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10 Adventurous Must-Dos Activities in Colombia for the Outdoor Lover

Colombia is the perfect outdoor destination to let loose and explore. With lush forests, towering mountains, and vibrant cities full of culture, there’s something here for everyone who enjoys travel and adventure. There are tons of incredible activities that will get your blood pumping! Read on to discover 10 must-dos if you want an adventurous experience in Colombia.

Trekking Through the Lush Forests of the Amazon Rainforest

Colombia’s rainforest is an unmissable destination for wildlife and nature lovers. Located in the southeastern region of Colombia, the rainforest is a rich and vibrant world of flora and fauna. Given its vastness, there are different experiences awaiting adventurers each time they enter this ancient landscape. Many endangered species call this place home as well, making it an ideal spot to discover these rare creatures in their natural habitat.

amazon forest suspension bridge

Taking a Boat Tour Through the Rosario islands

The Rosario Islands are a collection of archipelagos situated off the coast of Colombia, located near the beautiful city of Cartagena. As one of the most visited island chains in the country, it’s no surprise why travelers from all over flock there. Turquoise waters glisten at every angle and bright sandy beaches make for an ideal spot to relax and take in the gorgeous views. It is also home to some incredible wildlife including colorful species of fish, butterflies, iguanas, and even sloths. There are plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained like snorkeling, sailing trips, fishing, or simply lounging on the beaches.

Going on a Birdwatching Tour in the Andes Mountains

The majestic Andes Mountains are home to a large variety of unique birds. These birds have adapted over time to the variety of habitats that make up part of the vast mountain range. The high altitudes, humid rainforests, and cold deserts all present opportunities for rare bird species to thrive.

Visiting the Ancient Ruins of San Agustin

San Agustin is an ancient town in Western Colombia with captivating, historic attractions. Positioned in the Andean foothills of Colombia, San Agustin has UNESCO World Heritage status for being home to iconic religious sites and impressive sculptures that are unlike anything else you’d find globally. There’s a vast range of archeological sites scattered around the region, such as burial grounds and monoliths that transport visitors back thousands of years in time.

Surfing the Waves of the Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast of Colombia is without a doubt a paradise for any kind of surfer. With high-quality waves, beautiful beaches, warm water, and excellent weather, this region is among the best spots in the world to enjoy the unique rush that comes with riding on a wave. With consistent swell and long rides most of the year, any dedicated surfer will have no trouble finding an amazing adventure located somewhere along this vast coast.

Exploring the Colorful Streets of Cartagena

Cartagena is a city of stunning natural beauty, providing an urban environment that is nothing short of spectacular. The Caribbean-infused culture has been around for centuries, and this gives the city added vibrancy and energy.

cartagena overview of cityscape

Picturesque seaside ruins, vibrant colonial buildings, and the crystal clear Caribbean Sea make exploring this coastal city entertaining and captivating. With its narrow street lined with shops, inviting cafes, lively markets filled with colorful blooms, and locals going about their day, Cartagena is alive in every sense of the word. From walking along its winding cobblestone streets to enjoying food at restaurants overlooking the sea or simply basking in the sunshine on a beach, Cartagena is as good as it gets when it comes to urban adventuring.

Hiking Through the Beautiful Landscape of the Coffee Triangle Region

Thousands of visitors flock to the Coffee Triangle annually. The breathtaking landscape of Medellín and other neighboring regions is what often lures people there, however they stay for the coffee. The region produces some of the world’s most renowned and delicious coffees with particular attention to sustainability in farming practices. Nature lovers can enjoy its hiking trails that feature backdrops of verdant jungles and majestic mountains, while outdoorsy types will find maps to guide them across untamed terrain.

colombia hills coffee zone

Going on a Boat Tour to Spot Dolphins and Whales off the Coast of the Isla Gorgona National Park

Isla Gorgona National Park is an amazing natural paradise that’s worth a visit. Situated just off the Colombian Pacific coast, the island’s marine life is renowned around the world; particularly its whale and dolphin watching opportunities. Its vibrant coral reefs, and species such as bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, and killer whales are not to be missed.

Kayaking down the scenic Cano Cristales river

The Cano Cristales is a unique and remarkable river. Its hundreds of miles of sparkling clear waters are populated with green moss rocks, sharp turns, and raging waves. This powerful river is well known for its dangerous rapids and challenging currents that require a special level of experience to navigate. While kayaking down the Cano Cristales, you will surround yourself with lush rainforests, deep canyons and acres of untouched greenery. It boasts breathtaking sights at every angle, making it one of the most memorable bodies of water in the world for thrill seekers.

Visiting the stunning Tatacoa Desert to stargaze at night

The Tatacoa desert is a starkly beautiful landscape with a rich history. It features red clay canyons and dusty plains which appear almost otherworldly. One of the main attractions for visitors is the unique opportunity to observe astronomy at its best. Its near-altitude location combined with a lack of light pollution produces stunning views of the stars – many constellations can be picked out clearly and admired from countless angles.

Checkout Colombia Today

If you’re looking for a great destination for some outdoor fun, Colombia is the place to go. With its diverse landscape and array of activities available, you’re sure to find something to your liking. So what are you waiting for? Get your visa sorted, pack your bags, and head on down to Colombia for an adventure you won’t forget!

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