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Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

What is the Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet in 2024? Here's a list of the Top 6 wide climbing shoes based on our experiences and expertise.

To master the art of rock climbing, it requires precision in footwork, as you balance your body weight on the tip of your shoes all the way up. Regardless of whether you are doing indoor rock climbing or outdoor bouldering, the fit and quality of your shoes are so important for comfort, performance and durability. However, we’ve discovered firsthand from all our climbing advenures that not every climbing shoe brand out there is able to cater to the varied range of feet types around the world. Some of us have bigger toes or a bigger sole arch, while others have a narrow, wider or flat foot. In this review, we’re going to compare some of the best brands out there from La Sportiva to Scarpa to others help introduce to you the best range of rock climbing and bouldering shoes for wide feet.

Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

What are the Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet?

Below you’ll find the list of the top 6 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet. We compiled this list from climbing shoes for wide feet we have used, asked others about, and researched further to give you the best possible roundup. With many years of experience with wide climbing shoes you can be assured that this article will give you what you’re looking for.

We also wrote a buying guide and answered some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the end of this article.

1. Butora Acro

Butora Acro
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Velcro Strap on
Shoe Material: Synthetic Leather
Shape: Aggressive

The Butora Acros have a wide design and good for both stop rope climbing and bouldering. The downward toe angle is designed for climbers venturing into overhang territory, and their shape keeps them comfortable even for wide feet. This is where the shoe excels, as its performance fit allows you to maximise the power transfer from your feet to the wall. With a velcro strap, and elastic tongue system, they are a breeze to take off between climbs and give your toes a breather.


  • Stretchy tongue makes for great fit
  • Extremely sticky rubber
  • Great for overhangs
  • Wide and narrow options available


  • They are a performance shoe (AKA they fit tight)
  • Break-in may take a bit longer

2. La Sportiva Solution Women’s Comp

La Sportiva Solution Women's Comp
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Sole Material: Vibram Rubber
Closure Type: Quick-Pull Lacing Velcro
Shoe Material: Leather, Microfiber
Shape: Moderate-Large Downturn

The La Sportiva Solutions are some of the most iconic and popular La Sportiva climbing shoes available on the market, drastically boosted by the likes of professional climber Adam Ondra. They are a fantastic and relatively comfortable shoe for most climbing situations; whether you are taking them for a day of multi-pitching or a bouldering session in the gym, they are going to perform. For such a downturned shoe, the Solutions are pretty comfortable due to a thick padding on the interior and a quick lace-like strap design that allows the shoe to stretch to the contours of your feet, making it great if your feet are a little wider than most. The edges are not as sharp as the Skwamas and you may struggle to stand on tiny ledges, however, the softer profile makes them brilliant for slab climbing and standing on sloping volumes. The strap design is particularly comfortable but is not the strongest piece of material and many users have found it breaks quite easily. With that being said, most of these users continue to use the shoe after the straps have broken and found that it still performs, almost as well as before.


  • Great all-around shoe
  • Soft and malleable for slabs
  • Fairly aggressive downturn for overhangs
  • Comfortable padding
  • Great after a resole


  • Weak velcro straps
  • Runs large

3. Evolv Ashima Rock Climbing Shoes

Evolv Ashima Rock Climbing Shoes
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Sole Material: Synthetic, Vegan
Closure Type: Velcro Strap on
Shoe Material: Vegan synthetic leather
Shape: Aggressive downturn

The Evolv Ashimas are made for the beginner to mid-level climber looking to get a little more performance out of their shoe. They have a more sensitive sole, than our top two picks, which will suit the climber that is pushing the grades and finding themselves on smaller, and smaller holds. The shoe also has a good level of downward toe turn, which makes them a great option for anyone looking to up their overhang game. Last but not least, this is also a vegan shoe and no animal testing is done in order to produce it.


  • Odor reducing materials Durable build
  • Affordable price point
  • Good downturn for overhangs


  • Some reviewers said the sizing is too small

4. Scarpa Veloce Climbing Shoes

Scarpa Veloce Climbing Shoes
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.86 pounds (0.39 kg)
Sole Material: Vibram Rubber
Closure Type: Velcro Strap
Shoe Material: Microsuede
Shape: Slight downturn

The Scarpa Veloce is something of a game-changer in the world of downturned shoes. The shoes are very soft and flexible, with a thin coating of rubber that allows your feet to retain sensitivity so you can connect with every little groove in the rock. The flexibility is helpful for performing on slabs and standing on sloping surfaces, yet the downturn of the shoe helps you to climb at your best on powerful and dynamic overhanging routes. The modern strap design is great for wider feet and quick to put on and take off. The biggest problem with these shoes is the fact that the rubber is so thin and soft. This is a great thing for flexible footwear and retaining sensitivity, however, it means that they wear through quickly and don’t last so long before they need a resole.


