7 Days Itinerary in Jamaica – Luxury Cruise or Villa?

Take a luxurious Carribean Cruise by the beaches while sipping a Mai Tai or enjoy an all-inclusive luxury villa holiday here. Discover what to do in Jamaica

In the Caribbean lies a vast and extraordinary island that is filled with sun and beautiful beaches. This is none other than the island of Jamaica, the perfect place to relax, do nothing or go all out on exotic fun and adventures.

Spend a Week in Jamaica - Carribean Cruise, beaches and more

There are so many wonderful things to see and do! Here’s sharing a full 1-week itinerary of the most exotic, unique, and fun outdoor and indoor activities. Jamaica is so full of surprises we can guarantee you will not be bored for one second of your vacation.

Where exactly is Jamaica located?

Let’s start with a little geography about where you’ll actually be when you go to Jamaica. This island is located in the Caribbean south of Cuba and west of Haiti. This makes Jamaica an ideal place to be with its wonderful weather temperatures and sparkling, warm beach water.


How to get to Jamaica – Air or Sea?

Now that you know where you are, let’s focus on how you’re going to get there. You could fly, but there’s something that would be much more exciting and luxurious: taking a luxurious cruise to this Caribbean island. Caribbean cruises would give travelers a way to experience Jamaica and true island life in a beautiful and unique way.

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What are the Options for Caribbean Cruises

There are several options of cruises available and they offer so many extra amenities. There are parties, festivals, informational celebrations, fun themes, interesting stops in places like the Bahamas and so much to offer on the ship itself. A cruise ship to Jamaica is something you should definitely consider if you’re planning to take a vacation.

Jamaica Carribean Cruise, beaches and more

Explore Jamaica All-Inclusive, Free and Easy or with a Guide

Well, now that you’ve made it here, if you have not already booked an all-inclusive tour, you may like to consider exploring the area on your own or hire a driver and guide. This will cost you though, so maybe you can find a way to do all the fun activities we offer without hiring a guide.

One Week Itinerary in Jamaica

Where to stay in Jamaica

A great way to ensure you have a good time and stay safe even when you’re not out seeing and doing is to stay in a beautiful hotel or resort. You will feel relaxation and luxury at its finest.

They provide things like world-class restaurants, casual restaurants, indoor, outdoor, and wave pools, water slides, lovely beaches, amazing kids club, incredible entertainment. Luxurious rooms with incredible views of beautiful, blue waters, playgrounds, and even vacation nannies that go places with your family. Some say it is even more beautiful than the beaches of Maldives. If all those wonderful things are appealing to you, there are luxury villa rentals in Jamaica for your selection.

Luxury Cruise or Villa in Jamaica

The villas of Montego Bay

Jamaica’s second largest city is Montego Bay and there are several luxury hotels an resorts located right on its beaches. This city feels like a resort capital more than anything else. The first place a tourist will notice when they land is the Hip Strip which has inexpensive souvenir shops and the famous Margaritaville restaurant.

There is also a great beach in this area called Doctor Cave, with fun beach clubs and a lovely ocean front bar. There is also a magnificent piece of nature called Rocklands Bird Feeding Sanctuary. People there get the chance to experience exotic hummingbirds the most beautiful shade of green landing right in their hand.

Montego Bay in jamaica

Day trip to the beaches of Montego Bay

You can start any day with spending time in one of of Montego Bay’s shimmering blue beaches. After that you can take a visit to see an immaculate Georgian mansion that has been restored and dates back to 1770. Best of all it’s only 30 minutes away; you’ll be there in no time. It is one of the most beautiful great houses in the Caribbean. It also has quite a history that you learn all about during the tour.

Jamaica best beaches

The Best of Jamaican Food and Culture

You’ll love the time you spend in Jamaica experiencing the diverse food culture and Montego Bay offers special tours with custom foods of the area. On one you can visit local fish markets right by the sea and see the day’s fresh catch being brought in. Then you’ll have a chance to try exotic fruits from stop the neighborhood fruit stands to or even have a stop at an Ital (Rastafarian) restaurant.

In the evening, you can throw on your fancy clothes up a bit for a memorable meal at a notable eatery called the Sugar Mill. It is located on the past Rose Hall Sugar Plantation and you can choose from a high-quality selection of Caribbean and Jamaican rums, satisfactory seafood and Wagyu beef.

