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Ultimate List of 9 Best Portable Hangboard in 2021

Ever wish you could train your fingers and pull-strength whenever you please, even when you’re on the road travelling and away from a rock climbing gym? Well, look no further. Whether you are an avid rock climber, boulderer or gym go-er, portable hangboards are the perfect tool for on-the-go training to keep up your rock climber form and physiqueue. Though not as well-rounded as traditional hangboards/ finger boards and pull up bars, a portable hangboard or fingerboard can still serve as a great option to keep up the rock climbing training while on the move!

Best Fingerboards and Hangboards Climbers can select from

In a hurry?
If you want to find out what the best portable hangboard is, then I’d recommend the Metolius Rock Rings as the best one.

How to Choose the Best Portable Hangboard

To know what type of hangboard you should choose as a rock climber or boulderer, you must first know where and why you will be using it. Different types of hangboards offer different types of grips and training, along with varying ways to hang them. The type of grip that each hangboard offer will be key in deciding on which portable hangboard to purchase.

Another good question to ask if you are looking for a travel hangboard to bring it along for your rock climbing excursions and outdoor expeditions, or more of just for your home workout use during COVID19 lockdown. When that is a condition, size matters!

Best Hangboards to select from

Advantages and Benefits

There are many advantages to having a portable hangboard, the most obvious of which is that it’s portable and easy to bring along! Especially if you choose a lightweight option, portable hangboards can be packed into your suitcase or Arcteryx backpack and go with you when you travel to places! This also makes a perfect climbing present or gift amidst a whole suite of other climbing gifts to buy.

Additionally, if you don’t want to mount a permanent hangboard in your home (especially if you suddenly have important guests coming and you don’t want hangboards being visible to the average person), they can be a great temporary option for at-home rock climbing training.

Things to Look Out for that Differentiate

Portable hang boards come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so there are a few things to pay special attention to when making your decision. First, you should focus on the type of hold. Do you want to work on your finger strengthening? Look for crimps. Pinch strength? Look for balls or pinches.

grip strengthener | Hangboards to recommend

You should also pay attention to how the hangboard can be mounted. Know where you plan on using your portable hangboard before purchasing, as different hangboards require different mounting setups.

Mobile Hangboard Setup & Usage

The best part about a portable mobile hangboard is that you can use and hang it practically anywhere. Though some are certainly smaller and lighter than others, virtually all portable hangboards can fit in a suitcase, meaning that they can go with you on your travels and be set up on a nice ledge in your AirBnb or Guest house.

My trusty Salewa backpack throughout the EBC hike | best portable hangboard for travel

The best way to use them is to mount them safely to a secure setup, which will vary depending on the hangboard or fingerboard you purchased. After that, the training is on! Use them to do pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, finger strength training, and a number of other climbing related exercises.

Precautions to Note

It’s important to note that not all hang boards can be mounted on all setups, so your ability to mount and use any given hang board will depend on the setup that you have access to. Some need to hang off of a pull up bar or pull up handles, while some can be tied to a variety of objects, even a tree branch! Just be aware that you might not be able to set up your hang board everywhere that you go.

top portable hangboards

Additionally, you shouldn’t be starting to do hangboard finger training until you have been climbing for at least six months, preferably a year, so no need to rush this purchase if you’ve just started climbing!

Top 7 Portable Hangboards in 2020

So here’s sharing a list of the 7 best portable hang boards out in the market. As climbers, we invest in a lot different important rock climbing equipment like rock climbing shoes and more. Hence, budget and the quality of a product base on reviews are critical. So we took these 2 into consideration to come up with this incredible list – so pay attention!

