemic is not yet over, you might need to get a DC rapid covid test to board the plane to Australia. However, stay tuned to the changing travel requirements.

Head for an Adventure

It’s great to visit a country that has so much to offer. However, it might be hard to decide on which place to visit. Australia is a huge country, so you might not be able to see many places in just one visit. Additionally, if you are not from Australia, you have a long way to travel ahead of you. Yet, as I hope I managed to prove to you above, there are plenty reasons to visit Australia!

reasons to visit australia beaches
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