11 Best Snowboarding Destinations on Earth

Passionate about snow? Discover the top 10 best places to go skiing or snowboarding. Best Snowboarding Destinations range from Germany, Colorado to Korea...

Travelers who take care of their health and fitness levels during their travels are probably involved in many outdoor activities. There are literally hundreds of exciting outdoor activities you can take part in during the summer season, but what about winter season?

At the top of the slope travel ski during winter season in canada

Snowboarding as a beginner

Snowboarding is a very challenging and extreme outdoor activity that have many health benefits as well as providing you with incredible views of nature. There are many places around the world you can visit and try this challenging activity. People who never tried snowboarding before, don’t worry as there are many learning camps in different places where professionals can teach you the basics. It is not that difficult as it may seem and you can easily learn the basics which will be enough to have extraordinary experiences this incredible activity has to offer.


Health Benefits of Snowboarding and Skiing

Don’t think that there is no way to participate in outdoor winter activities that will boost your fitness levels during the cold winter season. Snowboarding is a perfect activity for keeping your body fit and healthy when the temperatures get low. There are many health benefits this challenging outdoor activity offers. The most important one is reduced stress levels as you will spend your time in the nature surrounded by breathtaking views. Also, snowboarding is a great way of exercising your muscles as you need to have a strong core and leg muscles to keep the balance on the board. It can connect you with amazing positive people who’re also participating in that activity and expect to form lasting relationships. 

snowboarding 2598176 1280

Like any outdoor activity, snowboarding and skiing will increase your testosterone levels which will automatically put you in a great mood which leads to increased energy levels. Many people have the mindset that winter activities are expensive, but don’t be one of them. These activities aren’t necessarily expensive itself. The price goes up if you want to stay in the fancy resorts, so people on the budget can easily try snowboarding or skiing. Who said you couldn’t stay active during winter?
As long as you practise good safety measures, don’t be reckless and consider using protective equipment like wrist guards to prevent injuries, snowboarding and skiing is a great sport to learn!

Fresh Winter Air in Japan Nagano
Fresh Winter Air in Japan Nagano

So what are you waiting for, put on your snowboarding jacket and grab your gear, lets check out the best places to slice the snow.

Best Places to Go Skiing and Snowboarding this winter

#1 Innsbruck in Austria

Innsbruck is often called the snowboarding capital of Europe as the Winter Olympic are regularly hosted in the mountains covering the city. Situated in It’s not the largest winter sports hub, but except snowboarding and skiing, the city has much to offer. It’s a college town, so expect many entertaining events and people in the city, which is an ideal combination to have an extraordinary experience. The city is the home of many major international snowboard companies, so learning and renting the equipment is easy and not too expensive. 

Canopy of snow capped fir along the trail to Agnes Falls
Canopy of snow-capped fir along the trail to Agnes Falls

There are many resorts around Innsbruck and hundreds of ski spots on near mountains. If you don’t want to drive outside the city, don’t worry, as the surrounding mountains offer attractive ski spots where you can learn to snowboard. Also, there are many restaurants where you can relax and enjoy traditional food. The only downside of Innsbruck is that the sites are usually overcrowded which may not be suitable for beginners, but experienced snowboarders will simply enjoy each moment there!

#2 Garmisch in Munich Germany

Munich is a beautiful city with a rich culture and tasty traditional food. Also, the city is surrounded by the mountains and you’ll need to take a short drive to reach the ski spots there. One of the most popular ski sites is located in the mountains near Munich and Austrian border called Garmisch. There are many resorts offering accommodation, traditional food and hot beverages and you will find many skiing schools there. 

alpine 2402763 1280
Amazing Alp landscape

There is no better chance to learn snowboarding than visiting Garmisch as a beginner. The site is offering stunning views of the surrounding nature which just adds up to the overall experience. Another interesting fact is that the snow doesn’t go off during the summer season in some of the surrounding mountains, which makes Munich an attractive place for snowboarders during the whole year.