1. Metolius Portable Power Grips

best portable hangboards and fingerboards

The Metolius Portable Power Grips are a lightweight, portable hangboard option that allows you to train a variety of grip strengths. Made of wood and easy to hang on a pull-up bar or with a similar setup, this portable hangboard is especially useful for people looking to train sloper strength.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable


  • Can only support bodyweight, so not suitable for weighted hangs or pull-ups
  • Not suitable for beginners


2. UCraft Climbing Evo Rings 3D

best portable hangboards

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the UCraft Climbing Evo Rings 3D are a durable option that you’ll be able to keep and enjoy for a long time. They can be hung from a variety of positions, are lightweight and portable, and offer a variety of grip and training positions. They’re quite pricy, but you’ll be able to hold on to them for years.


  • Offer various mounting options
  • Provide a variety of training positions
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Expensive
  • Can be confusing to mount


3. IronMind Eagle Loops

best portable hangboard for finger strengthening

These super-light finger trainers are a great option for frequent travellers. At less than 2 ounces, you could easily put the IronMind Eagle Loops in your backpack or suitcase to take them on the go. They’re a great option for training finger, grip and pull strength, but you’ll have to have a pull-up bar to attach them to.


  • Easy installation
  • Great for travelling
  • Good for training finger strength and pull-ups


  • You must have a pull-up bar to set them up
  • Can be a little bit painful on your skin
  • Limiting in the types of exercises that you can do


4. FITactic Cannonball Bomb Pull Up Power Ball

best portable hangboard and powerball

The FITactic Cannonball Bomb Pull Up Power Ball are perfect for training pinch strength, a key element in climbing. They’re ideal to attach to a pull-up bar, and they are easy to install and uninstall. They’re a great tool for training your wrists and forearms, and they come in various sizes, allowing you to customise according to your hand size.


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for targeting wrist and forearm strength
  • Come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customise according to hand size


  • Too heavy for travelling
  • Can be a bit slippery
  • Not suitable for beginners


Is rock climbing gear expensive? Lets discover more

5. Metolius Rock Rings 3D

best portable hangboard climbing

The Metolius Rock Rings 3D are a dynamic exercise tool that can serve a multitude of purposes. They offer three distinct finger ledges plus offer the ability to do pull-ups. They can be a great option to hang in a space that doesn’t provide enough room for a proper hangboard.


Ultimate List of 9 Best Portable Hangboard in 2021
  • Easy installation
  • Can hang practically anywhere
  • Good for training finger strength and pull-ups


  • Can be a bit unstable due to how you hang them, so maybe not the best for beginners
  • A bit bulky/heavy for traveling purposes


6. Maxgrip Hybrid

If you are looking for something multi-functional that is both portable for travel and training finger strength, this Max Climbing Maxgrip Hybrid is fore you. You can use it to warm up at the climbing wall or for personal antagonist training.

Max Grip

It comes with 6 different positions from slopers, jugs, pinches to crimps. If you are looking at mainly full ups and dips, the top hold is a lovely jug just for that, and you do not even need to drill in fixed bars and fingerboard.

The deepest jug segment can even serve as a pull up bar, though be mindful that you may want to invest in a pair of hand grips and gloves to prevent calluses.


7. The Pull Pack

best portable hangboard

The Pull Pack is a compact, customizable portable hangboard training system that offers you to train a variety of hand positions. They come with the option to train slopers and crimps, and you also have the option to mount your own climbing holds in your home gym, allowing you to completely customize your training experience. Additionally, the resin material is the same as climbing holds, so they offer some of the best grip around.


  • Great grip
  • Extremely customizable


  • A bit pricey
  • Limited in hanging options


8. Core Prodigy New Talon Grip

Ultimate List of 9 Best Portable Hangboard in 2021

This super strong nylon device designed for finger & thumb loop is a really good hand and arm strengthener. It is perfect not just for rock climbers, but for other athletes that would like to increase their hand, wrist, forearm and finger strength for sports like ninja training, MMA, bodybuilding, tennis, shooting and even golf.

It is available in black and luminous yellow in colour, and the best part about it is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. How awesome is that!