Mai Tai and Cuisines in Jamaica

Driving to the outskirts of Jamaica, Negril

Be sure to take the a short drive west to a town called Negril on an early morning day. Negril is known as Jamaica’s very own Capital of Casual. What was once carefree beaches is now an area of the finest hotels around.

Crowds of people gather here for fun and excitement of what it once was. Falmouth is a pretty little town in Jamaica with a new cruise port that can host cruise ships among the largest anyone has ever seen. On the way there be sure to stop for some of the best original jerk food at a place called Scotchie’s. At that well-known restaurant, the meats are grilled in a way that is reminiscent of olden times with spices full of the most delicious flavor.

Driving to the outskirts of Jamaica, Negril

What to see around Negril town

After that, you can walk off that yummy jerk food on a beautiful sight-seeing tour that even includes a water reservoir from Jamaica back in the 1700s. Then, you can go have soft adventure activities at the Good Hope Great House.

If you’re a bit tired after all that walking you also have the option of a relaxing cup of tea on the outstanding grounds of this beautiful estate. In this area you can also go on an amazing night outing at Glistening Waters by riding a boat to a lagoon that glows a beautiful shade of green. You can even jump in the water for a swim!

Sunsets at Jamaica Beach

Best Waterfalls of Jamaica

For your next adventure, you can spend the day on Jamaica’s stunning north coast beaches. You’ll have a great time relaxing with nature and even get a chance to see the island’s well-known waterfalls.

These refreshing falls go down 600 feet in rapid cascades to go right into the ocean. Take in this beautiful scenery then take in refreshment with a quick dip in the pool.

Best Waterfalls of Jamaica

Experience a sailing expedition in Jamaica

There is also the option of booking a sailing expedition on a 40-foot sailing yacht in Jeannea called Lark. You can spend part of the day sailing or the whole day if you like. It doesn’t matter which sailing expedition you choose; they all leave from the same place and have snorkeling stops with a delicious lunch on the boat.

Immerse in Jamaica’s natural outdoor beauty and landscapes

Take some time to get away from the crowds of tourists and head to the lovely remote land in Jamaica’s northeast corner. This pretty curve has steep mountains that plunge to the sea and the beautiful grassy area is full of rich banana trees. There are also orchids and palm trees growing everywhere. An exciting ride on bamboo rafts by the spectacular Rio Grande River ensures a unique and adventurous time.

1 Week Itinerary in Jamaica - natural outdoor beauty and landscapes

After this, satisfy your hunger with delectable crayfish at Soldier Camp, a remote restaurant with delicious authentic foods. Now you can experience yet another beach at Frenchman’s Cove. Here you will get more beauty and fun from a pretty little river that flows from the sapphire sea and an exciting crowd of surfers a little farther east.

Visit Boston Bay for Jerk Meats!

Coming up on the coastal road, you’ll make it to Boston Bay, Jamaica’s famous place for the best jerk meats. Here you’ll have tons of fun around natives as store owners on the street try to attract tourists to taste their food. Any choice of this spicy food will probably be a good one. More excitement follows with live Jamaican reggae music performed by a popular native band at a nice little place with alfresco dining high up in the hills.

Explore the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, not Australia!

As your trip comes to an end take a chance to explore without the beach, sun, and sand everywhere. It’s mountain time as you can take in views of the Caribbean’s tallest mountain ranges called the Blue Mountains,. They are a whopping 7,402 feet high and the lush hills there are on the longest lasting chain of mountains where the famous and delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee comes from. You will experience joy just taking a drive here. The breathtaking mountain views give you a sense of peace and relaxation like no other.

Blue Mountains of Jamaica, not Australia

If you like, you can tour the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory where you can see the different kinds of beans from thousands of Jamaican farmers being processed to create that quality coffee. You can’t beat a vacation ending like that: amazing mountain views you won’t see anywhere else with delicious authentic coffee straight from the blue mountains of Jamaica.

Are you convinced to visit Jamaica yet?

It’s pretty clear that Jamaica is the perfect place for a trip or vacation for many reasons, and their tourist arrivals are growing year on year. You can have so many unique experiences and adventurous on this beautiful island. There is also so much great luxrious experiences available everywhere including the place you choose to stay during your exotic vacation! You can have the option of so many fancy, upscale, luxurious resorts and villas just like we’ve described above.

So, take the opportunity to really treat yourself by booking a trip to Jamaica because we guarantee you will have the most wonderful time ever with no shortage of fun or relaxation!

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