Best Walkie Talkies For Off Roading

One of the things we’ve learned about off-roading is that you’ll probably need to communicate with another person in an area without any cell service. This is especially true if you’re both going to the same destination, and need to communicate to each other to not get lost.

To do this, you can use walkie talkies for your off-roading trips, whether you’re in a car or a campervan. These types of walkie talkies have long distance ranges so you can communicate from very far away. We went ahead and did some research and found some of the best walkie talkies for off roading the internet has to offer. Check them out below!

Best Walkie Talkies For Off Roading

What are the Best Walkie Talkies For Off Roading?

Below you’ll find the list of the top 5 Best Walkie Talkies For Off Roading. We compiled this list from walkie talkies for off roading we have used, asked others about, and researched further to give you the best possible roundup. With many years of experience with off roading walkie talkies you can be assured that this article will give you what you’re looking for.

We also wrote a buying guide and answered some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the end of this article.

1. Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio 2 Pack

Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio 2 Pack
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.4 pounds (0.18 kg)
Size: 6.4 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches (16.3 x 5.4 x 3.1 cm)
Range: 25 miles
Battery Life: 12 hours
Power Source: 800mAh NiMH rechargeable or alkaline batteries
Continuous Talktime: 8-10 hours

Thanks to 22 channels with 121 privacy codes, Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio 2 Pack won’t let anyone disturb you during your conversation. For extra security, it has 11 built-in weather channels, including 7 NOAA channels and alerts. The screen is user-friendly, and the controls are straightforward, making it an option worth considering for anyone.

The design is very compact and durable, and the provided belt clips offer hands-free use. Speaking of which, the walkie-talkies come with a VOX function, so you don’t need to press the button to talk once it is active. It’s a shame that the included batteries have low capacity, but the product comes with a micro-USB port that allows charging on the go via your power bank. According to several reviews, you might hear static at times even at shorter distances as well.


  • Compact and durable,
  • LCD screen and belt clip,
  • Weather channels and alerts, VOX,
  • Micro-USB charging port and earpiece port


  • Drain batteries fast,
  • Might get some static

2. Retevis RT21 2-Way Long-Range Heavy-Duty Radios 6 Pack

Retevis RT21 2-Way Long-Range Heavy-Duty Radios 6 Pack
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.43 pounds (0.2 kg)
Size: 8.9 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches (22.5 x 5.4 x 3 cm)
Range: 2.5 miles
Battery Life: 72 hours
Power Source: 1100mAh Li-ion batteries
Continuous Talktime: 10-12 hours

The Retevis RT21 2-Way Long-Range Heavy-Duty Radios 6 Pack is a rock-solid set that easily withstands shock and vibration while remaining lightweight. Each unit boasts 2 watts of power and 16 FRS channels with a wide-narrow bandwidth selection. Thanks to the large dock station with triple protection, you can recharge all radios simultaneously. After 3 hours, you’ll get up to 12 hours of continuous use here.

The walkie-talkies come with a built-in scan, emergency alarm, busy channel lockout, time-out timer, and squelch. Additionally, you can activate the VOX function, but you’ll need to buy a programming cable separately for that.

When used outside, the signal goes as far as 2.5 miles, and the sound quality is decent. However, the speaker can be too quiet for the warehouse or construction site, so it’s better to use them with the headsets.


  • Lightweight and user-friendly design,
  • Withstands shock and vibration,
  • Scanning, BCLO, emergency alert, squelch, voice prompts, and VOX,
  • Six-unit charger with overheating, overcharge, and high voltage protection


  • Speaker can be too quiet,
  • The set doesn’t include programming cable

3. Midland – X-TALKER T71VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio

Midland - X-TALKER T71VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.99 pounds (0.45 kg)
Size: 2.6 x 1.4 x 6.1 inches (6.6 x 3.6 x 15.5 cm)
Range: 61 km
Battery Life: 10 hours
Power Source: 3 AA batteries

The Midland X-Talker Walkie Talkie is a hands free device which means transmission is activated by sound or voice. This feature allows you to still be in communication while doing other hands on activities.

It also has a NOAA weather scan and alert which gives you an alert when there is risk for adverse weather in your area and thus can plan accordingly. They are licence free and have a very long range of communication. It has a 10 hour battery life and has an option to use regular batteries that do not require charging. They are also water resistant. These features allow you to be out without worrying that it may die on you or that the rain and water may cause some damages.

It has a belt clip that is sturdy and great for when you are hiking or doing other thongs with your hands.

If you are a hunter or want to go camping with your friends, this would be the perfect fit.


  • Waterproof,
  • Has an NOAA weather Scan + Alert Feature,
  • Licence free,
  • Long range of communication,
  • Hands free device.


  • The belt clip is abit loose,
  • its not durable.

4. Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Two-Way Radio

Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Two-Way Radio
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.55 pounds (0.25 kg)
Size: 3.9 x 2 x 1.3 inches (10 x 5.2 x 3.2 cm)
Range: up to 30 miles
Battery Life: 12 hours
Power Source: 1800mAh Li-ion battery
Continuous Talktime: 6-8 hours

Unlike the previous version, you can find the Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus Two-Way Radio in a number of colors. The walkie-talkie has a metal plate on its housing to keep the important components protected should you drop it.

Luckily, this model boasts not only visual differences but also allows installing an upgraded battery and antenna. Many owners recommend doing this so you can get a better max range, clearer signal, and more hours of use, which is especially important because it drains the included battery within 12 hours.

Right out of the box, the radio offers 128 channels with switchable 420-450MHz and 144-148MHz frequencies, has a built-in VOX function, TOT, and emergency alert. It has adjustable screen colors, a flashlight, and supports CHIRP and CPS software. While you can reprogram it manually, the process will take a lot of time, so finding a PC cable will make it more convenient.


  • Reinforced housing with metal plates,
  • Adjustable LCD screen and built-in led flashlight,
  • VOX, time-out timer, and emergency alert,
  • Supports CHIRP and CPS software,
  • Comes with an earphone, belt clip, belt strap, and desktop charger


  • Manual programming takes a lot of time,
  • Battery capacity is low

5. Topsung M920 Rechargeable Family Walkie Talkies

Topsung M920 Rechargeable Family Walkie Talkies
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.99 pounds (0.45 kg)
Size: 6 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches (15.2 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm)
Range: 16 miles
Battery Life: 59 hours
Power Source: 1000mAh Ni-MH batteries
Continuous Talktime: 18 hours

Available in various color combinations, the Topsung M920 Rechargeable Family Walkie Talkies are a decent option for an active and adventurous family. Here, you’ll get 22 channels with 130 privacy codes, an intuitive display, and a bunch of functions packed in a slim housing.

The radios have built-in squelch, VOX with 14 sensitivity levels, adjustable volume and call tones, weather alerts, and keypad lock. The micro USB ports make them very convenient to recharge right in the middle of your trip.

Despite the manufacturer’s claims that these are drop-resistant, they might become malfunctioning after a 2-feet drop. The same goes for the max signal range. You’ll get about 6 miles with clear reception here.


  • Slim and bright housing, Squelch, VOX, weather alerts, and keypad lock, Backlit LCD and micro USB port,
  • Intuitive menu and excellent standby time


  • Not as durable as specified,
  • Limited max distance


Based on all of our experience with off roading walkie talkies, we found that Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio 2 Pack is the best walkie talkie for off roading available today.

Our Premium Option is Retevis RT21 2-Way Long-Range Heavy-Duty Radios 6 Pack with all the best features and high-quality materials, but that’s only if you have more money to spend.

However, if you are on a slightly tighter budget, you can also consider the Midland – X-TALKER T71VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio as an affordable alternative.

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What You Should Know Before Buying walkie talkies for off roading

Licensed by FCC

The FCC regulates the frequencies used by radios, walkie talkies included. There are certain radio services that are allowed to operate on unlicensed channels as long as they do not cause interference. It is essential to use a Walkie Talkie licensed by the FCC since it has passed public safety checks and you are sure it does not have a negative impact on aviation or private users. If your Walkie Talkie is labelled FRS/GMRS, then you need a licence to use it. You will llikely get fined for using the wrong operating frequency without authorisation.

Questions and Answers About walkie talkies for off roading

Can I use my phone as a two way radio?

It is very much possible to use your phones as a two-way radio with the use of PTT – push-to-talk communication features, an advanced technology system installed on your cell phone. However, except for a specific business purpose, there is a limit to the number of personal calls you will likely be making through PTT as you may not have everyone on your contact list. Another point to consider is the difference in durabilty between two-way radio and mobile phones, as radios are designed for business whereas phones are not.

Can you use a walkie talkie in a car?

Walkie-talkies are ideal for road trips where you are unable to send messages or call your road trip partners. In addition to that, it is also legal to use a walkie talkie while driving until you are driving carefully and it doesn’t lead to an accident.

Can a two way radio be traced?

A two-way radio is a communication system with a self-transmitter and receiver channels using radio waves technology. Tracing a two-way radio is very much possible using triangulation, trilateration and fox hunting methods. However, when compared to tracking a GPS device, the process might be time-consuming as signal interference is common in two-way radio systems due to weather and terrain factors.
Importantly, tracing is only possible if both devices are on and the signal channels are tuned in to each other.
In recent years, two-way radio versions now have GPS chips installed, which makes tracing considerably easier by simply sending a location report of the radio to a control room over a digital network.

What life saving extra features should your walkie talkie have?

On top of long-term durable and waterproof batteries, walkie talkies should have at least 35 KM of distance range to cover. Moreover, it should be portable and charged on a power bank. Easy, accessible connectivity with the emergency unit and quick interface are some of the features that should be accessible in the walkie talkie that can even save someone’s life.

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