Can you wash bouldering shoes

Safe And Hygienic Usage Of Climbing Shoes

Hygiene is of predominance for climbers and boulderers, especially kids. They don’t realise the importance of tidiness so it is important we enforce the sense of cleaning climbing shoes.

Always wear your shoes last before you start your climb

Depending on how frequently you or your child is climbing, shoes must be cleaned. As you know, washing of shoes is similar to adult shoes, do not brush harshly or use hot water for cleaning. Use a toothbrush to remove the stuck dirt. Pat is dry with a towel or newspaper and let the shoes dry in shade. Do not heat or sundry.

If you send your child for climbing classes, get your kids their own pair of kids climbing shoes to avoid sharing of shoes as that is not hygienic. If the rock climbing are being rented or shared, make sure you enforce to use socks to protect your feet

Beginner climbers of all ages that are new to climbing tend to run with climbing shoes on. To increase the life of shoes avoid wearing shoes when not climbing.

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