#3 Nagono and Hokkaido in Japan

Have you ever thought that Tokyo has the most ski resorts in the world? That fact combined with their bullet trains makes it easy for everyone to reach surrounding mountains that have many different options when it comes to ski resorts. There are many schools where professionals will teach beginners to snowboard the right way to avoid injuries. The best ski site is called Nagano and if you’re not on a tight budget, then you should definitely visit that place. 

mt fuji 1898348 1280

The ski sites are top-notch, and this place is popular among snowboarders as it hosted the Winter Olympics in ’98. There are hundreds of ski sites around Tokyo city and all are easily reachable thanks to their infamous bullet trains and budgeted flights. One of the most beautiful ski places around Tokyo is Sapporo located on the second largest Japan island Hokkaido. You will have an amazing experience there as beautiful nature and views constantly surround you. 

skiers and snowboarders
skiers and snowboarders

Looking for an affordable ski destination in Europe? Why not consider Donovaly in Slovaki?

#5 Whistler and Lake Louis Canada

Canada is a beautiful wintery destination that is hard to not include in the list. The 2 places I have got my hands on skiing will be at Whistler and Lake Louis.

skiing at whistler in christmas winter season with new found friend

Lake Louis was stunning, with the view of the lake in the horizon and sheer beauty all around. I was there solo but meant another incredible girl who we enjoyed a few hours of skiing together.

Whistler Mountain is one of the best in the world, but I went there during the start of the season, so not only was it too icy, there were tons of enthusiastic snowboarders ( more snowboarders than skiers), which can make the slopes a bit more chaotic and dangerous. But having said that, I would love to go back and give it another chance. Whistler is also a great place to explore some hiking trails.

Skiing in Whistler and Lake Louise

#6 Yongpyong in Korea

I visited South Korea to ski when I was only a child/ student. But it was one of my 1st times ski-ing.
Yongpyong may not have the death-defying breathtaking views of Whistler, but it definitely has lovely slopes that cater to kids and beginner skiers, and I never forgot my big and strong ski instructor who brought me up a chairlift and down a scary slope with him supporting me as a kid. I was really scared but loved every moment of it.

#7 Oberaudorf in Germany

Germany was the place I mastered the ability to ski down a slope without falling! It was a moment of triumphant!

Chairlift up before the big ski down

The slopes were incredible and it was not made with artificial snow, so it was extremely enjoyable. I did, however, get lost while trying tobogganing down on my own without going with my cousin and mum. It was a scary experience getting lost on a mountain all by yourself ( I was 14 or 16 years old I think)

#8 Mountain Buller in Australia

Mount Buller was also another ski destination I experienced as a child. It had great memories and I recalled going for ski classes there.
I wouldn’t say Mount Buller will be the best place for hardcore skiers given it is not as mountainous and wintery as some other places like Canada.

#9 Queenstown and Lake Wanaka in New Zealand

New Zealand is my favourite country of all time. However, I have only experienced hiking and campervanning there in summer, and have not seen Lake Wanaka and Queenstown in Winter yet.

Best Campervan Road Trip Destinations | Motorhome Holiday Recommendations

However, I have heard incredible stories and sharings from friends about how beautiful it is to ski there in winter, with the view of Lake Wanaka at that height. Even though I cannot imagine New Zealand more beautiful than visiting in the summertime with all the outdoor activities, and would love to get my hands on it someday.

#10 Breckenridge in Colorado

One of the most popular ski sites in the USA is located in Colorado. Breckenridge has incredible snowboarding history as many professional skiers and snowboarders call it their home. The area has hosted many snowboarding competitions for over 20 years and the site is designed for every skill level. Beginners will find many schools in the resort towns where professionals will teach them the basics fast on maintained trails. 

colorado 996174 1280
Breckenridge landscape

For most experienced snowboarders who are looking for the real challenge, there are challenging snowboarding trails through the forests and mountains. Although if you want to check these sites, be sure to be completely confident in your skills as it’s hazardous and many people died because of extreme conditions. Breckenridge is conceptualized as different snowboarding sites called Peaks. For example, beginners should check Peak 7,8 and 9, while the most experienced snowboarders should test their skills at Peak 10.

#11 Val Thorens in France

Val Thorens was my most recent skiing adventure, and it was extradionary. We stayed in UCPA that covers all things from accommodation, meals to ski slope pass, equipment and classes even. It was great fun to go there with a bunch of friends and we had a great time over meals and hard core skiing.

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Where are the most amazing places you have visited that I missed?

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