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10 Important Reasons to Try Bouldering

If you are curious about bouldering and rock climbing but are daunted by how challenging it looks, here's 10 reasons to try bouldering to convince you why it's the best sport.

Bouldering has become pretty mainstream, not just in Singapore, but around Asia. You will notice bouldering gyms popping up in city centers and even in the heartlands. There is no denying that the sport’s popularity has taken on a lifestyle of its own. 

If you are still one of those people looking into a boulder gym from the outside and wonder if you should try giving it a go, based on my personal experience as a climber of many years, here are 10 reasons to try bouldering for you as a beginner this year, regardless of whether you’re male or female.

1. Way more fun than a conventional gym

Are you sick of paddling on a stationary bike and running like a hamster on a treadmill? If the answer is yes, that is correct. The conventional gym is so yesterday. Climbing is way more fun than exercising on any gym equipment. It works both your mind and body. Best of all it trains you to be creative and think out of the box. Do yourself a favor and stop lifting weights or spinning on a stationary bike.

Start bouldering.

Rock climbing is way more fun than a conventional gym, with many reasons to try bouldering for beginners

2. It is a full-body workout

Never tried bouldering before and want to know what kind of workout your body is getting?

Bouldering works every part of your body and most importantly, it exercises the biggest muscle in your body: your brain. Every single climbing move you execute needs specific muscles to work together and you’ll need your brain to solve the puzzle of how to use the climbing holds as well as how to position your body to get to the top of the route. Different routes require different techniques and work on different muscle groups. Do enough routes per session you’ll notice aches on your body you didn’t even know had muscles.

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3. Strengthens your core muscles

It is hard to train core muscles. You’ll have to do weird yoga poses, planks, and the most boring exercise of all, sit-ups. Instead of doing these, you can exercise your core by climbing overhanging routes. It is way more fun and works more core muscles than any static core exercises.  

Time to monkey around! | Bouldering Gyms in Asia

4. Strengthens your finger grip

If there is any body area that bouldering works the most, it’s your fingers. You’ll not believe how strong your fingers can get just by bouldering. Your grip strength will increase tremendously simply by bouldering 1 to 2 times a week. Bottle caps that were hard to open will be a thing of the past.

Bouldering strengthens your finger grip

5. Bragging Rights

If you are a millennial and love to take photos for social media posts, then bouldering is the sport to do that. You can video your climb or take cool pictures of you hanging on with your fingertips for that cool Instagram post.

Group shot with Pack our lead climbing instructor

6. Bouldering is for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, old, young, too tall, too short, experienced or a beginner boulderer. Bouldering is for everyone, even young kids. Even if you are a man, it doesn’t mean that you will climb better than a woman.

The difficulty of a boulder route is very subjective and if the route suits your style of climbing, you can breeze through it. You don’t necessarily need to be strong nor tall, which is one of the great reasons to try bouldering for a start!

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Kids love to climb too!

7. Bouldering is a spectator sport

The bouldering gym is not just a place to work out, but also a place to be entertained by other amazing climbers. Watching climbers attempt difficult routes can be awe-inspiring. When you see climbers tiptoeing on a balanc-y route with grace to climb the 45-degree wall with explosive power, it will motivate you to improve your technique and train hard to get stronger. 

8. Minimum investment

Bouldering is a fairly cheap sport to pick up compared to the likes of scuba diving or alpine mountain climbing. A pair of moderately priced climbing or bouldering shoes goes for $100, a small bag of gym chalk costs $10 and a one-day gym pass is $16-18. The more frequently you go, the more you save per visit.

Not to forget the endless fun… priceless!

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9. An interactive sport

I had maybe run on a treadmill twice in my life. For the 2 times I ran on a treadmill, I hardly ever talked to anyone. I am not sure if that is the norm. But working out in a gym bored me to death. Bouldering, on the other hand, is totally different.

Climbers are open and friendly to chit-chat and make new male and female climbing friends most of the time. We share beta, point out each other’s mistakes, and discuss how best to work the moves to solve the boulder problem. People you don’t know will come to you for advice… how cool is that?

You can form a great community and support network whether you are a pro or even a new beginner climber.

10. Not just a sport but a lifestyle

Rock climbing is a lifestyle. Bouldering, although it is just a subset of rock climbing, has taken a life of its own. Many climbers in the bouldering gym had never seen or touched outdoor crags before but who cares? Climbing in a boulder gym has become so popular that many climbers only climb in a boulder gym and love it. You should too!

So with these reasons to try bouldering, are you ready to give it a go?

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Is bouldering difficult?

Bouldering may seem daunting at the start, but it gets easier over time as you develop better techniques.

Will bouldering help me build muscles?

Bouldering is awesome for getting super toned and lean with a great, healthy body. If you want to bulk up, you will need to either climb a lot more regularly and also supplement with some extra workouts.

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