  • Malleable and flexible rubber sole
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Easy access velcro straps
  • Slightly downturned
  • Perfect for wide feet


  • Rubber is thin
  • May need a regular resole

5. La Sportiva Tarantulace

La Sportiva Tarantulace
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Sole Material: 5mm FriXion RS
Closure Type: Lace-up
Shoe Material: Leather
Shape: Moderate Downturn

The La Sportiva Tarantula shoes, whether they are the laced or velcro versions, are some of the most popular shoes available on the market for beginners, and are one of the most affordable La Sportiva climbing shoes you will find. While not specialized in any climbing discipline, the flat profile and comfortable design are perfect for easier climbs, versatile enough to use on almost any gradient, and a great way to break your feet into the more extreme climbing shoes that you will want to use as you improve your skills. The shoes are great for beginners, but more advanced climbers will feel limited by the flat profile. Furthermore, many users complain that they leave the climbing gym with “smurf feet” as the dye washes out as their feet become a little sweaty.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for beginners
  • Comfortable
  • Extremely versatile


  • Tedious to remove/put on due to the laces
  • Color may run when shoe gets too wet

6. Five Ten Anasazi VCS

Five Ten Anasazi VCS
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Sole Material: Stealth Rubber, Synthetic
Closure Type: Velcro Strap on
Shoe Material: Cowdura leather
Shape: Neutral

The Five Ten Anasazi shoes are a great all round indoor rock climbing shoe. The velcro straps, and durable rubber sole make it a great climbing shoe.

They have a relatively neutral sole which will suit beginner to intermediate climbers. We also love that despite being made by a top quality brand, they come with an affordable price tag.


  • Velcro straps
  • Affordable
  • Great for heel hooks
  • Neutral sole


  • Unattractive design
  • Fit may be a bit off for some due to redesign


Based on all of our experience with wide climbing shoes, we found that Butora Acro is the best climbing shoe for wide feet available today.

Our Premium Option is La Sportiva Solution Women’s Comp with all the best features and high-quality materials, but that’s only if you have more money to spend.

However, if you are on a slightly tighter budget, you can also consider the La Sportiva Tarantulace as an affordable alternative.

Our other reviews you may find useful in your research:

What You Should Know Before Buying climbing shoes for wide feet


With many stores insisting on a no-returns policy on climbing shoes, purchasing them can be an intimidating process and mistakes can be expensive. This is particularly applicable when buying online as it is much harder to try before you buy, especially given that you have specific requirements. It is well worth considering each of the following points when beginning your search for climbing shoes to reduce the risk of ending up with shoes that don’t work so well for you.

Difference between moderate climbing shoes and beginner shoes

There are a few differences between moderate and beginner climbing shoes. A beginner climbing shoe will have a stiff and flat sole. This provides support to your feet as you develop your muscles. A moderate or intermediate climbing shoe will have a slightly down turned toe, with a bit more added sensitivity than a beginner shoe. This improves your ability to feel the small jibs you place your feet on.

This video provides a good run down on the basic models of climbing shoes.

Material and Pricing

Material and pricing for climbing shoes can vary greatly. However, all climbing shoes have a rubber sole. The more advanced you are, the more pliable and sensitive the rubber is. A word of caution: only go for sensitive rubber soles when you are ready for it, otherwise your feet will encounter a world of pain. In terms of your shoe’s uppers, they are made from either leather, synthetic, of hemp materials. Leather is the traditional go to for climbing shoe uppers, but as the technology has developed, synthetic and hemp materials provide great alternatives. Which is great for the vegan climbers amongst us. Remember, spending more doesn’t make it a better shoe for you. It still needs to fit, and be suited to your level of climbing. In general beginner climbing shoes are cheaper. To learn more check out our article on budget climbing shoes.

Questions and Answers About climbing shoes for wide feet

Why should you have a different pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor climbing?

Because indoor and outdoor climbing are a little different, we recommend having different shoes for them. Indoor climbing is about building your strength. For this you want a relatively rigid and tight fitting performance fit shoe. For outdoors, you want a shoe with a sensitive, yet durable sole as this assists your foot to stick to natural rock, while also ensuring the longevity of your shoe.

What’s the difference between rock climbing and bouldering?

There’s a few differences between rock climbing and bouldering. Bouldering stops at the four to metre metre mark. Beyond that height you need ropes and a harness to climb safely. Bouldering is characterized by short explosive moves. Whereas rock climbing focuses on sustained endurance.

Should I get aggressive bouldering shoes if I am a beginner?

No, we don’t think aggressive shoes are the best choice for beginners. While the focus on bouldering shoes is for an aggressive shape, beginners should go for a neutral shoe with a stiff sole. This will provide you with the support you need as your muscles develop.

How should beginner climbing shoes fit?

Beginner climbing shoes should fit comfortably snug, not painfully tight. Your toes should be slightly curled and be able to touch the end of the toe box. The heel of the shoe should comfortably cradle your foot. This will ensure an ideal fit with minimum movement.

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