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Editors Choice – 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

Finger strength is a key component to help one get to the next stage of their fitness. For climbers, gymnasts, weight lifters and more, the finger’s ability to take on your body weight, more weight or grip all kinds of items from bars to ledges is vital.

Full Crimp Grip

This is not only limited to people who are rather fit and aiming to get better. If you suffer from finger injuries and are in the recovery stage to improve your finger strength and grip, this is also a vital resource to help you.

There are many ways to train your fingers and grip, both outside in at home in your own home gym. However, if you are currently limited in travel due to lockdowns or trying to avoid crowded gyms, bouldering spots or group classes, here’s where a finger strengthener and trainer at home is vital to keep strengthening your fingers.

Best Finger Grip Strengtheners and Training for Climbers

Here’s how to choose the best Finger Strengthener and Trainer this 2020.

In a hurry?
If you want to find out what the best finger strengthener is, then I’d recommend the Death Grip Multi-Pack as the top one.

Advantages & Benefits of a Finger Strengthener

Finger strengtheners and trainers are good to target a particular forearm, hand or finger strength. At the beginning stage of your training and workout journey, you would find your your grip or ability to carry your own weight is lacking, and hence it comes with training and conditioning.

With constant practise, the finger grip gets better and it helps in climbing, gynmastics and other forms of workout.

Grip Strength | Best Grip Strengtheners for Rock Climbers

Unless one has been a season climber for a long period of time, our fingers are not used to clinging onto poles, handles or holds for long period of time. Finger strengtheners help you gain strength in each finger and build that much needed muscle memory.

Addiitonallly, finger strengtheners are great helps for finger injury rehabilitation. One of the most critical ways of trating an injured tenndon or pulley is making sur that blood glow is reaching all the way up to the tips of the fingers.

Finger strengtheners enables it, and it can be personalised and customized to individual abilities and needs to progessivel get more strength and nurse a recovering finger or hand.

So without further ado, here’s introducing the top 10 finger strengtheners in the market for climbers, gymnasts and more.

Top 10 Best Finger Strengtheners and Trainers

1. Vive 3-Pack Finger Strengthener

Editors Choice - 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

A lightweight and simple solution for someone looking to start off. There are 3 levels of intensity which makes it a good product for beginners to intermediate.

With time, you get to warm up your finger grip and ease your way into more intense finger strengthening.


  • 4 ounces of weight
  • Portable and easy to travel with
  • Comes with 3 levels of intensity


  • Nonadjustable individual finger resistance
  • Occasional case of the springs getting caught when compressing


2. Death Grip Finger and Hand Exercise Strengthener

Editors Choice - 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

This set of 2 items are perfect to strengthen fingers and hand grip, hence you can target both antagonistic muscles as well as climbing specific muscle group. This death grip is also at an afforable price given the full complete training it accords the climber.


  • Varied number of tensions, making it suitable for climbers of all levels
  • Offers both compression and expansion grip strengthening
  • A reasonable price of slightly over US$20


  • May pose challenging to use for a beginner
  • The individual finger tensions are not adjustable


3. Wrist Blaster Hand, Forearm & Wrist Exerciser

Editors Choice - 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

This particular round wooden sloppers differ from the other grip strengtheners because it specificlly targets your forearms. It helps focuses on strengthening the wrists alongside the forearm, strengthening your entire hand in the process. However, it doesn’t concentrate on finger grip strengthening.


  • Made of solid wood
  • Hardy and durable
  • Less than 2 pounds heavy so it is lightweight for travel
  • Weights can be easily switched out


  • Slightly on the pricier range compared to the other options
  • Focuses less on finger grip strengthening and training but more on wrists and forearms


4. Prohands Finger and Hand Exerciser

Editors Choice - 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

Work with the pros! This Prohands grip strengthener is light, portable and a superb choice for intermediate to advance climbers. Its small and easy to fit into your jacket pocket, where you can take a stroll and put your hands in your pockets to train one finger at a time. The tension level is unfortunately unadjustable so it will definitely be more of a test on your weaker fingers like the pinkie and ring finger.


  • Hardy and durable
  • It allows for single-finger focus and isolation
  • Compact and pocket size


  • Pressure is unadjustable for individual fingers
  • Narrow finger pads hence not so suitable for people with bigger and wider fingers
  • Pricier range above US$20


5. CapsA 8 Holes Grip and Finger Strengthener

Editors Choice - 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

If you are just starting out on finger training and are not willing to invest too much money at the moment, consider the CapsA as a start.

It provides low intensity training for those who do not have much finger strength yet. Its also a perfect device for antagonist training given it focuses on the hand opening motion to stretch out.


  • Afforable at below US$20
  • Easy to use for beginner climbers
  • Safe and Suitable for young and old


  • Intensity level is more mild to intermediate
  • Not suited for those looking for closed grip finger strengthening


6. Mandrill 4-Pack Grip and Hand Strengthener

Editors Choice - 6 Best Finger Strengthener and Trainer 2021

Do not be daunted by this set, its the all in combination you need to get the ulitmate hand and finger grip training. Comes along with a forearm exerciser as well as an adjustable hand resistant grip. It works for both stretching and recovery from injury as well.


Without a doubt, our favourite and top choice for the best hand and finger strengthener out there is the Death Grip Multi Pack, as it also offers useful tools for training for both finger grip as well as antagonist with varying intensities. Counting it all, you can get the entire set at a good price.

Features to look out for

There are 2 main types of finger strengtheners out in the market, the expansion grip strengtheners or the compression grip strengthener.

The key difference between both has got to do with the motion and movement of your fingers. Expansion finger strengtheners rely on hand opening, expanding and stretching outward motion. On the other hand, compression finger strengtheners rely on you closing your hands and pressing force with each finger.

Finger Grip Strength | Best Grip Strengtheners for Climbers | Rock Climbing Home Training

Which is better you may ask? Well both are very critical, but given the are a rather different motion, they target different muscle groups. Closing the fingers in are building muscles for climbing, like crimp moves, and sloppers. Open hand on the other hand is targeting antagonist muscles. Such training will help prevent climbing injuries that sometimes happen from overexerting or insufficient finger and body warm-ups before exerting them.

Finger Strengtheners VS Hangboards

While both hangboards and finger strengtheners are useful for climbers, they work different parts of the body. Hangboards focus on strengthening the tendons in the fingers, while finger strengtheners target more boarder forearm and hand. Both are critical for climbing and training, but one should be aware of the key difference and how they are both vital.

Grip strength training | Rock Climbing Home Training

Precautions to Note

Like any other training devices out in the market, we should take note of the precautions when using finger strengtheners.

If you are new to finger strength training, you have to be careful not to train it too quickly or intensely. Tendons and muscles build up and develop at a lower rate than our motivation and grit, so its important not to overdo it and cause further finger injuries.

Precautions to take note to protect your fingers | best grip strengthener

Lastly, if you are using a finger strengthener and trainer for rehabitation and recovery, be sure to consult a physiotherapist or medical professional before using it. If you use the wrong tool or use it the wrong way, it may do more harm than good.

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