Embarking on Adventurous Trips with a Peace of Mind

As many are already familiar, I like to embark on..rather adventurous trips.

Travel Insurance & Safety Precaution for your adventure holiday | Yangshuo Rock Climber's Haven
Yangshuo Rock Climber’s Haven

Yes, there is still the usual beach getaway to Bali and shopping at Bangkok, but putting those aside, the really raw fun comes from the expeditions and road trip holidays I take – from rock climbing in Yangshuo and Krabi, to camping in South Africa and hiking in Lombok, Indonesia. Just to name a few.


doing these higher risk activities do come with a certain degree of danger, and sometimes it is always better to make sure you are prepared with all the necessary measures/ precautions before you set off, to make your trip worry free for you and your family members.

Below are just some of the type of trips one would label as – a bit more ”in the elements’ aka adventurous.

  1. Diving trips
  2. Rock Climbing expeditions
  3. Hiking/ Mountain Climbing
  4. Road Trips
  5. Stopover Travel – Change a short layover into a multi-day or week adventure to a new city
  6. Camping in the wild
  7. Solo Travelling
  8. Other off the beaten tracks destinations ( South Africa, Middle East etc)

6 Tips, Travel Insurance & Safety Precaution for your adventure holiday or outdoor sports expedition

1. Travel Insurance for Singaporeans and internationals

Travel Insurance & Safety Precaution for your adventure holiday | Yangshuo Rock Climber's Haven
Hanging on the rocks | Precautions for Adventure Sports

Yes, it seems like a given, but many Singaporeans and foreigners tend to overlook getting it amidst the hustle and bustle of last minute trip planning/ clearing up of office tasks. I made that mistake not once, but twice and didn’t manage to make any claims for:

  • Getting caught in a typhoon in Taiwan which led to a 2 days flight delay
  • Stung by 3 wasps when rock climbing in Krabi and couldn’t claim for the medical treatment

So simplify your agony by getting firstly – an annual travel insurance. And secondly, one that covers more extreme outdoor activities and sports like diving, climbing and such.  The one I am with is the Great Eastern Travel Smart Premier – which is pretty good as it covers quite a number of stuff other travel insurance does not. 

Bought your travel insurance? Read about some adventurous trips to South Africa, New Zealand and Dubai.

2. Precautions – Theft Safe Gadgets and Devices

RFID Wallet
RFID Wallet

How many stories have we heard of friends getting robbed of their wallet, or deductions made on their credit card without their consent overseas.

Take some preventive measures by getting an RFID wallet and passport case. Good ones to recommend are PacSafe, which is simple and protects all those scary thieves going around scanning our passports details and credit cards through our bags/ purses without us even knowing.

3. Data Plan ( for solo travelers, or those who tend to get lost easily..)

Travel Insurance & Safety Precaution for your adventure holiday | Foggy view of mount rinjani crater rimHanging on the rocks | Precautions for Adventure Sports

I have never been a fan of getting data overseas, as I really enjoy taking a break from technology once a while, quoting says the blogger:/

But its really critical to get one if you are going to be visiting some off the beaten track streets or need to find your way out to the main road of a very isolated place. Google maps to the rescue.

For data plans where it minimizes the hassle of having to buy data plans and sim cards in every country you go, to I would recommend Flexiroam X, in partnership with tripadvisor. Just need to attach a microchip to your SD card, download the flexiroam app on your phone, key in the referral code LYDIASCAPE and wah la..you  straight away have 100MB of free data, and once abroad, it automatically connects you with the partner telecom partner they work with in the country you are in. Its a credit system, so the more people you recommend, the more GB credit you accumulate. Really popular with business men, cabin crew and frequent travellers who have the propensity to misplace your original SD card.

4. Backpacks with clips and safeties

Hiking into White Mountain climbing area Hanging on the rocks | Precautions for Adventure Sports
Hiking into White Mountain climbing area

Useful feature for a backpack, given it’s sling-ed at the back and you cannot watch it so thoroughly from pickpockets. Quite a number of good brands have such feature, but the backpacks I have that I use is Timbuktu and Pacsafe backpack.

Read about backpacking and camping in South Africa and what to do there

5. Portable First Aid Kit with Medication

Important first aid kit for all adventurous trips and holidays | Precautions for Adventure Sports
Important first aid kit for all adventurous trips and holidays | Precautions for Adventure Sports

You never know what you would need in a trip, but a first aid kit and some medication is always a must have. Basic medication would be pain killers, anti-histamine for skin inflammation/ heat rash.

6. Climbers and Mountain Climbers only – Extra Sling and Carabiner

Wefie on the go | Yangshuo Climbing
Wefie on the go during climbing. Always have safety when you are taking photos at the top and your hands are off the rock.

For all outdoor climbers, this is something every climber should own for themselves. Rock climbing is not considered an extreme sport, but in the event of any immediate danger, having an extra safety on hand is critical for that extra protection. Always have your own and don’t share with others.

Read about the best climbing spots in Asia

So hence concludes my post on the Checklist, Travel Insurance & Safety Precaution for your adventure holiday

Adventure Travel Insurance:

What list of outdoor adventure sports and activities is covered in the travel insurance:

  1. Bungee Jumping
  2. Canoeing / White Water Rafting with a qualified  guide and under grade 4
  3. Helicopter Rides for sight seeing
  4. Jet Skiing
  5. Mountaineering at mountains below the height of 3000m above sea levels
  6. Paragliding
  7. Parasailing
  8. Skiing / Snowboarding all within official approved areas of ski resorts
  9. Sky diving
  10. Underwater activities involving artificial breathing apparatus for diving up to a maximum of depth of 30m and the insured must hold a PADI certification
(or similar recognised diving qualification) and is diving with a buddy that holds a PADI qualified certification (or similar recognised diving qualification) or with a qualified diving instructor
All activities are done for leisure purposes only under the guidance and supervision of qualified instructors / guides of the local licensed tour operator when carrying out such tourist activities. All other T&C , exclusions , provisions & limitation of policy will continue to apply above these.

So are you ready to go on your next holiday with the peace of mind?
Get your Adventure Travel Insurance Today!

Going on an adventurous trip & unsure what to prepare? Here's a check list of what is critical for your peace of mind as you Dive, Ski, Trek, Climb & Fly!

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