9. Travel Hangboard Bonus Feature – Metolius Wooden Rock Rings

A little additional Number 8 mention would be the stylish Metolius Wood Rock Rings. If you are looking for something sleek looking in your house and still a very reputable brand, then this light brown/ creme colour pair here is your best bet for a portable wooden hangboard.

Ultimate List of 9 Best Portable Hangboard in 2021


In conclusion after checking out these top 9 incredibly portable hangboard, Spinchboards and fingerboards…

Our clear winner would have to be the Metolius Rock Rings!

Their reasonable price and functionality offer you the best bang for your buck. They offer you the option train various levels of finger strength along with pull-ups, and their grippy material means you won’t be slipping off.

Though they’re not our smallest or lightest-weight option, they come at an extremely reasonable price and can be hung in a wide variety of locations. You can hang them from the ceiling or a pull-up bar, or even bring them on vacation and hang them on a playground or off of a tree branch! They’re an extremely durable hangboard option that you’ll be able to use year after year, and you’ll be glad that you made this purchase.


Non Portable Hangboards

1. Zlagboard Pro

Hangboard Zlagboard

Don’t be deceived. This Zlagboard might look like any other fingerboard at first glance, but it is actually recently re-designed with solid feedback/ input by world-class climbing coaches. One thing I really love about the Zlagboard Pro and Zlagboard Evo is that the brand is environmentally conscious as the board was made from wood and paper products from sustainably managed forests.
Lastly, apart from its optimal holds and sizes, it also comes with a free set of training plans to get stronger.


2. Max Climbing Spinchboard

Finger Board Max Climbing

This 2 piece spinchboard, another name for fingerboard, uses a one-bolt mounting that gives you the flexibility to spin the holds around between the different modes you change it too. This provides you heaps more options and degrees of difficulty per hold than the average fixed finger board.

Its super versatile and suitable for all levels of competency, as long as your goal is to train a variety of pulling directions apart from the normal vertical type.


3. Solo Hybrid Spinchboard

Hangboard Spinch

This solo piece offers a wide range of different grips, pockets and slopers with varying textures, making it perfect to build your strength and endurance.

Just like the Max Climbing Spinchboard about, it has a special mounting system so that you can tweak the board direction to switch between beginner to advance climber mode.


  • Skin Friendly Wooden Texture
  • Environmentally Conscious Brand
  • Wood is made from sustainable renewable source


4. Metolius Project Hangboard

Ultimate List of 9 Best Portable Hangboard in 2021

The Metolius Hangboard is one of the most popular ones you see at many gyms around the world. We like it for its pretty swirly blue colours and the versatility of the use. It also comes with a clear set of instructions how to set it up without injuring yourself or breaking something in the house.


5. Beastmaker 2000

Ultimate List of 9 Best Portable Hangboard in 2021

I have heard some really good feedback about this beast! What makes it so unique is that there isn’t another board out there that gives such precise training for every single finger type. Also, the variation of depths (Deep, mediuma and small pockets) makes it a real gem when you want to get very technical in building your finger strength.



6. Trango Rock Prodigy

Another one that has gotten quite a bit of attention recently is this Trango Rock Prodigy. Unlike the others, this ergonomic design hangboards comes in 2 pieces with a Training Manual created by Mark & Mike Anderson. Along with this kit is the RPTC Pulley Kit, so its a really nice set to give.


If you would like to figure out how to mount your non portable hangboard without damaging your wall or drilling in, one suggestion is to mount it to your home pull up bar. Below is a good guide to get some ideas on how to do it.

How to Install a Portable Hangboard with Zero Damage to Your Wall

Hence concluding our recommendations for the best portable hangboard as well as fingerboards for your travels or stay home use. Reviewed and loved by fellow rock climbers and boulders around the world like you and I.

If you want to go even further and consider building your own home rock wall to avoid the crowds, here are also some ideas to get brewing.

If you are looking for other rock climbing related gear or items to buy, check them out below:

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